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Professor Toothy

by FilmCow • 2,693,840 views

It's the world's most adorable dental hygiene pal!

In the end of this video, throwing sugar all over Prof. Toothy is certainly a good and fitting way to get back at him for forcing that guy to eat lamb chops when he truly did not want that. I pretty much commend that unnamed guy for standing up to Toothy's pure annoyance, especially after Toothy told that guy he does like lamb chops when, in reality, he does not at all. He stood up for his freedom to choose what he does and doesn't like. In fact, I think I would've preferred seeing that guy torture Toothy with dentist equipment and force-feeding him tooth-rotting stuff to get back him for taking away his freedom to choose, even for a day. That's how annoying Toothy is. I still think this video's pretty funny, though. :)
+Sushi Blunt Professor Toothy didn't really give him a chance to speak.
has anyone ever got sick and thrown up a few half digested lamb chops, your throat is fully wrecked and you feel like you have been hit hard in the guts by a bowling ball
I wish I had a floating disembodied talking tooth to shove free lamb chops in my mouth... this guy is weird.
it would be less weird if the lamb chop thing was less sexual.
I figured it all out! Professor toothy is actually the mans son, the son died due to horrible gum disease due to improper tooth care, and it was the fault of the man for not helping his son with proper toothcare. His sons spirit manifested as professor toothy as a way of haunting, the man realizes this is his sons ghost as hinted by the "woah fuck" at the beginning of the video, he is shocked to see his son.again. I was convinced it was his son when professor toothy pulls out a lambchop as a reference to him being the lamb of his father, his father being a failure of a shepherd. He force feeds him the lamb chop as punishment a permanent reminder of his failure as a father. When the man realizes his mistakes he begins to take proper tooth care again and decides to fight back, and to forgive himself. He summons his son "professor toothy" one more time, and throws the sugar in his face as a way to exorcise his son, so he may rest in peace. as a thank you, professor toothy gives him one final lamb chop, to help his father remember him. ....that or its a goddamn weird ass tooth.
um sir i think you need a nice juicy LAND CHOP
Great Scott you figured it out now eat your lamb chop
Professor Toothy sounds like the old man from family guy.
+TheExplosiveTurkeyLeg i will get sugar  so i will throw sugar all over you
+Special Agent Fox Mulder I agree x-files is the fucking tits! Agent Scully isn't hot though and I don't get why everybody thinks she is, and the actor playing Mulder is the worst actor in the universe and he can't fake cry to save his nuts from a donkey. But still it's a fucking awesome show.
Prof. Toothy: I'd like a Lambchop. Waiter: I'll slip a lambchop Into your grandslamwhiiiiiich Prof. Toothy: NOOOO!
I don't know why he was soo upset from receiving FREE food . XD
+TheFireFox +Tossover6 We should follow FireFox around and force feed him "FREE" foods he absolutely hates.... eat up that raw broccoli and 3 week old bread sticks >:O
+Michael Pan there is no food on earth I do not like, and iff it is free there is less reason to hate it. you will save me on heaps of moneys XD. besides that, food is only food if it is edible otherwise if is not food. the oldest pice of cake I have evea had was 4 years old. bread sticks never goo off in my opinion.
i think id be okay with a magical floating tooth feeding me lamb chops >~>
I'd be fine with a magical floating tooth feeding me food
+PervasiveBurn II Same here. If I was hungry, at work, I'd say "I wish I had a bucket of Froyo" and have a magical floating tooth feeding me them juicy spicy lamb chops I'd ask for more than one
he sounds like Towelie
i hate consuming meats. besides for hands. hmmm.. uh-oh my stomach has the rumblies... XD jk but i do hate eating meat.
free chops man not bad
+Mituna Captor I also don't like parties. +Durtle FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM
its a sign of the end of the world!!!!
Fuck you FilmCow... artist... guy! Your videos are so super dumb, but I can't stop watching them!
If u don't like it why did u watch it???
That guy seems to take great care of his teeth, and Professor Toothy is just being an asshole to him.
Meth: Not even once.
My favorite video ever. No, really. I have him as my desktop background.
I love watching these vids with captions
And that guy can simply remove that lamb chop, why didn't he?
I think he'd rather have a Grand Slamwich.
I'd love it if someone gave me free lamb chops all the time.
It's actually kind of fucked up that the guy throws sugar on toothy. ALL TOOTHY WANTED TO DO IS HELP! HE COULDN'T COMPREHEND THAT OTHER PEOPLE DON'T LIKE LAMB CHOPS. Even in agonizing pain he puts a lamb chop in his mouth ;'(
Everytime he says anything like "Yeah eat up that big ol' lamb chop" it reminds me of herbert the pervert from family guy
funniest. thing. ever.
Even if this video is hilarious and obviously fictional, in the end, Toothy really is an annoying asshole to me. He just chooses to randomly barge into that guy's life, forcing that guy to eat a food he doesn't even like, thereby taking away his freedom to choose what he wants to eat. Toothy will now live the rest of his life as a hypocrite by living as a bloody sweet tooth and will surely overthink whether he should mess with people like that again. You've damned yourself, Prof. Toothy. :/
I don't like lamb chops
I love lamb chops. MMMMM.
Gabby- i watched this begore bed. I had a dream about lamchops
Full-body mutilation seems like kind of a drastic reaction to someone force feeding you lamb chops... Gotta give the little guy his due props though. He REALLY wanted that guy to eat that lamp chop at the end, lol.
If a floating tooth - or...anyhting, really - appeared and offered my a lamb chop - cooked - randomly, I'd be just fine.
Where are all these lamb chops coming from? His asshole?
" man, I sure could go for some skittles or a whole bucket of fro-yo or some shit" XDXDXDXDXDXDXD
And yet he's still able to give him a lamb chop while his face is melting off.
who would want to eat lamb chops they literally taste bad 
Wouldn't you prefer a nice tender laaammbbb-chhhoooppp???
Reply to this what you have learned from this video
I learned that the best way to get rid of giant, magical, floating teeth is to throw a bag of sugar at them, especially if you hate lamb, (like myself)
blaaaaggoawww ghrooroaaww grroooaww gheeeaatyy
i think its funny that prof toothy has teeth....... I wonder how many lamb chops prof toothy eats daily.
Is it just me or does Professor Toothy sound like Mr Hankey 
Professor Toothy sound like a mix of Herbert from Family Guy and Mr. Ha key from South Park
where does the lamdchop come from .................0 o                                                                                                                            W   i think i know where they come from
Anyone what some LAMBCHOPS
You should make professor toothy 2!!!
Every one likes lamb chops.
Well that escalated quickly
He could've just said he's on a diet.
XD i died while watching this i couldnt make it OMG (。◕‿◕。)
Sounds like Mr. Hanky
Why did I watch this on christmas
It would be funnier if the guy was a vegitarian
Dude, lamb chops are freakin' delicious. Also, that tooth has teeth. I find that amusing. 
1:31 Damn those eyes so KAWAII!
I guess professor toothy really did die that day.
Wait.. Proffeser Toothy has teeth wich have teeth wich have teeth... TEETHFUCKINGCEPTION
I swear I am going to drill a hole in him while covering him in sugar put a lot of cavities in him and feed him to the lions with all those lamb chops he has
Make professor tooth part 2
Kinda wanna try a lamb chop right now.
Haay I'm professor toothay
You should make professor toothy 2
Acosky Films Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Watch this very funny and terrifying video!
Are lamb chops good for your teeth
why just why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why am I Suddenly Craving... Lamb Chops?
This video was published on my birthday tbh idek
Well then, I guess Professor Toothy is my new most hated character.
Don't forget to bring a towel! or a lamb chop whatever...
Like this post if you think they need another one.
Chris Hayward Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
i love lamb chops actually i can haz lamb chop toothy? plz?
Where in the hell is professor toothy pulling them lamb chops from 0_0
Probably best not to think about it.
WHAT THE HECK! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!W W W WHY IS HE SO CREEPEY ALSO HE KEEPS FEEDING HIM LANDCHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! random word of the day: LANDCHOP! !!!!★
Jamie S Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
yes. because lamb chops help your teeth. 
Why isn't professor toothy real? I would LOVE to have lamb chops!
Nice Jucey Lamb Chops
professor toothy got what he deserved
Mr. Mason is here it's me who commented
1:13 WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!? I burst out laughing X3
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