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E3 BLACK OPS 2 What I Thought!

by KPopp • 22,931 views


I like CoD BECAUSE it's not GoW or Halo. I don't like the fact that is a choice based campaign now. And yes, I will still buy it, but honestly, I don't think that it will be good. David Bonahart sounds like a dick. Zombies isn't about objective gameplay, its about murdering Zombitches. I really don't think you should screw with something that is really good, because they usually ruin it. I wouldn't mind if we got like attachments you could buy for guns, that would be cool. Otherwise, do nothing.
I want multiplayer with no lag problems!
World at War zomberts for the win. Way more fun and challenging. The little monkeys weren't that hard if you had a shotgun...
For that one you could just go to any ghetto in most large NO RACIAL!!1
Zombies!!! So looking forwards to it!
Fuck black ops zombies ,,waw zombies is the shit :)
Im talking specifically about the jet though. and im pretty sure Battlefield used cars and the Hind before COD3 or black ops anyway
choic based campaign will be funner than just the same thing over and over and you and spelled david's name wrong and you just dont like a challenge in the zombie mode
The fans have gotten bored BECAUSE they release a CoD every year. They have been overly spammed by and exposed to the franchise and that has caused many aspects of the game to become 'boring' and 'repetitive.'
did you give up on skyrim?
I would be happy for that. I was in love with both franchises. Once I played Black Ops, I lost interest and started playing Bad Company 2. I tried Mw3, and I have left the CoD series, however if they make it skill based and more "like" Battlefield, I would have no problem paying even extra for it.
i know it didn't, its just a relevant, modern example that COD would be likely to "draw inspiration" from
I don't think she understands how the new sniper rifle works...
Can u customize your own emblem again that was cool
true, but they're not really copying since treyarch has the player control vehicles in each of their games, now if infinity ward did that, i would agree with you. but i just can't see how people can compare black ops 2 to other games when it hasn't even been released.
what did starwar83 say ? because "the comment no longer exists."
Can't wait to hear about all the things Black Ops 2 does wrong.
I don't want any more COD there running out of wars and it might be really well balanced or really unbalanced. BTW BO
I'm not thrilled about anymore COD games anymore. I want to play something different. I don't want to feel like I'm being had everytime they drop a copy/paste title and drown it out with DLC...something has to give with how the devs are doing gamers these sucks that they don't make complete games. MW3 was the last straw. I'm looking at different developers to see if they'll bring something new to the table without the same ole brouhaha.
Tbh, I just wish they didn't pump out a new COD title every single fucking year. I like the game but it doesn't need a replacement that quick or often.... they just whore out the franchise for as much money as possible. I just hope the zombies in BLOPS2 make up for it.
I went tot he shops and saw someone that looked just like you Kelly, twas cool.
WaW zombs are better because there are 3 good WaW maps, Der Reise, Nacht, and Verrukt, whereas black ops only had one, Ascension
Yeah I agree. It would be better if they were able to spend more time without Activision forcing a new title every year.
I don't really care which one they base it off, but I don't know how I will feel about the game having objectives. The main objective should still be to survive, and the other objectives they want to add should be things like the easter eggs.
Vehicles in BO2? Really shouldn't, they're encroaching Battlefield Territory.
you were on australian news covering e3, you walked past the camera without looking at it.
From what I saw. It was ps2 graphics on a 2012 game. The gameplay was boring af in my eyes. You seemed to get excited for things I thought was nothing, like an option to snipe or go foot. But I'm disappointed and I don't think i will get black ops 2. I really thought they would step up the graphics. Trey arch is just infinity wards scrap metal. I'm done buying call of duty until they can do better :/
WaW zombies was better than BO.
I liked w@w zombies the guns maps and gore was awesome blops zombies was crap do much shit was going on u didnt know what to do and fuck mw3 spawn system
How many options on average were on the missions? And how wildly different are the options =D?
I hate every mother fucker that plays this shit
So what? With RPG campaign thats sorta going in Fallout or Mass Effects territory.
I hated everything about black ops
the sniper is actually a charged based weapon, there are five bars that light up and if you hold down the fire control it charges it up and makes the shot more powerful/ better at penetrating so you can shoot through thicker materials! thanks for the vid Kelly!!!
Haters if i dont like cod dont watch the vids
Some people are never satisfied what people give us...
the charges are the bullets and the more u charge up the more damage
And black ops has the wave gun and thunder gun
ha the only reason im going to buy Black Ops 2 is for the zombies... cant ever get enough.
i like world at war zombies but only deriese and for black ops i like call of the dead deriese
I havnt played mw3 in a while and i thought this was mw2 gameplay lol
I like black ops zombies and world at war because world at war has the wunderwaffle2g
U can lick ma grans hole because cod is shite
Black Ops zombies i love getting the hidden songs
i like world at war zombies better
No it means it's charging the bullet to get deeper penetration and you don't need to watch a video explaining it I could tell right from the demo.
hey kpopp puddin pop when u and whiteboy puttin up another resident evil 5 lets play?
I agree with ya, I love WAW zombies as opposed to Blackops Zombies ;)
On the gameplay on her last death wth was up with that knife?
The sniper uses armor persing rounds and an X-ray scope, some cod person said in an interview
So they're beginning to make Battlefield games too now? As much as I dislike CoD games, I hope they'll finally make a new CoD game that is worth the money. If this flops it might be the nail in the coffin for CoD. People are fed up being sold the same shit every time.
Kpopp u don't know me but I'm pretty sure im in love with you
Black Ops because you can have WAW maps in Black Ops.
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