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Heroic Teen's Wildfire Rescue!

by SourceFed • 282,797 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: Colorado teen's amazing heroics during a blazing inferno. Our Sources: Go to for our 5...

Follow him on instagram @swimlifejd he's one of my best friends, and he deserves some attention
add team america police theme song here! :D 
JD good job ill tell u a story i found dis one guy stubbed i was like 0.o soo i took my jumper off and put prusher on wound i was with my mates i told my friend serah to calm him down while Jossiph call 999 He is now better and friend to meh <D                                                    True storu <3
Daniel Shrigley Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
This kid is Legendary!
JD is freaking awesome. To be honest, I could probably never do what he did. He's just amazing. Most heroic thing that I've ever done is catch my friends phone before it hit the ground X3
Dude you're sweet the world needs more men like you!! Rock on, young man. Rock on.
Set the scene: a beautiful Colorado day when smoke billowed into the Colorado sky, he sprang into Colorado action! Why's Elliott so hot for Colorado?
This makes Rambo sound like a fag.
this was really heroic of J.D but Elliot and Joe made a How I Met Your Mother reference. just saying.
The kids skin was bubbling from the heat but the said no to treatment to look for more people in the remaining houses, dont downplay his actions.
0:57 at first i thought it was a little fart
I just got back from a certain place that just loves making me bend over and fucking me like it's bitch. But you know what, after watching this, it just made my day go way better.
My uncle had to evacuate his home in colorado.
I helped a lady from a house fire once and got a lot of unnecessary recognition. It's nice to know that this is kid is getting the recognition he deserves.
is JD mormon? sounds like a mormon thing to do.
Ya Major bad ass! I really can not say i have ever done something that heroic!
saved my cat from a burning house :D
This is pretty badass. If I were in his situation, I woulda acted the little bitch and have been all, "I'm not going in there! hurts, man."
I've saved my sister from drowning twice.
He did save that one elderly lady. She probably would have kept trying to fight the fire, then have gotten caught in the flames.
I know its over but well done kid As a fire country, Australia wish's the best possible outcome for all those who've been directly effected from this RIP for those who've past & u two guys r dicks
Most heroic thing ive ever done was... I SAVED... myself from falling down stairs
its not very heroic but a couple years ago i drug my little brother out of a pool when he snuck off to swim and went to the over 6 foot part(he was only 5 at the time)
Totally heroic. So many times injustice happens, and I just hoped someone would speak up. I was in a crowded subway once, and this guy just pushes to the front of the line. I spoke up, and no one backed me up, and I was sad. True story.
This is a person that will grow up and have a great family, this is a man who drove into a fire gauntlet, scorched his arm, probably saved two peoples lives, left a small, lightweight vehicle for rescue use, AND made his dad go without having to cross the fire and smoke. If everybody in the world was like this, crime would be a word only used in history books.
Goddamn the world needs more people like him. Ive heard stories of eagle scouts but nothing as amazing as this this kid desveres a medal of bravery or something
to each their own dude, just in my opinion i don't think that endangering yourself without accomplishing really anything is heroic. but as i said, your opinion is your opinion, and that's fine :)
@STRIKER520 I wasn't trying to seem cool. They asked what was the most heroic thing I've ever done and that's what it was, so that's why I put that.
Most heroic thing I've ever done was help this girl at college turn her car alarm off by hitting the valet switch. Her fob wasn't working so it set the alarm off. I've done it before so I figured I should help. xD
I tried to tell myself i would have done the same thing but i guess he thinks farther ahead and quicker than me.
i pushed my sis out of the way of a drunk driver and saved her life like a boss :)
Just then, everyone stopped caring for poor JD. Cangriman0101's joke was just so incredible that they all collapsed to the floor laughing hysterically. Cangriman0101 looked around him as everyone teared up and began applauding him. He knew he'd done good.
I saved a kid, last Cinco de Mayo when I was like 14. He was around 2 and he was walking in the middle of the street and I ran to go get him.
I saved my best friend from plummeting down concrete bleachers
took a cops gun out if his holster, and shot the criminal that he wouldnt of.
I guess you don't live in New Jersey (the nice part, not the shitty part you see on tv) because the stupid deer are rather ubiquitous and cause car crashes, and are constantly in the way of everything. Fawns on the other hand are quite adorable.
Well done! I was always corrected by misspelling "spelled" as "spelt" when I was in grade school, but I was never told that it's the British spelling. Thank you for telling me, if people were more accepting of people correcting them, I think we'd be a smarter society. :D
either blow up or die in fire doing nothing, take your pick
I was in an explosion with my friend. Then we tried to fight the fire but it was spreading and outta control
Colorado is fucking awesome. :D
JD = AWESOME. What have I done? >_>; Nothing ;-;
Wow, this young man is a true hero. I hope the publicity doesn't negatively affect him and he remains the well-rounded person who it seems he is.
You guys nailed it, JD's actions were legendary. I want to see this kid get the Presidential Citizen's Medal. It would look really sharp on the freshman football jersey!
He made sure his neighbors were ok, then got trapped in the fire, it's not like he literally drove through the fire to save people and didn't. He was trapped by the fire, and had to either turn back or be trapped by fire. Turning back was probably the right choice.
Saved the world from Alduin. But in all seriousness this guy is amazing and is definitely a BAMF of this generation
So instead of the emergency crew rescuing the old lady they had to rescue a dumb hick?? Um yea retarded how did he actually rescue anyone?
i flew around the world so fast that i reversed time and stopped two missles from killing people
Damn man. That's shit you only see in action movies. He deserves awards for that.
i saved 2 little girls from drowning. they were both under 3 years old. it was two seperate occasions.
I caught my friend before she fell into a rock filled river.
All these people are saying in the comments: "oh im 8 and i saved the lives six school buses." theres a difference between helping someone and saving lives like jd
that was awesooooooooome ... there i said it
As correct as you are, there is not always time to consider these things. Sometimes you just have to take the risk and move into action. Calling his father would have taken time, time that could have meant life or death for some people. Finding a shirt, also takes time and would have possibly killed him when he went through the fire. He worked with what he had, and took risks he thought necessary. Those rules have their place, but should not always be followed.
That is so awesome that he knew not going thru the fire would mean his dad would to look for him. So it was him or his dad, and JD chose himself. Father-son love right there. Awesome.
wow lol this guy is like.. epic XD they make him soooo heroish X[) i love it
I have saved four peoples lives and im only 13
i saved a little girl from drowning one time... doesn't sound as cool as save people from an uncontrollable wildfire though haha
if this guy doesn't have have a girlfriend that is a crime to the universe
I saved a kitten tree and then the girls that were trying to get the kittens moments later I think that was fairly heroic
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