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All Wingmen Bar

by CollegeHumor • 1,530,682 views

NEWEST JAKE AND AMIR LIKE us on: A bar full of single guys, who have a friend you should totally meet. See more

I can't believe im the only one here who thinks that a bar is for drinks, and not females.. right?
+Legion 0451 True Story: Went to a bar a while back. Having a few drinks with me mates. Some tourist comes in with his wife and kids. Everyone starts skulling their beers and heading for the door. That man cleared the entire pub by bringing his wife to the only place in town we had to get away from women.
Randy Mathews Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
LMFAOO i just died at the end, it is usually true! the hot girl always looks like she taken or just plain hard to get because she doesnt give any sign and then her friend who is an average gets all  the guys because she ain't playing hard to get!
+Glader Precisely, they were all trying to defuse that grenade (Who was actually good looking)
This is awesome, I made a video on professional Wingmanning - Tom Cruise Style.
That ending has me torn up that was funny as shit
I don't get the grenade part. Can you explain??
+Crzyangelgirl Usually the wingman has to talk to the less attractive friend so the lead can score with the hot chick. Ever since Jersey Shore became popular people have been referring to the less attractive friend as a "grenade". During war time soldiers would sacrifice themselves by jumping on grenades to save their fellow platoon members from the explosion. Hence the comparison.
How do you cast a grenade? Awkward! She wasn't even bad looking though.
I almost pissed myself at the end that was great
This was so close to being funny.
+Tim Lion  Wish I could say the same thing for your comeback.  Come on man. You can do better than that. You've got this! I believe in you!
I don't think he can.. He did not mention what you were even close to.
This looks like fun; I think I might try my hand at being a wingman.
the grenade is not cute.. wut are you ppl saying? lol not trying to be a dick but im sure shes seen this vid and understands shes playing the ugly girl 
I don't think she's bad looking, I think they should have cross-dressed up a guy if they really wanted her to be hideous. 
She was totally cute look at her when shes smiling. Its obvious her makeup was just overdone and exaggerated to make her look bad for the sketch. Her eyes were even stunning.
Honestly, the Grenade is pretty cute. She just needs to smile.
+Thesaveone 1 youre drunk go home, she was a little short i guess but she wasn't fat and her face is fine
The black dude and the white dude sitting at the bar was HYSTERICAL! Great acting
typical ungrateful male dominance shining through this video.
okay, sure thing berta lovejoy. I'll try to stop oppressing you with my patriarchal ways.
Is there a such thing as wing woman 😂
...what the fuck is the ''wingman''...
+niarlatotepbasset So that one's just fun to do since it's totally over the top, but obviously not common.
Haha the ending was the best!
That punchline is amazing :D
A lot of girls think all men are the same, and they are right: most men are very timid and afraid of women. 
I'm confused about this one. Are they really all wingmen or is it because most women in this sketch, except for the last one in yellow, okayish at most, so they are trying to pass them on to their friends?
I hope that you guys recognize that the whole grenade thing is kind of mean :/
All women are grenades. Ticking fucking time bombs... Acidently get one pregnant and you are gunna get cluster (bomb) fucked.
That was harsh at the end.
Girl in the yellow almost looks like Dakota Fanning lol
+imaprouduclabruin who? i look just fine without makeup. lol
+Ashley Lynn no i meant the yellow dress girl at the end of the video
Sometimes, the wingman gets the hottie!!
1:10 God damn she's hotter than the hot girl at the end.
The first girl is the hottest though.
Wait, can there be wingwomen? If not, one lead man steps in that bar and takes the whole prize away. Anyways, the two guys at the bar and the ending were the best parts of the video. ^-^
What are the guys of Scrubs doing there at 1:38 ?
hope that was a joke =P
honestly that girl that was a "grenade" was kinda cute. granted her friend was definitely a knockout. but i think they would both deserve some attention in their own right.
@Tamara Rahal not officially i think but i have the the bet friend act as sort of one. 
the grenade part was hilarious
The blonde at the end looks like Hannah McKay.
Love the ending!!! <3
That "grenade" is actually very hot, just the amount of make up and ugly clothing makes her look bad. 
I want to bury my face in the blondes top!!!
I'll destruct the friend don't forget about me
I'd jump on that grenade anytime lol
all wingmen is kinda gay
Come on CH, I'm sure you can find people who can play grenades that actually looks like grenades.
The "grenade" wasn't even ugly. That one asian girl when the two guys both acted drunk and spilled the shit on her; now THAT is a fucking grenade
but it ruins the whole impact of the joke
+David Restrepo I think it's just that the grenade wasn't as hot as the blonde, plus her not smiling and looking kinda snarky gave the initial impression of the bitchy friend, and that can be a grenade as well. 
Those girls are ugly.
for once I actually see civil debates going on in the comments section, I'm shocked.
25-29 secs i swear i heard "some really weird conversations while pre-cumming"... :\
Not gonna let u down goose
well that ending was pure definition of irony lol
Yeah... this happened before...
Best ending ever. Ever!
I don't get the grenade joke
If you're a good person you'll throw yourself on top of a grenade to save people. Just as if you're a good wingman. That actually made me die of laughter x)
+Joe Dom Funny as hell lol now that I get it
Indie from MyMusic!
For a second I thought that was Donald Faison O.o :D 1:30
I love Men at work! To bad it's not on that often in Sweden.. :S
rulens perfect 8888 likes xD :)
If this actually happened I fear that the world would end.
1:30. They're like a knock off JD and Turk from Scrubs. 
exactly what I thought!
I love those guys at the beginning.
The two at the bar were the best. lol
I seriously thought that was jd and turk in the display pic.
Those star wars puns
Unsubscribed after seeing this piece of shit
omg, ending is the best
I rather bang the grenade
I rather bang the blonde
Guys let's settle this threesome
Mbiza88 Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
WOW o.o that lead nowhere
on more neighbors add and I swear to god...
Holy shit the grenade joke, laughing so fucking hard!!!
Who is that girl in the yellow my god
This made me think of the all RA college dorm floor sketch, both funny as hell!
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Was the girl in yellow Chrissy Costanza?
Everyone wants to be Goose.
the grenade was hot tho... kinda
Can anyone explain the "grenade"-part? I don't get it.
A grenade is the hot girls ugly friend.. It became a very popular saying, after Pauly D in jersey shore used it a lot..
Anthony Frick Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I'm no white knight or anything, but the grenade was actually pretty cute, lol.
I must be a good wingman.
we were obviosly supposed to think that the blonde was hot and the short girl was ugly, where there any wing women? 
Best end to a video ever!
College Humor used to be funny
at the end though, when all the guys try to jump on the grenade
Name of girl in yellow anyone?
if you want to be wingman with benefits i would say take 2 grenades at the same time.
Holy shit...who's the Bettie?
its samara! drown it! drown it in fire!
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