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Andrew Luck + Nike Football

by usnikefootball • 126,461 views

We have a new QB under center sporting the Swoosh. Welcome to the Nike Family Mr. Luck.

Okay so where is RG3 goin dose anyone know?
What underwear is he wearing? I need to buy his lucky underwear...
Andrew Luck's voice resembles Peyton's (both goofy).
LOL, as if Luck doesn't know where he's gonna end up.
Nike should of signed RG3 and not this goofy ass nigga
@tech77jp His arm will be doing all the talking and keeping you quiet. The Luck era is about to start
Can't believe he went to my high school..... he's gonna be so damn good in the NFL....
what shoes is luck wearing at 6 seconds when hes in the weight room i love that color design
@naru150 RG3 is gonna be signed by under armour just watch.
I'm a patriots fan but fuck it I'm ganna buy me a Luck jersey
@tech77jp And his beard that goes all the way down his neck :]
@swiftg87 i know it too... but come on "you dont know if you get picked 1st or 2nd" bitch youre getting picked 1st or 2nd in the just pissed me off when he said that
I'm gonna miss Peyton but I'm glad it's Luck who gets to fill in
@tech77jp you should here him on the field. his voice projects really well so that he doesn't have to strain it when he calls plays/audibles
@iiRegulate605 Uh, what? I said "pretty much the ONLY flaw I can find with the guy." Learn to read.
Andrew luck Is a beast he is the only qb i have ever seen force a fumble after his running back fumbled.
@threenumbnuts Good Luck with that.
Luck is already a franchise QB lol
@wqlavy I know what you mean, Julio Jones went to my high school, I was a freshman when he was a senior.
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
I dont see a new franchise quarterback or a gamble. I see a caveman.
nike always make AWESOME commercials!!
@rc49ers53 did you really just ask that question? smh
@tech77jp Andrew Luck as the exact same way of speaking then Peyton Manning. They both sound goofy and hopefully he'll be as good, or better, than Manning.
Does Nike make any bad commercials? I don't think so. They all get my juices flowing
Is it an accident that he is wearing the color "blue"?
I just came from the RG3 commercial. None of these guys have even played a regular season game and we already have commercials with them?
@MrJerkaholic28 hahaha so true! RG3 went to adidas instead
Stop comparing Luck and RG3 they both have completely different playing styles, and they are both damn good at what they do. period.
@espinoza8448 He's under Adidas
What is the shoes he's wearing at 0:06? Thanks a lot !!!!
We're all rooting for him to pull an Elway, believe me.
@MoD3RnHD How can you be overhyped if you've never played a game? lol
@RobbyDKitchel Yeah I'm stoked as well to have him here in Indianapolis (well most likely). Kids got a crazy work ethic. It was very hard to lose Manning but knowing this guy is coming around really eases some of the pain. As you said GO HORSE, and GO LUCK!!!!!
I have a very bad and strong feeling this is gonna be Ryan Leaf 2.0.. to much pressure from that colt fanbase but I hope I'm wrong!
So can Nike PLEASE make one of their typical shirts that has super large font across the front that says MAKE YOUR LUCK I would totally buy one of those
We're pumped to have you in Indianapolis Andrew. We know you've got big shoes to fill, but we will all be behind you! GO HORSE, and GO LUCK!
He sounds like Morgan Freeman with a plugged up nose
nice QB class. luck and RG3 both seem like good guys. no ryan leafs this year
Welcome to Indianapolis, Mr. Luck!!
@naru150 no chance. Luck went to Stanford which is the place Phil Knight went for business school. I'm sure somebody from there steered him towards Nike.
that is such a good saying MAKE YOUR LUCK !!!! epic
Great ad. Only thing that would have made it better would be if Morgan Freeman had been talking instead of Andrew Luck.
@tech77jp- who gives a fuck if he sound weird doesint count for shit on the field!! BITCH!
Can't wait for this guy to come to the circle city! So excited!
@greenraider28 Lets see, your saying that about the guy that can run throgh D-line Linebackers and Safteys. I have never seen luck in Beast Mode? And....The majority of players in the NFL are black... Andrew Fuck < Marshawn Lynch.... And we wouldnt even give Marshawn to any other team.
andrew luck is more superior than marshawn lynch.. any team would rather take a great qb than a good rb...
@tech77jp haha as soon as i first heard his voice after that bowl game i was like whoa
@MrJerkaholic28 He won the Heisman because he had an incredible year, it doesn't mean he's better nor worse. If you look at the Heisman winning Qbs since 1990 none of them have panned out well in the NFL (Long term).
Like if your hopping on the bandwagon
i have seen luck in beast mode. and what does race have to do with this convo? you are making no sense with that statement. race does not matter, and jemarcus russel is black and he is a horrible qb, so if you are trying to say the best players in the nfl are black than someone is byist based on black people. Marshawn in a really good rb but not as valuable as a great #1 draft pick andrew luck. stop hating anyways, y are u on a andrew luck wid pratically tlkin shit.
So...RG3 not good enough for Nike? Heisman what?
No Andrew, you can rest assure that you will be picked first.
@iiRegulate605 I love how you're A) now resorting to insults and B) still desperately trying to find something to disagree with me about. I said "pretty much THE ONLY FLAW I can find." I'm PRAISING his skills as a QB, in case you couldn't tell (well, you obviously can't).
Andrew Luck, just another over hyped rookie QB
@MrNepatriotsfan12 I find it hard to believe you'd own a Colts jersey.
Jose, Andrew is wearing the Nike Lunar Vapor Trainer, which were released before the 2012 NFL season. What is your favorite shoe to workout in?
Andrew Luck is a great QB but all Im saying is Why did RG3 win the Heisman and not him
Luck is going to be epic..... Fortunately Reggie Wayne resigned so now he has a legitimate WR to throw to let alone the rest of the FA and the draft. Colts will also have ample cap room to keep building in the 2013 and 2014 seasons.
as a cal bears fan i have mad respect for this guy. hes gonna be soo good
@vansboi90277 He is in his own little way, but that's one 6"4 238 pound nerd who can run a 40 in a 4.6 with a 10 ft 4 inch broad jump and a 36 inch vertical. That's one so called nerd you do NOT want to mess with.
i think of this when i workout
@thegreatcoachtk heisman missed elway, manning. rg3 will be up there in 2 years w torretta, crouch, smith (osu). popularity contest. rg3 will be drinking cough medicine w jamarcus russell.
bitch you not dont have any adversity you bout to be the #1 pick in the draft
Screw Andrew luck. Yall go MARSHAWN LYNCH NIGGAS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^ Go Seahawks!
Pretty much the only flaw I can find with the guy is that his voice sounds a little goofy.
Andrew Luck is a nerd and damn proud of it ! ! !
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