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Trolling a Hacker's Mom On Xbox Live

by MinnesotaBurns • 891,246 views

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The dumb mom did not even care what her son did so i didnt care
"Eh eh eh uh uh uh" OMG you suck at lying
Omg I thought it was funny when she didn't know what trolling was
Part that made me laugh the most was when the mom didnt get that he was saying she got trolled! 
3:54 snooping around his friend list
The chicken is burning go get it of the burner
what does he stream on mlg tv?
LOL dumb guy cant get in the window and u still miss him after 5 or so shots XD. see this at 5:42
Minnesota said he got banned for saying he's a part of Xbox Live he said it was total bullshit but he just said he was part of the Xbox Live Support team
Great job. These unskilled brats contaminate many gaming communities. A bit weird way to do it, but those bastards shit on their pants. Fine with me.
The good days on black ops 1. My favorite game of all time. The only game I got maxed out prestige. Is now getting hacked with nova gas, god mode, invisibility, and never ending mortars (for spawn trapping). Burns, I only ask you one thing. Troll as many on black ops 1 as you can. Have a great day.
What a stupid fucking bitch of a mom. She has absolutely no idea what the hell her son is doing on Xbox. "These military games" what a dumbfuck. He could be talking to scammers and stuff and she has no idea. I wish some people were smarter these days
that doesn't mean shes a bad parent shes just oblivious to the dangers that retain to the Xbox live community how are you supposed to know that you can get hacked and scammed when you think your son is just playing a game with his freinds.
Minnesota Burns, I think you are awesome. How you take down the hackers, even though they don't get banned, but that's Microsoft's fault, you are amazing, so, thank you. :)
She is so slow! Lmfao!!!
When every he gives his number brace yourself
What an accent she has... priceless. Fits her ignorance well too.
I'm not aware of whats goin awn
I think the lady still didn't understand, just like, "Okay..."
keep up the good work.
im pretty sure she just made my iq drop several points
You're going to get banned for saying you're from Xbox
He said he's trolling someone ON Xbox Live. There is no way you can rearrange those words to make it seem like he has a job at Xbox.
You got trolled. Ok.
I laughed when she write down get trolled on xbox live
I am just 13  i play MW3 online(lots of other games) i hate cheats to cheats man  NEW HACK on J Tag to be online reported to  microsoft 
The what she did not no what trolling is
Think Xbox isnt the only thing being hacked little heath rogers wen did u put this u???
took her long enough lol
These comments make my brain cells commit suicide.
trololololol?? is none of this hitting home with u? HEU HUE HEU HUE
It's not real i made it up oh ok
Her reaction what troll means
at the end she's like ok
Wow just wow i cant believe she didn't know that
Rules of trolling: You work as an Xbox Live moderator of a 3rd party or something Talk to the hacker's mom or older sister. If you send them to a website, it's porn. If you send them a phone number, its 1-800 (insert troll statement here)
Minnesota is freaking incredible.
i didn't even chuckle or smirk once............... you suck at this.....or maybe its just these types of videos are too cliche....they arent funny........
hackers are basically assholes. they deserve to be removed.
1-800-get-TROLLED NOT trooled-on-xboxlive
do you live in burnsville?
He Clearly States he's on the team 1:15
im 15 and my parents just let me started playing 17+ games and your soooo awesome burnsy
Nobody cares if your parents are breaking rules. Honestly. It's not our problem.
She didn't know that she was being trolled
what. really. she wrote the entire thing down.
they aredushbags so i agree
the troll song belongs to Eward Khuil
ur vids are not funny anymore if ur lookin comedy watch mr technal difuculty best guy ever
hahahahahahahahaha fuckin' oh god. i'm so glad i asked
Dislike bar is alot bigger then justin beibers " Penis "
Aw... to be honest. I'd had never spoiled it for her lol let herself figure it out.
the end whene she got it was a troll
Yes, I am serious, and you obviously do not know what Trademarks and Copyrights are, please read a good Wikipedia article or talk to your local lawyer because you need to really find out what these "big boy" words happen to mean, do not comment on something you do not know you child.
1-800-get-trolled-on-xbox live lol
ok so if nothing else, the number should've given it all away.
Wtf that lady was f*****g clueless
I like how she didn't understand what Minnesota meant by TRO
I think that small town doesn't have such a bright school!!!!!!
oh my god dude ur made me laugh at the last part when u said its not real i think eather the number isnt real xD
Says the person that is saying something to try and get the top comment.
Hah lol she didn't understand what trolled meant
That's called being a douchbag, not a troll. The greatest trolls can make EVERYONE laugh, including their victim.
What made me laugh: she didnt get she was bein TROLLED!!! Lol. Iu the man
Haha ur so seriousness when you talk I would have believed it
Not all trolls have to be funny btw the the kid got in trouble so i bet he got mad and freaked out to so your commet is a fail.
Micheal burns is Burnie from Roosterteeth
I am so surprised you have not got in trouble with the police for this kinda stuff
Yep and he's banned for life now but wont stop saying he never said he worked for Xbox despite the fact that he clearly states that he is an admin for Xbox. Dumbass has a martyr complex.
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