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Wonderful World of Weave ❤

by Nicole Guerriero • 314,343 views

EVERYTHiNG you want to know is right here... Hair Extensions 1O1 Video: -I prefer clip-in's because they are non damaging to my hair. I have glued in my...

Lol the cat just killed me :p " pay attention to me mom"
If it's clip in... It's not a weave. Lol
Omg! I'm on love with the cat! He is so adorable. Thanks for letting him be in the video. Lol 🐱
Do you put any products in your hair to protect them from getting damaged like, straightening them and curling them?
I would like to see an updated version! (:
She buys all of her bellami hair herself. She says it in every video about her extentions.
She buys all of her bellami hair herself. She says it in every video about her extentions.
Have you tried zala hair extensions or luxury for princess ?
The zala ones are awful, don't waste your money.
I love how people are still trying to enter the giveaway...honey it's 2014, this video was put up in 2012 -_-
Hey guys the giveaway has been over for like 2 years.
Super informative and Absolutely CUTEST kitty ever!
I want these hair extensions because I just beat cancer and my hair is finally coming back in and I want it beautiful like yours.
I've always wanted hair extensions but I could never afford them, I love having long hair but my hair is so thin it constantly breaks and I can never grow it to the length I want. I would be so grateful to get blonde extensions from you and my birthday is may 11th and it would honestly just make my birthday if I win.
I would love to enter your give away because I myself have tryed many hair extensions I love them I wore them my hole life yes I do hate some brands sometimes because they are expensive & don't last very long all the time . I would love to try these and see how I like them and go on and keep buying from them if so :)
lmaoooo. hangs out with all it's weave friends.
I've wanted hair extensions for the longest time. My hair is really thin and almost never holds style. No matter how much heat or prep my hair will not hold it. I've seen all your videos and your hair is always so so amazing. I want kick ass hair like that! I've learned so much from your videos that have been so helpful. Anyway, you're amazing and so is your hair :)
l lik them 😍😍😍
i went into a swimming pool with my hair extensions in. i wouldn't recommend it, it was up in a messy bun, and i had to pull it as a clump out of my hair, didn't un-knot. :( lessons learned xox
My hair was down and my extensions.. I'm lucky to have gotten my real hair out of the dread knot...swimming is not kind to extensions haha
Your so funny and pretty! thankyou for this review on extensions, can you do one on Foxy Locks & Bellami? Jw :)
I agree with Kari Serrano(: do an update on your Wonderful World Of Weave <<<3
Great video!!! It would be nice to out these hair extensions. We must stay 24/7 looking glamorous & fabulous:))♥
I just want them and if they're free why not lol honest truth
Don't Buy from Celebrity Strands! I will never buy from  Celebrity Strands AGAIN Don't make the same Mistake I DID!. I thought this Company was REPUTABLE. I bought extensions here and they were thin and when I took off the gold ties the hair was gone in chunks. You could see a line that the hair was just frayed. When I addressed Celebrity Strands, they refused to do anything. The extensions  must have been tied for an EXTENDED time. They totally refused to fix the problem. I have pictures and everything. Now I am out over $100.00. DON"T buy YOUR  HAIR from Celebrity Strands!
literally pmsl at your cat :')
Hey Beautiful!  I know this vid is old and I'm hoping you are still replying to the messages...fingers crossed:-)  Sooo, my question is...How do you go about cutting them (if you actually ever) to blend them with your natural hair?  I feel that mine weigh my hair down a bit and was thinking of taking them to my hairdresser, but then i didn't want her messing with cutting into my own hair (she be scissor happy).  Could they be too long?  I really don't want to screw them up, they cost me over $140 and that's a lot of dough for some clip ons:-/  Please advise, I take any suggestions...smooches:-*
I really want them because my hair really thin and I can't style it
do not order from dolce vitta their consumer service is TERRIBLE 
I would really want the extentions cuz I been really trying to get a pair but money is tight I have 3 praise of a hamy down yet I would like to have my own I am would be so grateful to you I watch all yuhr videos and like them all
the give away is over , y is everyone still saying y they deserve it ?
Do you put heat protectant on your extensions before you style them?
FINALLY an informative video about hair extensions! Not just someone putting them in and saying how much they love them <3
Hi Nicole, I love your videos! I have a daughter named Nicole, she like you is gorgeous. I am a lil older... but grandma's like to be pretty too. I have let my hair grow to about 18-20 inches, because it is very thin. I would love to have extensions that would solve my problem. I have medium brown colored hair. thanks for considering me. I love all things makeup and beauty so keep those videos going. love ya, Sharon
I would really want the hair extensions because my hair is very thin and would really,really like to add volume to my hair and personality :D
i ordered from dolce vitta and they never showed up i had to contact paypal and they had to get my money back .. i wasn't happy with them at all!
You should order from Los angeles
I have an orange kitty named louie too (: how cutee
WHEEEEEW! ... Do I have your attention? Good lol Love your videos. They've helped me with a lot of my beauty needs. I'm actually working with natural hair and wanna stay away from glue and fusion so hair extension clip ins are ideal for me. I would love to use them for my first ever hair extensions!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ! Choose me!!!!! P.S. love the hair color.
did you like your headkandy hair?
I love you and your videos!! I have always had long hair until I had my kids and I chopped it off :[ I am getting married in April and I would love to look like "myself" on our special day and forever in my wedding photos! Please consider me!! Thank you :]
So how long is your natural hair now, Nicole?
hehe your kitty is so cute & its funny how you were like "ima kick your ass" lol
I've decided to purchase hair extensions & all you're videos have been such a great help. I'm torn btwn SKR & Hello Gorgeous bcz they both offer 16" hair which is the only length I am interested in buying. What's holding me back from purchasing hello gorgeous is the price. The ! thing holding me back from SKR are the fact that you & other reviews have complained about the types of clips they used. I like Luxy also but 20" is a lot longer than i wanted. Which is your favorite out of the three?
In her most recent video "Favorite Beauty Products of 2012 - Part 2", she said that her favorite extensions were HelloGorgeous Ombre Extensions (most expensive and take the longest on shipping), SKR Hair (average price), and Sally's Beauty Supply - Euronext 18inch (cheapest and easiest to buy if you are in the USA). :) &just my personal experience, I just ordered my first ever pair of clip in extensions from Love Your Locks, and they are AMAZING. (fast/free shipping, average price). :)
Hey! First off, I love your video, it was just recommended to me today & was very helpful, thank you! I def subscribed. Now the hair contest. I would love to be a winner because, I'm new to the weave game, but the local beauty supply store hair isn't very good here, I think they're mixing that fake stuff with the real hair. I'm starting my hair growth journey, so clip ins are the best option for me. I would be so happy if I won! My weave is dry & tired. Life is sad without my weave! Thank you.
Lmfao Louie is soo cute awhhh the look u give him @ 5:41 is hilarious !!! that's the look you'll give your kids when their doing something they r not suppose to do lol
the HelloGorgeous hair for 189 is now for 299.99 do you have a personal coupon or did you get them when they were on sale ? i fell in love with the, trying to order them now so i could have them before my birthday in Feb.. please get back too me asap thank you!!
I love your videos and I love that you wear hair extensions everyday like me! Loved this video but I recently bough Luxy hair extensions and they are by far the worst extensions that I've purchased and were a waste of my money :-( I can't touch them because they would mat and I would end yo pulling about 50 strands a day. They also fall out a lot to the point where I round be embarrassed because there would be hair strands everywhere
I want hair extensions for length, but also for thickness. Also, I'm on a budget. Can't go higher then 150.00 . Any suggestions?
Nicole!! I need some weave!!!! I just had twins 5 months ago and my hair is thinner from postpartum hair loss and I'm trying to get my groove back as a young hot mom not feel frumpy and gross from childbirth!!! Plus I just did the dark/bright red and need some length now!! Help me feel normal again!!! :)
Love al youre videos of hair i have mi collection of hair extensions alsoo3
My SkR get tangled a lot. Any advice on how to keep them from tangling?
If you have short hair can you wear extensions?
Have you tried headKandy extensions? I have short hair and only want like a 12-14 inch lenght and they are the only ones i can find!
The cat! omg i wanna squeezeeeeee. so cute
I have VERY thick hair, which brand of extensions do you recommend?
I need help, im about to buy hair extensions (first ones ever) and i cant decide between luxy or dolce vitta! ... i feel like the dolce vitta is very thin compered to luxy. HELP!!!!!!
I literally can't live without extensions, I wear them almost every day (unless I put my hair up), but I've been looking around & came across so many different brands, but I'm still a bit iffy about buying new extensions. I'd love to win a set! I love how hair extensions make me feel, my hair isn't too short but it's too long and extensions just make me feel so much better about my hair, so I would definitely not let the extensions go to waste!
Hi, I'm Elise.. When I was a junior in highschool I got a perm that ruined and burned my hair. I had beautiful long silky red hair and I had to chop it all off. I was devastated. Anywho, my hair only grows about 4 inches a year and I have a pair of Luxy hair extensions but they're kind of old. I don't have the money to buy new ones because I'm a broke theatre major.. Anyway, consider me for the extensions.. :) thanks.
This is fantastic!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I found this to be very helpful!
you should try mirco loop method with i-tip extension, no glue involved but same effect as regular fusions.
Great video definitely wanna get some
Oops didn't finish! I ruined my hair last year coloring it. I also have always wanted longer or different style but could not afford. Please put me in your drawing, thanks
I would love to win the hair extensions because honest, I HATE my hair. It's so flat, thin and string. My natural hair also gets damaged very easily. These would make me so much more confident, and would actually help me to love my hair. Thank you for this opportunity!
I want one cause I cut my hair years ago and it's still short but I'm new to this but really want to get it but do not have the money to do so, so please pick me please thank you and love love your videos
Hello there, have you heard of "hairator"? Just just search Google. There I have discovered a revolutionary and painfree hair removal treatment that involves no shaving, waxing or other old methods. In fact, this particular method has even been featured in Time Magazine. This made it easier for Cindy to have lasting touchable skin. It may work for you as well.
thanks for answering so many questions. love ya girl xo
@climbupx thanks :)))) p.s. did u have a promo code for the love your locks?
I want the extensions bc I recently dyed my hair so my last extensions dont match anf they were from sallys and old anyways, I use to wear them all the time and now I can't wear any and I dont feel as pretty anymore bc im back to my thin hair:(
I would love to win, I would like to have longer hair & look beautiful for my man thanks...
Check out my review on Sallys Euronext Extensions and HeadKandy extensions!! Please subscribe to my channel! :)
"Im gonna kick your ass" lmao cuute
NICOLE!!!!!!!!! I <3 YOU! YOUR SO AWESOME! You said to leave questions and my question is does your cat (orange) ever play with your weave like its yarn?
I watch this video multiple times! Love your silly personality; which makes it fun to watch! I'm a mother of three and about 2 years ago for Mother's Day ago I decided to treat myself with a Japanese Digital Perm (of course I research and though about it for a long time, this when I didn't know how to curl my hair) and Girl! They had to perm it twice in one week! My hair is freakin damage!! I am now researching now, for clips in to cover mistake and volume.This is why I would love some weave! <3
Oops got excited there. Pressed enter before I was done commenting. Anyway I want to win some hair ! I'm getting married this summer and would like to finally have beautiful hair! I want long hair. I cut my hair off 5 years ago. (Traditional reasons) and it hasn't grown back please pick me :)
Hey there! Just watched and thanks it was super informative! I myself am a weave addict and I research anything I put on my head to death. I would love to win a set of the Dolce Vitta extensions. I usually rotate between 2 or 3 weaves and I have a set now that I ombre'd myself. I haven't been working so I only have that set and I got stuck with a King hair set that shrunk. What a waste of money! I start as manager of my local Forever 21 and I would love to rock a new weave for my dream job!
I want hair extensions because my hair is super damaged from bleaching it so I had to cut it off and it just looks horrible
Hi i really would like some hair extensions my hair fell out and it finally came out but it taking a long time to grow long i always had long hair so this would be nice way to try them
<~~ pick me pullllleeeezzzz I'm a stay at home mommy of 2 little girls & God knows I need to be beautified
can you try out the minihouse8888 extensions ? ^.^
Nicole, I have semi-thick hair, I lost a lot of my hair because I went to get it chemically straightened. The woman that did my hair used a chemical much stronger than needed. I wasted a ton of money, and damaged my hair to the point it has not been growing as fast as I wish it could. Literally cut most of my hair, and it has only grew a little past shoulder in length after the cut over 2 years ago. I became really insecure, I want to feel beautiful again. I hope you could help me, xoxo
I wear clip in's too. I wear the headkandy extesions and extension sale.They both are remy hair. I washed my once and they turn out well..Should we wash the clip in's or not? I dont want to mess my clip in ups.Love watching ur channel
Hey! Have you given away the hair extensions yet? I wish I saw this video before I spent 300$ on what I thought was the best hair around, unfortunetly when I received them I was so upset, they were not thick enough. I wish I knew what grams meant before purchasing aka SEEN THIS VIDEO :)
I love your bracelet in this video!! Where is it from if you remember?
Nicole do you still recommend HeadKandy? (Dirty Looks)
Omg girl my hair is a disaster. I need me some extensions, i'm too broke to get some though, my money go to my baby. My hair is soooo sooo sooo thin i can't do nothing to it. I dream to have some thick hair, girls tell me no i don't but oh yeeeesss i do!!! I never thought weave would be good for me but after time i think it's definitely the way to go for me.This video really makes me wanna get weave. lol :) well get back at me. Love yaaa. Ps - you're cat is adorable. I want a cat... lol
I meant butt * lol stupid auto correct
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