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Apparently Confused

by TheEllenShow • 2,458,470 views

Ellen has received a lot of great submissions for her "Clumsy Thumbsy" segment, but not all of them are autocorrect mistakes. Check out these wacky texts from parents for her new segment,...

Well that's fantastic! :p
Fake or not, i laugh so much and that's the only importance.
I left mum in the shops whilst I put the groceries in the car and proceeded to drive home and put the shopping away. I made a nice cup of tea and sat down for half an hour  realising that mum was still outside the supermarket!
they have a lot to learn...
Oh gosh. Laughing so much ATM
She texted "your great aunt" to everyone?
That google one isn't even remotely origional
back in the days LOL meant lots of love...
A retarded college student no way
The mother in the last one shouldn't be texting and driving. Stay safe x
there's a slight chance she may have stopped on the side to text back, but for now let's just enjoy the hilarity behind her absent mindedness :)
+Lachlan Wykes Oh. I'm still a youngster. Don't hate
Laura BAUER Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
parents confused by technology
MsMilkytheclown1 Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Jane Ruppert Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Apparently Confused - Laughed so hard, I was crying!!
in a bad mood watch ellen
2:09 that happen with my mom as well XD
Ellen please read this u should have the boy Noah that's on the news the apparently kid
@ServiceWarrior shut the fuck up!!! Your complaining is so fucking annoying.
This is apPARENTly funny
the last one almost killed me!!! :D
I had some older relatives tell me they though lol meant lots of love too. I guess that one is common
I m not a native speaker. Anyone can explain the last text conversation . Why is that so funny? What is that about supermarket?..
A mom left a store/market and she forgot she brought her child to the store with her. She forgot her child at the store
actually it said ''you dont run THE google''? lol
so fake, its just them texting them selves
I love how most parents dont know anything these days
Love this! Especially the wtf...
So nobody's gonna to comment on how hot that chick on the lower left side of the screen @ 02:43 is? I mean, come on.. that's a given topic! 
So Ellen, you condone texting while driving huh....because " half way home' means the mother  was in her car and texting her kid.....I'm ashamed of you Ellen....very ashamed! Why would you put that on your show when you've made references in your previous shows on how texting while driving is horrible. Hypocrite! 
You're an idiot. She probably pulled over to answer the phone.  I do.
The last one oh my god
I laughed so loud at the last one
@LukeTabone she texted lol to everyone
auntie is dead, lol.  LMAO on that one. Maybe children should print out the texts for their aging parents and grandparents.
The last one hahahaha
Some of them you see in instagram or tumblr but they usually make them up
LOL you brought me to walmart with you hahahah thats brill!!!
with Lol do you mean lots of love? hahahah
The last one was hilarious
wtf=Well that's fantastic! xD
My dad said the google thing to me it was so funny!!!
haha so funny love you Ellen you maid my day
Teresa Inez Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Também é cómico!
All of these are obviously fake, all of them have the same style of typing.
+Abdelkarim L they are real on Ellen show they make the background like on an iPhone and then pit the texts with the speech bubbles just like on iPhones
omg the last part xD 
timothion Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
2:43 I wonder where that woman got that yellow shirt...
Felicia Wade Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Mom and i use lol lots of love 2 but we put a heart at the end so we know it means lots of love not laugh out loud
OMG, ROTFL, that last one!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
WTF = Well that's fantastic!!! When I told my mom about the LOL thing, my mom thought it meant "lots of love", too!
funny that some of the audience doesn't even understand what that mean lol!
My friends mother did the lol once. And I love the 'u brought me to Walmart with you' one
I love Ellen.  Colonel Gologer.... I think it just looks like they are all from Iphones.  Not fake but if they were funny still. 
Well that's fantastic!
LOL - Lots of love - My friend thought that's what it meant. My sister told him what it actually means. I think "lots of love" is kind of cute though! :)
Nawaf Al-Saheel Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
I love this show
NISALI DAYANANDA Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
ellens nw segment aPARENTlly confused!
Heidi Anne Morris Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
  LOL oldies... They are so funny! :)
Phoebe Schindler Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This one isn't as funny but i like the first one.
lol " WTF = Well Thats Fantastic"
Oh, you meant the comment. I thought you meant the joke. LOL! Sorry!
Plus, who sends a text to announce that someone died in the family ?
The last on killed me #Lol Can't stop laughing
who likes Sophia grace and Rosie their music video "girls just gotta have fun"
That terrifying moment when you lost your mom/dad at Walmart
My dad thought that lol meant lots of love too!, way too funny!!
The last one was awesome!!! x'D
i have an older cousin that ends all her emails and texts with "LOL" and her name. I think I should send this to her. I haven't had the heart to correct her yet.
is Ellen bad at pronouncing names or is every name in America just unpronounceable?
You brought me there with you! OMG!
"Got an A in chem!!!" "WTF, well done!!" "Mom, what do you think WTF means? "Well that's fantastic" I can't stop laughing!
my mom forgot me at the DMV before ._.
ellen explaining is funnier than the jokes
This is so funny! I love u ellen'
oh my gosh i drive a 2008 xD
MY MOM one day texted me saying what does IDK mean I WAS like I DON'T KNOW she was like the ill ask you sister maybe XD
My mom still thinks ''LOL'' means Lots of love... -.-
I asked my mom what she thought TGIF meant. her response was: Toes Go In First. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!
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