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by TICE123 • 84,805 views

what is the quickest over a mile formula one car, grand prix bike or a high speed powerboat ?

I didn't really expect the boat to lose..,...
Thing is, the bike would be almost road legal where as the F1 car wouldn't be allowed on the road at all so no contest really..
Mate un till u have sat on a bike and and struggled to keep the font wheel down cus of pure power. Then u can come back and tell me that bikes ar for girls I love bikes and cars but bike for me are such out of control beasts and takes a skilled person WITH MASIVE BALLS THE TAIM the thing so stick to ur four wheeled crap cars suck compared to bikes u lose so suck ur gear stick pussy!!!!!!!
Sri rangan # topical car wanker, bikes are for girls ? Says the ones who are seat belted to a chair surrounded by air bags and role cages and with a helmet and fire proofs!!!! Mann car lovers have a cheek the only thing that car keeping a biker to his seat is gravity! I would love to see ur face when ur being pulled down a strait siting on a 200hp monster that wants to rip ur arms out ur socket! Fagittttt
@TheARMAProductions that car you see on there have dirt tires can you imgine how fast will go on racing tires. on most tracks this suzuki wins(it will lose only in a very skinny track) and if you talking about grip sorry but the suzuki have AWD. is a rally car can be fitted to jump to. after the 4 wheel were invented 2 wheels are only for toys.
Haha exactly! :D put them in a lamborghini murcielago or diablo. Man those two take balls to tame!
@TheARMAProductions i love bikes
just too respond to the the comment about having a mucialago even that won't touch a sports bike in a straight line, your not a true petrol head till you have been on a big sports bike
If you gonna put a boat why not a jet, pretty that would win. Just by a couple of hundred miles an hour
Did this guy say they did a mile in 11sec?...FUCK!
so they're actually wondering if a multimillion dollar car will be able to beat a low 5 figure priced bike?? JOKES Go get a turbo charged nitro busa with extended swing arm please
@TheARMAProductions f1 win anyways
motoGP bike wouldve been closer to the F1
That bikes geared for a track!!! Not a straight line... Also why didnt they use a busa..because it would have won.. The boat a power boat not a race boat
Why not go like for like moto Gp bike against f1?
800hp formula 1 car .. ok so you expect a superbike to beat that ... get a 600hp prostreet busa !!!!!!
F1 car > every other racing machine
Regardless, the GT-R can carry 4 people, it has boot, it can be used in all seasons, is much safer and even in stock form it beats bikes around circuits. People who can afford to buy a GT-R can buy a fast bike, but they choose not to because of the reasons I mentioned. I've also thought about buying a bike, for what you pay, the performance is staggering, but the sacrifices are just not worth it.
Powerbike? fucking cock monkey
this is a pointless test, it is obvious that the f1 car will win
He ain't on a moto GP bike that's a BSB bike, not as quick. Bike has higher top speed but round a short circuit car wins
still a bike is much cheaper then that, and tune the bike and it aint that easy to beat and i said a kick in real life. so for people that dont have so much money even to buy a used gt-r cause u say like it costs nothing wel mate u still need 60.000 + euro and then tune it and maintain and pay al the tax for it. a supermoto bike NEW costs 20.000 i made my choice lol
@jman280292 fuck you, he knows more about racing then you ever will
Oigas los de Youtube por que los vídeos están teniendo errores a la mitad después de reproduce a que se debe eso ??
if its a f1 car thay should of raced a moto gp bike which has a good 70 b.h.p over a tuned road superbike this is pointless unfare test...
my god those guy's teeth are like something out of a horror movie for real. Reminds me of Barakka from Mortal Combat
@TDiGP or even a time attack evo
why so much hate to bikers. i love cars but also bikes. and if you like that have a kick in real life a bike is a better option. it give more hp/kg then almost any car, and it is much cheaper. if you want a road car that can beat a beast (legal) bike you need to buy something like a lambo. and if you dont like cars or if you dont like bikes. you dont have to hate on either of them just because they do like it. if you do there is something wrong in your head!
Honda would be big dick in f1 if they didn't blow up every race
@biohazard676 bike are slow juaaajajajajaa
Haha..true man, stupid bikers think they can catch up with cars with their two wheel shit..FAG BIKERS!!..and also think they have more balls than car enthusiasts, I bet if you keep those homos in a hypercar..they would run to their mom like a 9 yrs old girl(Actually,they ARE 9 yrs old girls[bikers]), cars are driven by guys with balls of steel..bikes are for lesbians!!they think tuning the bike will get faster,but forget even we can tune our cars..!!CARS WIN IN ALL ASPECTS,no bikers(homos) piz!.
and the honda was'nt even the best F1 car ever
Moto gp bike wouldnt stand a chance
Oh yeah my fault, Only those who can afford to have both.
The Moto GP bike is faster than a fomula one in a straight line.
Nice to finally see a stupid bike get its ass kicked by a car
@TheARMAProductions this 900 hp monster rally car can beat easily any bike. this car have to much grip bike+corners=not so fast /watch?v=G2y3OFf0ArU
You're shittin' me. Do you honestly think a 'Busa can out run an F1 car that's geared for high speed. Montaya's Williams hit 220mph at Indianapolis back in the day for christ sake.
So the car ran an 11 first pass and the bike a 13 in the 1/4? That's some of the slowest shit wtf.
@mulisharobbo fuck you, murray walker is a legend
I'm a biker and I have a car too. All bikers have cars but not all car drivers ride bikes. Bikes are more affordable and can give you more fun but cars are the real all season means of transportation. They are safer most of the time too.
the motor sure won the fastest launch but,f1 won it when it reached like 2nd or 3rd gear
LOL mOtogp is Faster Than Any Hayabusa!! Motogp IS Build For Speed And Acceleration
@TheARMAProductions very dangerous toys is your life man
pfff dude it just wont get through to you does it? offcourse if i could affort a GT-R i would buy it, but like 99% of the world i cant affort it so then i go after a bike with will give the same even more thrill then a GT car. yes it is less safe but the al dipends on how much you can controll yourself. and u think a GT-R can beat a bike with 175 HP (stock) that weights less then 200 KG? and u realy wana say u would buy a GT-R as a family car to go shopping? lol
Why wont they race a Bugatti against a Formula 1?
@TheARMAProductionsyou need big cojones to go that fast on a bike the air at that speed is like a wall. in strait line the bike can be as fast as a car with a good rider the problem is in the turns now look a fast street car /watch?v=ksxEwo7ySm4&NR=1
You have to wait 2 years to see a race of 2 seconds Great!
Dumb race! If your going to use an F1 car then use an F1 bike not a fucking road going production based bike that is basically the equivilant of a touring car
@TheARMAProductions i get mad when some peoples say that the superbike can lap faster than an f1 car thats crazy.
I want to shoot that old bastard at the beginning.
Yeah I'm in first BOOM! Never mind :(
@TheARMAProductions thas slow this is fast /watch?v=G2y3OFf0ArU
just to give u some stats, a supermoto bike has almost 1 hp for every KG lets say 1 hp for every 1.3/1.4 kg just to make it closer to the GT-R lol. a nissan GT-R weights around 1700 KG to make it easy i will even make it less so around 1500 KG it got 550 HP so that would be around 1 HP for each 3 KG. just to make clear that on the straight the bike will beat the shit out of a GT-R on a circuit though i would bet my money maybe on the GT-R but it wil be close. price gtr €120.000+ bike €20.000-+
@TheARMAProductions or crazy bikers who dont care about their life anyways in the tt the f1 wins. a rally car with 800 hp can win in that conditions better
I don't think this is pointless. you are right that the boat doesnt have any chance but f1 against the bike I wasnt 100% the f1 would win
I have seen only one gp bike vs F1 car video on youtube, they were same untill they approached the bend. But I have seen the data from megello race circuit F1 vs gp data logging. Cars enter the strait faster but at the end of the strait the bikes are faster, mostly due to the cars becoming so heavy at high speeds.
@emanuelis8 true but it was probably good PR & publicity for honda
'better hope you stop in time or you'll need your swimming trunks' SHUT UP YOU OLD FOOL
You don't need a Lambo to beat a bike. You can buy an used GT-R and spend a few thousand on tuning it and smoke just about anything on the street and the track.
Im tired of hearing about a stupid ugly busa.
fuck that F1 pulled so hard!
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