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GTA San Andreas Map HD (GTA IV Graphic and Physic (GTA IV Mod ))

by Dave Mattmann • 2,346,596 views

Einige Ausblicke aus meinem GTA IV San Andreas. Die Physiken und Graphiken sind von GTA IV. Sry wegen dem schlechten Videoschnitt. Die alte ENB Serie habe ich ausgetauscht, weil ich mit der alten...

кто русский лайк
that is really work slow on my pc. what i should do?
i try but my atrection to machine and invention habbit don't make it
what the music to 5:28 ? please ! nice mod ! :p
Italobrothers - Stamp on the ground
hey is that or gta 4 or gta san andreas
You'd think that with less buildings, less traffic, and little or no peds, would make the game less laggy... why the hell does it lag even more?
Two questions: Can i tune all the cars? Has all the cars modificated?
Nice! Hast ein abo von mir wenn es geht adde mich bei skype: kevinzocker100
c'est quoi le son entre 2:20mn et 3:00 plz  What is the sound between 2:20 min and 3:00 plz
pigan es gta 4 solo aviso
+Srdjan Nedeljkov yes because he have cheat mod and yankee is not a car in gta sa
Sube tu san andreas para descargarlo
Движок слабый.
that aint no HD that just modded vehicles. I want GTA SA lookin like GTA V son. Seen that one?
esto se llama gta 4 san andreas beta 2
como se llama la cancion del minuto 11:35
When the rain has gone de DJ Antoine
con los parche se ve mucho mas realistas que algunos juegos del 2013
Se  ve mejor que GTA V
What about the missions? Are they included? And if they are, are they from GTA IV or SA?
fuck it is gta iv sa you stupped idiot
that is changing the game asshole modding is difrent if you put shaders on gta sa it looks difrent dont go overload
Sorry can't help you I only have Teamviewer, but not TeamWiver2.
It's GTA San Andreas Beta 2 or 3 --' !
Vlad...Haven't you got more important things to do that watch GTA 4 video's on YouTube, like impaling people to wooden logs and inspiring Bram stokers to write Dracula.
Esses gringos são burros pra caralho. O título do vídeo deixou bem claro que é o mapa do GTA SA convertido pros gráficos e física do GTA 4. Puta que pariu é tão difícil de entender isso?
All the cars have the same sound
Can't wait for GTA V and this vid didn't help XD
[] Universo [ i ]; Autor, ¹Cléber Bortoluzzi;
So this is what GTA V will look like lol
this guy is going to be embarrassed of him self.
um . . its still the same graphics as normal S.A but with GTA4 hud, gps and on screen activities
O_O holy crap thats wicked good graphics ill try it out hopefully my computer can handle it! <:\
do you know what FPS are? -.- 1 FPS = Extreme Lag; 50+ = Extreme Fluid ._.
u r using the cheat: (ghosttown) right? theres no people or car at all
1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 FPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look at the radio stations, the logos are the same as GTA IV, it's gta Iv -San Andreas mod
Some guys here are pretty stupid just the guys are saying 'omg gta IV mod :O' the title says gta4 mod!! but i think ITS gta 4 and gta San Andreas mod
Где взять такие звуки автомобиля? (Google Translate to help :D)
Can some one help me i have TeamWiver2 please i want that MOD :'( ?
I believe that's Stamp on the Ground by the Italobrothers
rpg server? you mean RP, and this is GTA IV ._. Bragging: you are doing it wrong
i've never played gta iv but... all the song in this video are in gta iv or just a custom radio
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