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Draw My Thing - w/Nova & Creatures Ep.1

by UberHaxorNova • 1,764,699 views

What an amazing game. The picture may be a bit hard to see cause my monitor resolution is bigger than what i recorded at. Since my...

                                 🌏🌏🌏🌏                        🌏🌏🌏🌏                                   🌏🌏🌏🌏                        🌏🌏🌏🌏                                   🌏💮💮🌏                         🌏💮💮🌏                                                                          🌏💮💮🌏                          🌏💮💮🌏                                      🌏💮💮🌏                           🌏💮💮🌏                                    🌏🌏🌏🌏                            🌏🌏🌏🌏                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             🍞                                                                                                                                                      🍞🍞🍞                                                                                                                                                 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞                                                                                                                                             🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞                       🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑                               🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞                                                                                 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬                                  ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕                                                                                   🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬                                                                                                                   🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬                                                                                       🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬                                                                                         🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬                                                                                             🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬                                 
2 ex creatures in one video :(
+Tuxedodude 23 Watch CTT 100 for the joke. And yes. Sly is not among the ranks ;_;
Sly's profile pic of Rebecca instantly made me spill my drink and laugh and then have seizure on the floor while a T-Rex dances next to me on a magical dance floor as Tupac gets resurrected. 
Your profile picture is my expression right now.
omgpop used to be great but zynga FUCKING SAID NO!
Humpy Dumpy sounds like the name of a really bad boyfriend
ive  seen this video a lot of times, and I still lose it at unzip
Came here because of the Creatures Play in 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE UNZIP ONE OMG SUCH A CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus feels like yesterday i watched this :/
Aww man coming back to this, wish they played this with the original crew again, old creatures > new creatures.
I realize now he sounds like he had braces...also this brings back good memories :3
If your here because of memories... Your among friends 😂
you said humpy dumpy lol not humpty dumpy lol
I remember when junk, gassy, and chilled were still creatures
i hope they just keep adding people and the creatures name lives on but with different people
Still can't get over unzip :v
Mad over a pony? Typical :O
The one that started it all.
I am the last person to comment on this vid.
is it just me or does junkyard sound like joe...
What if Joe is junkyard?!
Why did they stop playing with junkyard
+Thomas Nguyen You're wrong on Junkyard saying something rude to Kootra. Junkyard chose to step down cause all of the other Creatures are young and wanted to started a business channel and plus he said he has a family and Kootra acknowledged it. 
Kootra was a total BITCH in this one.
Kootra's always a total bitch imo.
I CANT believe that this was uploaded in 2011, i remember it like it was fucking yesterday!! 
I tryed playing this today. I got the word SHREK SHREK IS LOVE, SHREK IS LIFE
Can someone tell me how to change my profile picture on draw my thing?
3 years already... Wow.
This is more like a spelling test as well as a drawing game. 
I got them   and I was not  playing this with  u  nova lol
how do you type nova
nova i want to play draw my thing with you but do you no i am 7 years old but it wot let me in FUCKING GAME./ RAYNA FLOWERS
RIP in pece, SlyFocks
13:48 Shrek is love, Shrek is life
l love your videos ! Does anyone maybe know which microfoons are good for recording? like if you wanna chat talk while playing a game? like in here.
back in the day when they sounded like stoners
i love how nova at this time doesnt know the two people he now always plays with: Aleks (immortalhd) and goldenblackhawk/tom anex/mystical sapling (kevin). the friends he always plays with now he didnt know then
2:31 and 17:02 cracked me up lol i remember watching this in 2011
21:26 he said novel and no-one noticed
yay got a new profile pic :D
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DA NOSTALGIA T-T
pleacs nova HLEP ME srehedtcgltky7fhvgbkne5rstdfjvrbe55ryjgggghjymudt66uy s5iy,5ktmh vbhedcwrhedpickyvve  bhardy723essbjgfuibhkiwfauywrduyhjsdfvy7sudbvdjiind
wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cyinggggggggggggggggggggggyv.wVKSJ K
ouch my throat.. it hurts.. xD
I was laughing so hard when he was at the unzip part. XD
It looks more like somebody touching themselves though :P
I love going and watching these all over again =)
the Ostrich was hiding from the disgusting Camel xD
does anyone else think nova should do a "Draw my life"?
LOL he put humpty dumpy XD
Omg there are hints but no one cares....
24:25 ostriches dont put their heads into the ground, emus do
+Troy Peltonovich Actually emus run in a big circle when they're scared. And to ajaja, ostriches DO stick their head in the ground, but it's kind of a last resort kind of thing, and it's not as stupid as you think troy, it's a form of camouflage because they also ruffle up their feathers so predators mistake them for bushes.
how are you play multiplayer
That's impossible, the screen would be blank.
Apply ice to burnt area.
I miss the old days when OMGPOP was not replaced by friggin ZYNGA
oh my god, nova sucks at this.
I told you it was a plum
Unzip one was the best part.
shrek is love shrek is life
I think I head Hoardan say bitch after the Easter bunny guess
Humpy Dumpy Had A Great Fall And Shit His Pants. 
Because of The Dump in His Name
Is there a pokémon version for this game? Like you need to draw a pokémon, instead of a random thing, and the others have to guess which pokémon is that.
lol the unzip i heard of this one 
I honestly thought for a split second that Kootra was drawing WALUIGI'S BRIDAL BOUTIQUE. Don't ask.
Pointing Down = South
Why is the site gone :((
"Mosiquiot" good spelling of mosquito junk, nice job
I remember watching this back when it first came out
I was eating cereal when I watched this... I look down and look back up to see Santa Clause at 6:45 and I sprayed milk all over my laptop.
James' wheezing always makes me laugh my ass off. XD
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