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Super Kaizo World - Special Stage 2 Part 1

by Proton Jon • 1,633,180 views

Ever play a level for a hard romhacked version of Super Mario World and record it and your voice and you've never played the level before? I have. From the SA Super Kaizo World LP...

It's quite amazing how after 7 years later, this is still just as entertaining as the first time I saw it. 
+Davy Jones amazing how this sight can change in several years from youtube to comercialtube mostly likely to google
Pokey: still faster than Jon's upload schedule
Blows my mind this was one of the few first let's play channels. Shit came out almost 8 years ago, and it's still hilarious/better than some of the shit people upload today. 
+Thegreatwario383 guess you can say back when yt was less commercialized and forced
Couldn't stop laughing at that!
Protonjon is 2007 Pewdiepie Protonjon is better than 2014 Pewdiepie
+ZeddTheBold That's part of it, but it also has a lot to do where he has uploaded from.  Dopefish is a Swedish LP'er (who doesn't suck) that speaks English, but he's only ever uploaded from Sweden.
Don't compare the two. ProtonJon is better than Pewdiepie!
It's so weird looking back on these and realizing the start of an era.
Oh the memories. 
+MiniMibani I don't know anything that is funnier than this video from that time period of uploading.  I can't stop watching this video even today.
Is this why Jon is so sarcastic and broken all the time
"Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck" Ah I always laughed when Proton Jon got pissed.
7:25 I just keep watching that part, it's still funny 7 years later.
I love the ending where the game just fucking destroy's Jon's voice box similar to Emile in the submerged castle in his Pikmin 2 let's play ah those two are two of a kind they are both funny as hell and loud with rage (Jon) and hysteria (Emile)
Emile did say Jon was his inspiration to Let's Plays.
So this, along with slowbeef and diabetus, were some of the first people to put up lets plays.  Thank you SA for that <3  I will also shout out Raocow, a gent who still makes Mario ROM hack videos to this day!
That game looks like absolute hell.
The sequel is absolute hell. lol 
Still oh so amazing years after. Proton Jon has to be the best LPer... you know, if he uploaded often x)
This video here is why I first started watching LP's
the statment that will forever haunt you "MOVE FASTER POKEY"
I remember at PAX East 2014, I said you were sort of the pioneer of LPing. I don't know if I'm right, but it sure feels like it.
Lol, when John was like "What the fuck?.....What the..fuck....?....  bwuhwuhuhuh..... Maybe I imagined that (redos ending) OH FU-U-U-U-u-ck...! I didn't imagine that!" Killed me
Wow, this game BROKE Jon
Which is why Jon has decided to break games back ever since :P
Hahahahahahahahaha! Ahh.... GG Mario world
This is it.  The legendary rustling of Proton Jon
3:21 And thus, a legend was born.
Hahahaha Jon has me cracking up!!! Hahaha super funny and fun to watch!!!!
Seven years ago. This shit came out seven years ago. Time flies, nigga.
That invisibox at the end is soul crushing.
Thanks for inspiring etho!
Damn... 7 Years ago? Man, things certainly have changed since then...
And that, my friends, is why you never stack savestates.
Almost been 7 years and its still funny as shit
holy crap, this was uploaded 7 years ago I am getting old :(
Still love this video!
Failure is the only option.
6:20 Lol, surprise box is best box.
This game is proof there is no such thing as a benevolent and merciful god
This video NEVER gets old!
I fucking love this video. <3
dark souls probably aint so hard after all
I remember watching this for the first time 6 years ago, and I still don't like this game for how it Made Jon ... well, go off like that 
You mean, break his sanity, twist said sanity inside out, send it into a Sarlacc and out with Borg implants, and get frisked by a cactus?  Yeah...pretty crazy.
And I thought Emile did that
What is Lady Gaga a favorite thing about Mario World ? The POKEYFACES. :-)
Waaaay Cool! Personally played it myself!!!!!
this is the video that made Jon who he is today.
I can tell he went through hell this whole video. XD.
What is Lady Gaga a favorite thing about Mario World ? The POKEYFACES. :-)
Classic video is classic
So this is the person who inspired SSoHPKC I like it
I'm always curious to what Jon had in mind to finish the level because at 5:45 he seems genuinely surprised to find a Yoshi egg.
Probably thought it was a P-Balloon
Oh Jared, this is so classic.
I'm sure I'm not the first one to notice this, but… "Why am I agreeing to do this?  Why?  Ugh…hi.  It's me, Proton Jon…" --Proton Jon, Super Kaizo World, Special Stage 2 Part 1 "Why did I ever say I was gonna do this today?  Why?  Eh…hey, everybody, it's Chuggaaconroy…" --Chuggaaconroy, Pikmin 2, Episode 26
you now whats werid the day that this is uploaed its my Birthday
Lol, you got trolled so hard at the end XD
its been 3 years since i saw this vid and is till remember his rage-ness XD
Hearing Proton Jon freak out in the end is funny as hell.  No offense Jon.
i love how this is still getting comments <3
It's so weird hearing Jon like this... I'm used to The Runaway Guys where he's basically the "straight man." No wonder Chugga uses catchphrases from this video against him... this is GOLD.
7:38 - 8:32 = My reaction to the ending of the "Teen Titans Go" episode: "Artful Dodgers".
MOVE FASTER POKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, the memories of MOVE FASTER POKEY
Ever thought about useing beeb while useing a bad word XD
Who else thinks that protonjon should do more things like this?
Before slippery shoes, there was this.
So, has he done an LP on the first level?
SA did it, so Wugga and Psychedelic Eyeball were in it as well. If you want to check it out.
Ah yes. The good old days.
Damn looks challenging but don't want to rage quit lol
Rewatching this the 17th time
F bomb count:32 oh and the phones ringing
"Maybe I imagined that." FUCKING LOL! X'D
Omg the historical video containing, "MOVE FASTER POKEY!" was uploaded on my Birthday. I feel accomplished for some reason...
How did I not see this before? And I'm a fan of runaway guys and I didn't know the origins of move faster pokey!
Watch Knytt Stories "Don't Eat the Mushroom" and then you'll see why Jon get's pissed everytime Emile brings up not eating them.
Satan designed this romhack.
Nothing on the other side 5:00 xD
That thing is full of mean tricks!! XD
7:36 ok did not expect that 
Jon, how many puppies did you kick into kittens to have to play this game? Considering you put it out for the world to see, I'd say many.
I just read the date of the posting and it was on my birthday (month and day that is) Protonjon you gave me one of my best birthday presents ever. Thanks!
You just realized, too? Same here. High five!
8:11 I think the game gave him PTSD...
I really wish he'd come back to these someday. 
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