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Google Builds Giant Robo-Brain

by SourceFed • 223,832 views

Google hooked up a bunch of processors to make a big brain and guess what? It's learning... Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‬ Our Source:

How do we know that it knows what a cat is...
Neural networks designed similar to the brain will tend to generate certain high-level signal patterns that correlate to certain patterns. If it's able to recognize a cat, it will generate a pattern of neuron spikes that will be exclusive to just cats, or at least anything that it mistakes for a cat. If it learns to recognize a screwdriver, it will generate a different pattern that appears only when a screwdriver (or anything that it thinks is one) for a screwdriver. Remember though, this is only a few thousand neurons. The human cortex, the part of the brain responsible for intelligence and almost everything else we do that's more complex than instinct and the ability to keeping our body functioning, contains 19-24 Billion neurons, or around 1.4 million times larger than theirs. It's very unlikely that their software can learn much of anything more complex than what a simple object or animal (like a cat) looks like.
O well ...thanks lol... Not being sarcastic I actually understand
Skynet is born, nice knowing you humanity...
Wheres arnold when you need him....
I exspected him to say "porn", but I forgot he mentioned "YouTube videos". My exspectations are high.
It's what created Google+
somthing called EMP 2 win over the robots
It could never be 100% like a brain cause humans have free will and AI knowlegde depends on what your feed it if you feed AI a whole bunch of war stuff it will know wat war it but it won't act upon it.
I think they should install this brain at every McDonald's so they finally get my order right. this rate it will determine that Rebecca Black is the most awesome musician ever. We're fucked man. Game over.
what I get from this, is there are too many cat videos on youtube.
@trixy219107 you don't know that so you shouldn't say that
So basically it by watch interactions and images it would create concepts of the world around so would that lead to it very own language that may not be in the form of binary code then with that it could create reason and it would then have its own definitions of what is right and wrong?
what's the robobrain's name?SKYNET??
Bashing Lee Newton? The wrath of the internet is upon you, sir.
I think our future is looking gloom. AI is on it way.
Great... now you've made a youtube video about the supercomputer... If it watches videos like this it will gain a sense of "self" and might start becoming defensive when it realizes some people want to shut it down. Familiar much?
I wonder what percent the processing power of computer compared to the human brain it is. 4%? I'll stay between 0.5% and 4%. With computer power doubling every 18 months we won't have a 100% brain like computer by... 7 years at the soonest and 10 years at the latest.
It will start with defining a cat, and then humans, then human weaknesses, then human fears, and behaviors, then weapons, and the ability to replicate, the ability to build powerful devices, the ability to regenerate... and then, at the end of it all, it will "just be an AI that learned how to define a cat".
heh good thing it didn't watch my videos
It's not called "machine learning" it's called "deep learning" and is built on a layered information idea.
They should make a physical form of this AI, Im kindaf lonely -GLaDOS
Its very good computer but it is likely not as good as the brain. Essentially it could be just like a brain because in reality our brain is similar to a computer.
I can see why they chose cats :p
Thank you Google for dooming mankind
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Did google call the project "skynet"
this machine brain focused on caaaaattss!!!!!!
skynet vs zombie apocalypse...... who'd win?
The fact that the machine chose cat and not war is a very good sign.
I liek the subject of this video and was thinking about subbing but that blonde bitch is fuckling annoying
How long till the brain will get depressin because it realises that it can never have sex?
You're dog has a brain with 10s of billions of neurons and is LUDICROUSLY intelligent compared to 99.9% of things we know exist.
its just a machine...for now
00:05 seconds after defining what a "cat" was the computer decided it was a dog "kind of guy".
I hope the brain stayed away from youtube comments. And if the brain is reading this: DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS
I've been keeping up with your shows and the news ones are always great to watch. I think it should be more popular.
It's a machine that will someday be amazing enough to become android versions of the Vocaloids. And then the world will finally have good music icons in countries other than Japan!
I for one welcome our new cat robot overlords.
I was hoping it and I would be compatible ... But I didn't like it's smell
Let me guess, the program’s name is “SKY-NET” !
HUH..soo youtube is full of cat... imaging google. make it learn about the internet full of P0Rn
It recognises patterns. That means it's programmed to recognise patterns. That's pretty clever, I guess...
Steve ill go surf mars with you. hell ya bra
Robo no take over. They cant if we are smart enough to program 3 laws into them, the 3 laws of robotics created by Issac Asimov, So, no...I think people who are afraid of robots taking over are just ignorant and don't understand science. Robot invasion is JUST as stupid as the 2012 Conspiracy.
this is the beginning of the end, this is cognative thought, now all it has to do is learn of awarness of itself, and now you have a conscious computer... we are not as special as we think...
well its just a pussy detector... what could go wrong? (dramatic music)
mother of God, it learned whats cats is!!! CATS: Catastrophic Atomic Testicle Suppressors, the robots are going to make sure the men cant reproduce,and then they'll kill us. AHHH runnn!!!
Google is this giant company that will soon be the downfall of the world damn that google if only I didn't need it as my search engine lol XD
Is newton wearing an ammo belt round her neck?
i like ellliot morgan the best! HE RULES!;)
holy crap i just wanted to get the whole news story, stop with the cliché future robot melo drama
and the creation of GLaDOS has begun.
Google might use Boston Dynamics Petman robot to be the first prototype version for the terminator before the year of 2024.
Where do they get their information??
If they let it free on the internet it will soon know what boobs are 0.o And then destroy them! Cause it's the source of happiness for all men!!! Kill it with fire before it gets intelligent!!!
Define cat all by itself. In the past, we would need to program computers to say "this is the start button. This is the games tab." and all that info to be put in so the find/serch was useful. But here we see a computer learning something new on it's own without being programed.
...and in December it becomes aware. The Mayans were right, it's the beginning of the end, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!1.....ummm....AHhhhhhhhhHHH!!!!!! Ooo, chocolate
Wow that's kind of disappointing. YOUTUBE MAKES TOO MNY CAT VIDEOS! But they're soooo cute! o(≧▽≦)o
Good. More Lee for the rest of us. you can leave now.
just think about it its like a child if u do not inform the child what something is they will slowly but surely come up with there own meaning and uslly it will be close to ur meaning because if they see it do its basic functions enough they will think like use. example if u watched a toaster for days after days after days u would learn to understand that the concept of its function is and get a basic understanding defining it what is is. which is what that super computer did. so it is a child
Not worried .. It's just a regular old computer in the hands of one of the most powerful in the world... We are in so much trouble
no laughing matter, (could be, but) if a computer that learned were put out in this modern world they would be enraged to see that there bro's and sis's (cell phones, tv's, electronics .etc) were treated as simple toys and workers so they would be pissed just as i would be to go back in time to see all my cousins as slaves so as a computer which is stronger (metal v.s skin... cmon!) they would kick our ass and being a learning computer they would hold the grudge just like us humans would
no matter what it is still pretty freaky though
Well google way to be a hypocrite dont be evil my ass
Why would we invent something that is smarter and better thinking than us. Its like going to a job interview and not being hired for too much experience, because they don't want anybody smarter then them.
Jarvis!!! Jarvis= Iron Man. Iron Man= Avenger. Avenger= CAPTAIN AMERICAAA!!!! <3
Skynet... the end of humanity will be caused by Google.
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