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Ao Oni - Part 1 - Let's Play Walkthrough Playthrough Let's Play Ao Oni

by PewDiePie • 3,956,978 views

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Back when pewdiepie was actually good. I'm not so much a fan anymore. But, he was my favourite youtuber back then. When he stopped playing amnesia custom stories, I kinda lost my interest in him. He was so much better when he did these games. Believe me, I was around before 10,000 subs.
I miss Pewds' Consuela voice ;-; I miss his hair like this ;-; I miss the way he was shy and awkward like this ;-; But dat dont mean i dont love the new pewds! Horrayyyyy old AND new Pewds! <3 
Watching this in 2014, still funny.
bish please im watching in 2015, right now B)
I miss all of his old intros and outros omg they were the best
yes i want this pewds back :' C
This PewDiePie... This opening and this camera.. This microphone... Jesus...I've watched this play through over 7 times over the course of the last few years and I gotta say I really wish he hadn't changed, this was the PewDiePie that got me through some tough times, I really miss amnesia and the times when he went into a horror game and actually got scared rather than overreacting constantly, the 'scariest game ever' video he just released was just that....I'm subscribed but I barely watch him anymore, he just doesn't seem to care as much about his profession anymore...that's the problem, it wasn't a job for him back then, there used to be connection back then whereas now he's shut our voices out and is trying to appeal to an audience and put on a show rather than a community..... I miss you PewDie I really do...
.....was the BEST!
sigh things with pewds arent the same anymore. he isnt funny anymore, and the games he play are dumb. no more pixel horror rpg's, no more series' , and no more funny voices.... WHY POODS, WHY?!?!
"500 likes and I upload another video!" 49,486 likes. Gonna need a lot more videos...
+Walen Iom lolololololololololololololololololololololololololol!!!!!!!!!ONE1111!!!ONE!
Getting wayyyyyy to many likes for this comment...
Like and comment to say your watching in 2015.
wow this finds me so amazed that i began following pewds for this long. it feels good to watch this again. my first video of pewdie
Ah the good years of pewdiepie the new videos are crap
Not saying that all you can think of is comparison
+Krystal Tardif i agree that it would be amazing! ^^
+Emily Phantomhive hehe! Agreed! You remind me of someone btw with the whole last name thing xP (Not in a bad way) and P.S I LOVE the profile pic!
You should play HetaOni!
1 dislike more and we are 666 dislikes
3:13 pewds, i think something is behind you :o
is at ur window licking glass :3
sees Katie and quickly pulls her off glass to clean it You no touch my glass
this was my first pewdiepie video ever, when i watched it 3 years ago
he is SOOOO much funnier here! I miss this pewds T.T he acts too hard to be funny
Ao Oni means blue demon in japanese
I remember these days when PewDiePie actually said "My name is PewDiePie!" instead of "My name saugtrhaeughaoihgjare!"
Was thinking the same thing.
I use to be able to do the Takeshi voice, but now i can't.....maybe i should practice more.....
hey pewdiepie Im a big silent fan of yours....I love watching you playing games especially games like mad father,ib and misao...there is a game I found kinda interesting called alice mare...the youtuber whom I first saw it was a bit annoying I really want you to play it thanks.... >w<
You do know this video is like from 2011? You should probably tell him that on the some of newer videos
ao oni means blue demons
does this mean we can have an amnesia video up soon
It's 2011 -_- he is done with amnesia
I really miss this intro.
This was back when I was like his major fan sub I miss the old pewd
This is the only series of videos by him I can tolerate
It's funny going back to this video and have this feeling like "I was already there". But the thing is... That PewDiePie is still PewDiePie! He never changed. He just stopped playing horror game and everything, but he still make me laugh and I still feel the same way about him than I did before and this is a great feeling. :)
I miss the old Pewdiepie. Q~Q he used to be so nice to watch.
I like this PewDiePie best... His changed so much Dx
Back when Pewdiepie used to be good...
Im watching his old videos, ahh the good times :c
just translated Ao Oni.... it's Chinese for green ghost? But in Japanese... it means blue demon!
Definitely not Mandarin thwn
ao oni means ''blue orge'' or ''blue demon''
People never change, learn that for fuck sake. He is the same except he plays different games and his editing skills are improved, but i do miss his friends and the games he played. Now the only interesting series are probably Corpse Party.
I remember his first video for me was The House 2, when I watched I just felt really good watching his videos. NOWADAYS all these 10 year olds keep dictating every thing he does. He used to be a horror play through channel with Exmortis, now all these little PUSSIES wanted him to play less SCARY games. As time went on he just stopped what he loved and had to, unfortunately, succumb to the childish commands of the "NEW FANS". THIS IS WHY I HATE THESE NEW PEWDIEPIE FANS ALWAYS RUINING EVERTYTHING I LOVED!
These were the days +PewDiePie you weren't the king of YouTube back in these days... I miss old you a lot, you were the best YouTuber without a doubt, but now you're slacking, it's clear you don't try as much anymore. I've been subscribed since the Penumbra montages and I can't remember the sub count as it didn't matter to either of us. I hate to be this guy but you were at your peak at this time, you didn't upload twice a day but that didn't matter because your content was great, you played what you wanted for fun not for views. It's actually upsetting thinking about how I've been watching you grow over several years and how I've been watching you drop quality.... I really don't know what it is that has happened but I can guess, either way me and so many other old-school bros hate the change. It's such a shame, hope you're happy about what you're doing. 👊
En av de bästa playthrough han har gjort! tröttnar aldrig :D
This playthrough is my favorite. Rip 2011 Pewdz cx
I really loved pewds back in the days when he played amnesia and happy wheels. I still remember his funniest moment on amnesia (in my opinion) when a bro jump scared him and he picked up mr chair and jumped out of the window yelling "I'm done with this shit!!!" Or something like that. I do agree with some people who said his recent videos seemed forced. Those videos are okay....but they are nothing compared to the videos he made years ago ^ ^.
Hey...poods...check out this game called 'Hetaoni'...
One of my fave series >w< He gives all the characters voices and personalities, it's entertaining xD I haven't watched any video's recently, but he still does it from time to time x
I've watched this playlist countless times only because of the voice 😄
Why do you always say "my name is pewdiepie"? We now What your name is?
a friend of mine told me a few years ago "hey, check this guy out, hes kinda funny" but i was like "meh, i dont like lets plays." a few days later he told me that if he reaches XXXX subscribers (cant remember the number) hed strip for us in front of the cam, and i thought "yassss im always in to see people embarrassing themselves" and thats how i subscribed to pewdiepie <3 even though we didnt get that stripping vid until a few months ago, i started to watch his videos even though i dislike lets plays in general ;o
Он накручивает себе подписчиков!
Old Pewds.... ;_; come back.....
i miss these channels
I'm watching this in 2015, I still love this series
Back when pewdiepie was extremely funny now he's less funny . I miss the screams he makes:( lol
First 400k subs I think but I subbed to vanoss at 1.5k pretty proud of that XD
Ao Oni means blue demon :3
But they are purple... Then that means... ILLUMINATI FUCKING CONFIRMED!!!11ONEONE
watching this in 2015
OMG your voice is so adorkable
Sounds wierd like really high that one u did
OK if any one still pewdipie fan give a thumbs up post and let's see your comments
I miss you playing games like this, pooods
My favorite playthrough, I love your mc's voice here haha
I am going to try this game now :D 
I miss this pewdie.
Love this theme song at the beginning format :)
lol. his 500 likes was way passed
Watching this for the tenth time.
This brings back memories
The characters remind me of Italy, Germany, prussia, and japan O.o
Its more funny than scary. I cant even drink my soda cause im laughing too much
Who else is watching this in 3005? Did anyone else use a time machine just to watch pewdiepie in the future????
ah good memorys of the good old days...
Wouldn't the name actually ao no oni?
Actually.. He is right... Because.. Ao no exorcist is blue exorcist .. And ao no haru ride is blue spring ride
That's because those are adjusted translations. Let's take for example the title of the movie, Kotonoha NO Niwa, which translates into Garden OF Words, the symbol "の" is used for possession. Taking this into account, Ao No Haru Ride could also be translated into "The Spring Ride's Blue" but it does not sound as appealing as the adjusted translation.
ao oni- blue deamon/devil?
Pewds hasn't changed a bit from then :)
It makes me cry how much he has changed. He help me through some hard times and now he is just... So different:(
Like if you still watch this in 2015
i miss the introduction
u should play Hetaoni uwu
Am I the only one think the main character look like kabuto (from naruto shippuden)
I KNOW RIGHT! Just with shorter hair :3
ao oni means blue demon wow im so late
I haven't been around for as long as some, but I was here when pewds had just under 600 k subscribers. I still support pewds, but I liked his videos so much better a few years ago like this one. Because back then, he was doing it for fun, and he enjoyed it. Now I feel like he's doing it for work not for entertainment purposes. It makes me sad.
Awww... Back when Pewds was a cute gamer with few subscribers. I loved old Pewds.
A.trollop homophobia B.I like this intro better than the new one
Watching this again :P Can't get enough of old pewdie xD By the wait I didn't know that ao oni movie was created. O_o Sadly it doesn't follow the plot of the game like they did in the movie :/ just partially.
aio = ?  oni = challenge. i am such a weeaboo
Why dose the facecam quality suck so much
I am scared of purple now
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