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10 THINGS THAT SUCK by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 642,571 views

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When you shit and the water splashes onto your ass
white invite me on a psn please man itz Chimeran Angel
The cookie one was the fucking shit!
i laughed my ass off when it showed twilight haha
break the cookie in half you faggot
thats when i break the cookie in half,dip that half,then dip the other.
it doesnt matter what you suck at JABRONI!!!
I dropped my NOOK Color on my face once. That really hurts. Cookie problem: You can break the cookie in half, so it fits AND lasts longer! YAY!
0:24 where did you get the mask????????????
too bad you stopped smoking that mask makes a great pipe
i noticed kelly wasn't on the list, poor whiteboy. at least she gives you handjobs.
I want a gas mask for when I'm shifting
i feel sorry for you that you got hated on. i know you didnt intend to be a troll. you were just saying what he said in the video!
/watch?v=Y_kJsOV1geA Hey guys,check out our new channel... A lot of Moabs and highscore gameplays. Leave a like if you enjoy^^
holy crap peole, we have a stalker here. bro, leave me alone. stop acting cool and get on with you're stalker life.
the troll mask is pretty fucked up...
No he isn't you're just a retarded fanboy that's been brainwashed into thinking his shit is good.
what sucked about the swimming pool
I really agree on the 1st and 3rd one.
Hey.. Hey... Hey.... YOU MAD CUZ HES COOLER THAN YOU'RE FAGGOT ASS BIOTCH... Go Fuck Yourself ;)
Right when i saw this coment i just had to dislike it ...
make another video like this !
He loves call of duty why do you think he would put it on the top ten things that suck?
10 tuings that dont suck: you, your video's, you vs KPopp, your cats, highschool story's, the walking dead, Slender,this video, Minecraft, top 3 fails of the week. And this is all of your video's ( True Story)
i hate wen i drop my phone on my face lol
lol! phone fallign on top of face happens to me all the time lol
he's just using a quote from at the end of the video, he just forgot the quotation marks?
So you're just going to hate on anybody who happens to like ANYTHING you don't like,even when it's completley unrelated to the subject. Also, since you reffered to someone as retarded who was doing the same thing, its basicly the same as calling yourself retarded.
for the toilet one i just squeeze my butt cheeks together and walk to get it?
Im Good with one Hand Wanna see? HAHAHAHA
If you scoop out the insides it works pretty nice. :)
I actually laugh on the cookie tin fit into the glass of milk.
I'm sorry, but I kinda want to get some feedback and until this one guy puts me in his sub box, that's not gonna happen without...advertising. If you could take a look at my videos (I only have two) and give some feedback, that'd be much appreciated.
Whiteboy don't you know you need first class
If you're going to say something bad about us Americans* then atleast be able to spell Americans correctly.
i thought kelly was gonna knock the cookie out of his hand right when he was about to put it in the mikl
Not only eclipse dude, ALL THE TWILIGHT MOVIES SUCK!!!!
Where can i get one of those troll face masks ?
has anyone ever dropped a DS on there face cause it hurts like a bitch
10 things that suck.... this video hahahahahahahaha....fuck you lol.
how come the maker of this list isn't on it, he plays x-box,
no shit sherlock he is doing an act god your are stupid
i really hope he didnt buy a plane ticket just to film a 10 second clip
impressive, obvious and old troll, sill successful
Wtf? This vid was posted 43 years ago!!!!! Fuck youtube mobile
Right when I saw this comment, I knew an adventure would unfold.
I got a heavy cell phone that hurts like a bitch
Both C: cuz i have a cat too,and id like to troll sometimes :D
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