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PLAY DOOM THEY SAID! - Doom 3 - Playthrough - Part 3

by PewDiePie • 717,078 views

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I'm glad that after three years, Pewds plays a lot less noobishly. XD
how does this fu*king weirdo got so many subs... 
Christians are sapos to be compassionate and graceful to all people, but some of them just don't get it and feel that force will get people to understand their wrongs, which is a retarded method. Please don't let those idiotic jerks defy what the religion is. They give us a really bad name, and we weren't liked to begin with.
+Sheradon Shepherd yeah, i was typing fast. if i attempt to fix typos my comment section locks up. its weird.
For the record, one of central doctrines Jesus taught was that since we are all imperfect, it's wrong to judge others. Unfortunately, a bunch of self-righteous idiots that don't know half of their religion use 'religious' reasoning to gratify themselves and put down others. Then again, people often make a sad mockery of the cause they 'stand' for.
me the whole time. Use your fucking shotgun you retard
I loved this game when it came out.  Also, I don't understand all the haters being jealous, though it's something you could expect.. I don't worship Pewdiepie and it took me a hell of a long time to subscribe to him but you know what? He's got loads of content, a sense of humour and he's not an a**hole. Acts like it at times, yeah, nobody's perfect but there is no good reason for hating him.  Now I'm serious, I would suck at being a let's player because you would mostly see no reaction from me.. A guy that has a magnetic personality and is a natural, may get millions of subscribers over time.
I've played through d3 many times and all i can think when he doesnt notice something i think FUCKING SHOOT IT NOW! lol
The sound effects of this game a so fking good!
Thank (insert you're gods name here) that he's playing The Original and not BFG
+HAZZARD Pewdie pie is a flaming crusty retarded faggopt. you actually think he is scared? Its forced? Either he is a major effeminate pussy that is scared or hes pretending to be scared with horrible acting.
+ContraCOMMAND that's the point. I'd hate to see him act like a pussy in a game with lots of lighting. That's like saying someone pissed their pants playing skylanders. We all know its forced. That's why he's shit, and why the more mature niggas on YouTube watch Critikal.
How is going bros my name is wtf
why didnt you finish this bro?  please do if you find the time. *Brofist
Pewds: Welcome to Doom 3 to get supplies lol
Pewds, the clips are for the machine gun.
His face while shooting the Machine gun at 7:25
Ha, just when his skype made a noise Someone had written to me too xD
I'm running bfg on ultra and it looks no different from doom 3
By the way this game is pretty intense, I've made the same reactions ... and I play In the dark with big headphones, you guys must be playing during the day with people around or something... cuz this game can make you jump.
Hey pewdiepie saw the Easter egg of doom 3 the mirror
pewd is probably the only person who gets scared of people shooting at him while hes looking at the shooter.
It's called picking up ammo and looking around not just Goin through it
I'm stingy with ammos, so watching Pewds play this is a form of masochism ahahaha tears.. xD
+Kaole Tsutako Isn't that one of the things what makes his videos so much fun to watch though? :) If he were to play each game super seriously, do you think he would have 26 mil subscribers? He is having fun with the games. Making jokes, trying silly stuff etc. I don't expect him to play the game like a pro. It would probably be pretty boring ;).
Well rushing through the game isn't even funny or entertaining...and shooting randomly like a dumbass either it can get kind of annoying at times
how does anyone (specifically his millions of subscribers) find pewdiepie even slightly entertaining, let alone funny?? wtf
so many people saying that "He ruined Doom" for them. Really? that's stupid. If after this you can't play the game again then you are the one with a problem
Now all I need is my knee deep in the dead shirt and my BFG
pews is really cool. never die pewds!!!!!!!!!!! Those jump scares "OOOOOOOO"
So reading the comments I got intrigued to see how entertaining this cr1tikal guy is. I'm all for different humour :) but I do believe your views are quite narrow minded for thinking Felix has an idiotic type of humour. He entertains the masses and does what I've finds most funny. It works. It's fun to watch and it makes us all laugh. That's the point. Now I YouTubed cr1tikal (critikal) and penguin0 kept coming up. So I believe that's him? In all honesty. I was judgemental because of how monotonous his voice is but I kept listening.. But even his humour seems dry. Using disturbing imagery for wit without a semblance of laughter or even a chuckle. It just sounded wierd from such a straight and serious tone. I will concede his humour is more intellectual yet history has shown it's what people want that matters most in entertainment. And that's an active excited personality. So you can have all the wit but if you don't have the personality to follow it, you won't get far. Its why Felix goes so far. He is enjoying his work and makes it a enjoyable past time as well as work. You are very annoying those who nitpick at Felix, if you dislike it then state ur discontent at Felix and don't watch it. What need is there to pick a fight with the viewers? Felix won't kind at one or two negative comments. It's you people who try to disrupt an enjoyable video with negative commentary that are the worst. You get a buzz from ruining others happiness and your sick for it. Stop being so pessimistic and just enjoy what you enjoy and avoid what you don't. Simples
Nice intro. "My name Ahhh.. WTF!?"
whichever "christian" said that you're going to hell is wrong. I'm christian and whatever they said was bullshit. they're not real christians if they think that...
+Anna Goodall people believe in god an the bible cause they are scared they need some sort of security blanket .. lol its like a imaginary friend on a grand level same concept of bullshit
you dont trust roland but im roland lol
Hey pewdiepie you should play bloody Mary its funny and scary
ive got this game too.i cant sleep
5:17 look at his health rate :-)
I'm a Christan and you won't burn in hell
Im a waffle and you wont burn in hell
The demon spawn dont scare me! pewds opens door, and the lights flicker Me-"GO BACK TO HELL YOU DEMONIC CREATURES!!!" Pewds-talks about someone telling him hes going to hell I mean if your playing this game, thats a given haha. (I hope people understand the joke)
lol! just watching these zombies and demons scare him like this is hilarious!
pewds im Christian and im sorry for that...some people and religion...they just go extremist sometimes... keep up the good games bro! 
+The .Nexes im a pagan , but you made me laugh , look at that Joto different walks of life making each other laugh 
Damn pewds you suck at doom...but I still like watching your videos :)
God Damn it... Checked my Skype when Pewdie's went off... XD
Am I the only one who noticed he said "I have to end this episode here" and kept playing lol XD
Anyone else agree that this game reminds you of dead space just a little cause it reminds me of dead space a lot
+The .Nexes Dude,have you ever played Half Life ??
it dosen't even look like half life
When I heard Skype I thought it was mine.Got super excited.Hopes Failed.Relaized I have no life
the display for the ammo on the assault rifle reminds me of the halo assault rifle 
At that part where the screen went red was an Easter egg that Pewds just so happened to find.
The original dooms are better
And he still doesn't understand how a simple, fictional PDA works...
fsm is a lot beter than god because when you die you got the bear voclan and you get  to whach stripers
"I am a Christian, youa era a satanist" But you are killing demons, shouldn't he see be in the same side as you? O_o
Good lord, he wastes bullets like water.
Find it hilarious how he acts during hilarious videos.. then when he makes a video about charity how the video is brighter and happier and hes so polite and nice and appreciative.. xD I love pewds
Dude. Has it occured to you to, I don't know, switch to a gun other then the pistol?  :)
that mirror thing was an easter egg and a secret
''the shot gun is good on the black suited people, ill keep that in mind'' 5 sec later he forgets lolz
AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHH 2:18 ,... DAT ,... HOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUU when he's get the Machine ( Gun ) ahahhaah
lol. kitchen where are the ladies?
Y don't u believe in god pewds?
+Andrew Nelson i respect Pewdie more for his being a atheist ... 
hello firs time whatching this series
and @*$@!$&(&% its scard me 1:30
I'm christian but I'm still a fan of yours. I don't believe you're satanist just vulgar but very funny
Pewds you found the mirror easter egg
Pewds i ment auto correct
hes not using a shotgun or a machine gun? dafuq pewds?
Lol "how do u like being a woman" also that Christian was in the wrong to say that
Pewds you found the mirror easter egg
Peers is horrible at shooting horror games
I love the way you go around shooting corpses, just to make sure they are dead. If this was real life, you'd run out of ammo pretty quickly. To be fair, so would I :P
Felix, you really need to read the PDAs for this game.
You should play quake 4 it's a pretty good game
You cant b my friend if u dont hav a face thats facist
pewds why do u forget stuff so quickly
Randy pena u dumb darkness 2 is a roblox game
I played this game! The shotgun is just the weapon you use all the time in the all the game...
Actually depends, if you spend your time to actually find weapons, you will use them too, but it depends on your gaming style too. If you prefer shotgun you can use it all the time :P.
Hey PEW-DIE -PIE most of us love you  so please  don't  let the haters get to you  I really love  your videos 
Christians don't say that, pewds. Liberal Baptists do
not really. i wouldn't say any particular group of people says things of that nature… only Bigot's who wish to force there ideals on others do. I've heard things like that said by many subgroups of christianity.
Christians say that all the time. Not all of them, but god damn do I hear it a lot from them.
Lol I don't really care about the wasting ammo thing, as long as he had fun 😄 brofist
I'm also a Christian, but I don't go around saying that. That person should spend more tie trying to help people...
hehe  Pewds:  "Why would you keep that in there?!  Why?!"
Im christian your a satanist you will burn in hell
Why let him believe what he wants to believe in just cause he doesn't have a religion doesn't mean he should burn in hell I'm catholic I believe in go and Jesus just cause he doesn't have religion doesn't mean he should be hated on so everyone stop bitchin about this shit he is who he is and he hasn't don't nothin wrong so fuck off ok leave him be he hasn't broken any rules of any religion just leave him alone for fuck sake he's a nice guy and you hate him for one small thing if you were truly going to follow the bible you'd accept him cause god loves all his children different or the same even you people should know that
use C to punch stuff in the grond or even... Rape!
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