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Runescape Sparc Mac's 100 Dharok Set Challenge!

by Sparc Mac • 242,802 views

This is the video that started the series, lets see if we can get it to 10k Likes before we end this thing. Hope ya enjoy & Good luck on your predictions guys! (Solid numbers here, Example: 365 10%...

it 2014 but Ima go with 444 sets pked
i should go with 139 sets pked :)
The Desolate-350 sets. although I believe you are good enough to make 1 last the whole time. 
i think you will get 346
how to be the best in runescape. look all my stuff. i have more stuff then you. I win. 
I'm going with 523 sets
"sure you didn't buy rambo hits off jagex?" LOOOOOOOOL 3:20
i had 5k sets this is nothing
I once made 11 sets pked from 1 so it's like fk yeach :3 i had like 400 box imp ( means 400 dharok helms less) after 1 year of pking
This is the video that made me subscribe to you sparc! I hope I win this goodie bag!
This video made me subscribe
Even this was good times lol
Is EOC pking an option now? I see in this vid that he des not have to use his number keys/ or click on whatever to have that strange attack.
do you see the the post date?...
579 sets! Goodluck everyone! RSN: w0rd up y0
397 . rsn Pasha Soviet . please try contact somehow if i win without being online between our countries is 7 hours difference Thanks.
my accounts name is 100revenger9. im saving up for 100m for a drop my clan is doing. if anyone would add me and send money for drop party. im doing the drop for my friends and i dont want to just give it away. thanx.
hmm... 257sets i think, rsn sp3ckyy
bro give me 80mill! barely got 22 fucking mill n it sux!
312 rsn epi, plz message on youtube, time changing between countries :(
777 sets Gl me!!! RSN: LoL is funnn
how the fook did you get all of that money :( im so jelly. ive been playing since 2006 and i only have like 6 mil......
:( wow i only have a Bgs and i sold my Rune armor and i did tallene
Who are you to tell me what I should and should not like LOL? You're probably like 10. It's okay, you will realise one day what a pathetic little spoilt child you are.
If you want to get extra cash, you should do a google search Rapid Money Miner. That might help you get the financial freedom you deserve.
Lmao @ these people asking for money lolol i wanted you to add me cuz i wanted to be ur friend though :P name again is 07 RS Skill
If you no longer enjoy the game; then sure, quit. If you still enjoy the game; continue playing.
email me i will give you account
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