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8 Min Home Abs Workout (Level 1, No Music)

by Passion4Profession • 2,319,890 views workout: 8 Min Home Abs Workout, how to get six pack (with no music). You can add any soundtrack you like most yourself. The workout has been designed to train the...

Are these six pack videos exactly the same for women or do you have another set of videos for women?
What is the schedule for these? how do i know when to progress from lvl 1 to level i supposed to do lvl 1 on monday and then ea day progress until i hit lvl 5 on friday....or am i supposed to do lvl 1 for a week and then progress ea week? wat is the schedule
58 and in ok shape. going to do this every day, and might show the results
Do it right so you cant call it neck execise LOl
Did level one, nearly ,couldn't do the last one, will persevere , six pack by Christmas!
how many times a week I should do this?
Can I oftener to do this abs ?
Frankly, I hate the last two exercises. Signed, my neck.
my fucking neck is killing now
focus on your abs dnt focus on neck or you'll get a big fucking neck x'D
Why does my neck hurt when I do this? 
this is 8 mins NECK workout, not abs.
+GaDGe T  I suggest you to go back to school.
ya, agree.. this is 8 mins of neck workout ;p 
could you get the app on pc??
AOG'dan gelenler ?
Yeah! this is good!
AOG'tan geldik Selamun Aleyküm
I went through the whole workout and probably did 30 seconds worth of exercising.
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When I do this workout I only feel it in my lower back . , why is this??
sunil v m Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Would it work If I did it 14 times I'm two weeks instead of 14 times In 4 weeks
it's not good for your muscles 
Charles Lyons Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
If you're getting lower back and neck pain it could be because you don't focus on your abdominal muscles when performing the exercises, this will mean you won't be doing the exercises properly and you'll be relying more on momentum than your abdominal muscles, just try to keep your stomach tensed throughout and it should help :)
o my leg and head hurts doing this
i have lower back pain should i do this exercises?
Do less for now, and slowly add up to it. It's like riding a bike - butt does hurt for couple days, but it gets better.
love it no music just work out all concentration on workout and workout only!!
Thanks Bro I Will Try,  hope result best six Pack :)
Без музыки хуйня
Is this also helpful for fat people??
guys. i'm doing this 4-8 times a day u get more results do like me and u get sooner abs.
Is it possible to use this program daily or must give comfort ?                                 Please answer
The 1st time I did this I actually saw results so yeah these work!!
best abs exercise l can feel my abs already check this and make this your daily thing i'm sure your gonna get some nice and hard abs for the girls ;)
Thank you for this version without music We Muslims should not hear the musical in our religion
Omg people like u are just ruining islam , u just make it more complicated than it is , and i live in a muslim country , and i was brought up with al azhar baground , and i have never ever heard that listening to music is haram
The whole time it just sounds like they are two people having a fight person1: 1 person2: 2!!!!! And the third guy is just shouting out random numbers
Am I going to see better results if I do this every day or is it more effective every second day?
I would only do this every second day. You will see better results!
Too much gravity to do the last one....
hi how to download this video? tnx
Hi! You can download our app from iTunes or Play Store. Here are the links: iTunes: Play Store:  
I can't do the last one D=
Why does my neck hurt when I do this? Any tips? :)
Emilia, you need to warm up more so that the neck muscles and bones can be losen up
Im ok jeeeee..why are u people hurt at neck?
if your body fat isnt low you will never be able to see your abs crunches and sit ups only strengthen your abs diet and cardio is what makes them visible
Why is the pace on youtube so much faster then the app?!
Οne, two,Οne, twoΟne, twoΟne, two
how many reps do you do? only 1?
Do you guys feel pain in the back of your neck after this workout? I started doing it just few weeks ago, and I feel pain in my neck. Is this because I'm doing it wrong or smth?
thats good, well done ^^
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I completely doubted this workout, however is was perfectly intense and my abs were on fire good home workout, great after a sprints
how many days u need when the belly muscles start becomes visible?
I'm 13 and I'm getting a abs alrady but then I gain back weight when I go 2 McDonald's -.-
dont go to fucking mcdonalds then or make sure you fitness the day you do
This Excercise To Six Pack How Many Day ?
Must follow a proper diet.....
This kills but it awesome lol
Das ist dich nicht für Anfänger
Do I have to do this everyday???
This ab routine really works, but u my follow a proper diet, cardio and weight training!
would it help doing it everyday instead of every second?
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Srini Vasan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Exersise for abs...
Nektarios Lazarakis Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
how long you have to do this till level 2
Normally they say you do level 1 for one month. However, I would think that you do level one till you are very comfortable doing the exercise and without  any extra effort is required . Once you are comfortable with the exercises of this level then you can move to level 2. This is just my personal opinion.
Olivia Wolfe Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I've added this to my 30 Day challenge :)
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probably just a week of level 1, twice a day. then next week level 2 and level 1, the next week level 3 and level 2 and the week after the full 30 minute work out
results after 3-4 weeks.. every day workout, healthy eat und lift with ur abs, not ur neck or shouldesrs
If your neck hurts its because your using your neck to pull up instead of your shoulders ._.
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The back of my neck hurts i dont feel nothing at my stomach im foing it wrong i think? I dunno wtf
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Hey this series of workouts needs to be put onto an Android app with option for music from your own device!! Thank you!!
In a couple of weeks MJoestaar u got to be patient
I'm 13 should I be doing this?
I want to know, if I do these workouts, will they bring results?, and I heard that many people after doing these workouts their neck and back hurted, is it ok? And I want to know how often shall I do these workouts a day..thanx...need your answer.
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