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PT. 2: Affion Crockett Talks Education, Being Humble, & Making It In The Industry!

by SpokenReasonsTV • 98,303 views

PT. 2 Interview: Affion Crockett talks with SRTV about his Bachelors Degree, remaining humble, and making it in the industry! -

"Did he just say diggy diggy dada?!" LMBO
nigga got the throwback skully with the brim on
So for the longest time I was sure you had came to my job one time but I wasn't sure it was you at the same time. So this video just confirmed that yes, yes I have met you in person because I'm from Florida too! lol Smh...ahh if only I remembered because at that time I just recently subscribed to your channel so I wasn't sure lol
@dachill1 He Wants At Least 40 He Didn't Say He Wanted It All
checc My page for some chill music .. I aint shit tho
If yall havent learned from Spoken Reason's other videos then you need to learn it now: "BITCH HUMBLE YO'SELF"
You should just keep doing your thing on the Internet. Those famous people gotta sell out to the devil aka Illuminati!
Im affions friend on facebook!!! I added him like 3 yrs ago
Se, chad vvvv vcvvgcf¡!!!7777777,
Did he just say diggity diggity da da ? Lmfao!!!!!
What is the name of that song? Lmfao.. That went hard.. "Did he just say diggy diggy dada?!"
'they go right back home' hahahahahahahahaaaahahahahahahah
Everytime i see affion i remember "WHAT HAPPENED TO YO FURNITURE CUH?!" lol
You are actually something haha
Spoke, "You remember that I ain't shit..." (points to Affion) Affion, "He ain't shit." Spoke, "You're supposed to say yet." LMAO!
@tubatrumpboy86 lol hell yah, i was thinking the bout the same thing like wtf? that dont make nooooo sense
dont tell me affion backing down from this nigga, woulda slapped this dude
spoken reasons needs to move to cali so we can kick it :D
Do ya thing I love that he spoke on his degree and how it is valid to still get that education even though you know you are talented! Wonderful video
do you think spoken would really join those bastards?
6 comedians aint make it loll went back home and aint do it lololol
dude looks like ryan
Listen listen listen listen listen listen listen. Wild n out. lol
"i aint shit" "he aint shit." LOL damn
:'( affion cant count for shit :'(
this interview made me like affion as a person, like wow I didn't know he was such a well educated guy...
I kno dont let me get my hands on yo sexxi ass!!! Ima do more then just tie you up ;D
ctfu you suppose to say yet .... iiqht here we qo i aint shit yet, he still aint shit
Just Remember I ain't shyt... He ain't shyt... YET!
Check out my channel and let me know what you think.
He majored in business but skipped math class LOL!
Real Talk. On another note, why is this dude Affion able to pull off anybody's face??
Affion Crockett took us to church on life..gotta love that..
Lol thats whats up! Whats he said applies to so many things....that was real motivation....
Come check out my style channel people. I look up to timsbakery
lol not with that "Busta Rhymes" rap
thumbs up if spokenreasons brought you here.
Does anyone here want Spoken Reasons to do an interview of Talib Kweli?
Did he just say " DiggA DIGGA DADA ?"
hahah that nigga still cold as hell(trembling and shit)
he might keep saying that, he aint shit he but while he does that on every video, he meets any celebs that he wanna meet, Keep on rockin' Bruh!
Lol Spoken Reasons look hella short next to Affion
Put this on his channel for real.... blow up like bakin soda in pyrex
He better not change and get that hollywood humor, I like SpokenReasons the way he is, he lucky I don't tie him up and put him in my closet lol
did he just say diga diga da da LOL
Two of the same comments are the top comments? We have to do something about this.
Check out Young Fresh ft. SKEE - New Single 2012 Trying to get to know you gurl (Fettyville ent)
For all ya'll who don't understand he said $5 hes at goina atleast get 40 more which equals 45 it may not be the whole $50 but it's more than $5 idiots!
is this dude a Multi-Millionaire yet? that's when you've "Made It"....his talent is evident, where's the Money at?? Fame aint shit unless it equates to loads of money in that business...
Affion graduated from Fayetteville State and so did I!!!!!!!
@alexakawaveup Never! (Chris Smooth Laugh HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
"&& remember I ain't shit *points to affion* he ain't shit" lmao I'm loving these interviews! ;)
Not to sound like a hater or anything, but I like how they never mentioned his show being cancel after six episodes....Fox be cold.
@FreestyleEntOnline Yes it is . if you click on it i believe it says it in the url
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