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Dredd Exclusive Trailer Debut [HD]

by Machinima • 4,376,327 views

Dredd Exclusive Trailer Debut [HD] Director: Pete Travis Release: 9/21/2012 Studio: Lionsgate Website: Facebook: Twitter:...

Producers "Hey here is a simple and interesting movie who can really reboot a nice franchise without spitting on the first adaptation." Viewers "Fuck you ! Give us another Transformers so we can hate it but still buy millions of entries. " Sigh...
I will never in my life watch Transformers movies. No more hollywood cash grabbing bullshit. I want another Dredd movie. 
+John D same here. Another great underrated movie that comes to mind is the Punisher Warzone. Shame these gritty films dont get as much attention as the shitty PG13 films
Heavily under rated movie. In my opinion, one of the best action movies out there. Took no shit, no PG crap, no sob stories, and didnt take any time to get into the chaos. Havnt read the comic, havnt seen the Stallone movie, so my opinion only comes from this movie. But Jesus what an awesome film!
I gotta say I hate Karl Urban. BUT HOLY SHIT HE KILLED THIS ROLE.
Karl Urban was Dredd-ful!
I love how the opions of people with no knowledge of this movie and actuall reviewers differ that extremly. Says something about the comments here
this is as close as we're going to get to a proper gritty and violent Robocop remake.
At first like everyone im surprised it didn't do well in the box office but now.... you don't use a la roux song in the trailer and get away with it. 
Oh man, that was a good one! :D
we need a sequel........ we need judge death...... and fear, fire and mortis....... and the sisters of death........... and mean angel !!!!!!!
You do know the script for Dredd leaked online under the title of "Peach Trees" WAY before The Raid even started production, right? (For the record, love both The Raid and Berandal, even if both had zero originality when it came to the plot - it's less the plot that mattered in those movies and more the execution that makes them so refreshing.)
Loved the thrilling action and effects, Would like to watch a sequel. Love from India
If you mash ROBOCOP with RAID this is what you get. This trailer makes the movie look like a cake (which has all the right quality ingredients)... but has been left in the oven too long.. There is some excellent cliche delivery here. The strict adhesion to the character in the helmet makes Judge Dredd look like a 48 year old man who rides around the neighbourhood in a big wheel - with some type of over-sized kitchen instrument tucked into his waistband. What works in an illustrated story does not necessarily transfer well  on a screen adaptation. 
+Metal Snackbar Any review is a statement of opinion. If you don't like it then why don't you satisfy your anal fixation by sticking a wire brush where your comments come from (which is your ass). 
+Stephen Senkiw Yet my opinion rhat you're opinion is a bunch of bullshir isn't welcome? Lol choke on it dunce
I think the raid was a little better
Underrated as fuck. If you haven't watch it do it now, it's on Netflix.
Good movie. Better than stallones dredd.
Great fucking movie. Didnt expect this.
Criminally underrated movie!
For one last time, Dredd went into production before The Raid. Its script existed before The Raid. It just had the rotten luck of coming out a few months after The Raid which ended up being one of the best action movies in years. So this kind of fell by the wayside because of some strong similarities. But it's not like we haven't had an action movie before about people fighting through a locked down building. I think it was called Nakatomi Plaza. 
did anyone notice "Judgment" isnt spelled right in the trailer? or is it supposed to be like that?
There are two ways of spelling it.
this is so overrated for being called underrated
Funny you mention Power Rangers. That was full of non-stop, unrealistic martial arts as well.
^ i just saw this exact comment in an example of Oxford Dictionary's definition of "Burned"
Look of Blade Runner. Story of The Raid. Originality of a Michael Bay film.
+case7 I knew that the story "Do Anderoids Dream of Electric Sheep?" was old but just was never sure of the exact year.  So thank you on that one, it still rates as one of my favorite cyberpunk stories along side "Neuromancer".  If you like that sort of thing you should check out Hardware which was adapted from a 2000ad story.  Thank you for that piece of information, very handy to know.
Yeah. Story of The Raid - one year before The Raid judging by the script leaked then.
My biggest problem with The Raid was that there were no charaters I cared about. 40 minutes in you knew basically nothing about them, that is where I stopped watching. In Dredd the character introduction was brief but it made the movie more compelling. I also find the setting of Dredd to be more interesting.
Please make a sequel to Dredd! Dredd was one of the most badass movies of 2012.
I've got enough of all that jack shit i've been reading for the past 10 minutes, making me want to rip my fucking pubic hair off and eat it. DREDD 2012 WAS FUCKING EPIC. WHOEVER CLAIMS OTHERWISE IS EITHER A 15 YEAR OLD POP BRAINWASHED GIRL OR A FUCKING IMBECILE. 8 Facts make this movie, Urban's Dredd, great: sec, wait, don't scroll. If you are too bored to read, don't fucking bother to reply without a at least 12 lines long argument. Okay, scroll. 1. The whole reboot of both the tone and the style of the first film. The first Judge Dredd was a comedy show. Not for little kids maybe, but definitely for 12 year olds and above. The violence was PG, the dystopic sense was PG, the sheer brutality of the people of MC1 was PG, everything about it was PG. And, in a word, boring. Urban's Dredd is neither boring nor laughable. It is just as brutal as a movie depicting a totalitarian police regime movie can be.  2. The simple plot. You don't get to see a Judge Dredd movie without expecting a Shootem'up scenario. Urban's Dredd features a simple brutal city, and a simple brutal cop. No big deal about it, he pretty much stays strong and firm in both his beliefs and his agenda throughout the film. He went to investigate a crime, and tries to do it no matter the personal cost. No big revelations, no advanced storytelling shitty wannabe intellectual plot going on, this ain't a fucking Ridley Scott movie or subject anyway. 3. The dystopic similar to contemporary big cities environment that embraces every minute of the movie. It's NOT a cool future, certainly not the faggie rainbow cloud tree everywhere bitch-ass beauty complex future that younglings had in mind in the start of the second millennium. Not the utopic hallucination we try to convince the newest generations for. And for that reason alone, Urban's Dredd becomes altogether realistic, since harsh societies go with harsh states/laws/legislations. The whole idea of judges is that they are cold, calculating machines with no pity or remorse. They protect the innocent but they don't altogether give more than 2 fucks about them. If a guy steals or forces himself to kill somebody to feed his family, the judge kills him. end of story. In the previous movie, the judge was goofing around, and i don't like the comedy show. 4. The embrace of the motherfucking Judge. Urban's Dredd is a cold blooded killer, something he is fully aware of. The mask on his face symbolizes for me his strict follow-the-rules agenda and his ruthlessness towards the people who disregard the law. He is fascist in a way, but he adamantly believes that what he does is necessary for the city (his world) to persevere.     You never get to see his eyes, the windows towards a man's soul, because in a sense, he is soulless. ESPECIALLY when he is on a mission. All that matters for him is to make sure the law is served. And he fucking does. Doesn't leave a single whim throughout the film, after being shot in the chest, because he has a medicine strong enough to keep him going forever: Purpose. And his purpose is Judgement. That's ALL he is, nothing more, nothing less. 5. "I'm the Law". Best line served throughout the whole fucking Milky Way, and that will ever be served. He believes it, knows it, and his foes acknowledge it. Not weak lip Stallone boy screaming like a smoker girl with 5 dicks humping around her lungs. Wasn't funny as it was intended, wasn't taken as a fact by his foes, wasn't saying a thing as a matter of fact. Urban's Dredd delivers the most chilling line, if you are intelligent enough to figure out the concept of Dredd by the 1 hour of the movie ( you should be, otherwise you are in no position to criticize anything). 6. The way Urban's Dredd depicts the inevitable human despair, the sort of despair that leads to systemic corruption. To quote a comment from Jarol Rexson in a Dredd video, "Judge Lex (the corrupt Judge) has given up on Mega City 1, because he knows the city will always be in chaos, and there is nothing that he, and his fellow judges can do to stop the chaos. He also knows that this chaos is never going to end due to his efforts, it's going to spread further into the city, and more innocent people are eventually going to die. That is why he switches sides, working for evil clans, caring out hits, and getting his hand dirty for money. That is the only hope he has left to survive in a broken city", a meat grinder that turns people into raw meat. The judges turn the handles, but in my opinion, they are accidentally pushed inside the grinder as well. 7. The Slo-Mo concept. SIMPLY AMAZING. If Dredd is the skilled drawer in a comic book, slo-mo is the added color work. It worked perfectly as a concept of a futuristic drug that would be definitely getting eaten out of the stores, since people in the oppressed, totalitarian MC 1 are pretty much living to die, meaning that they waste their lives with little joy, and they spend their time doing basically nothing to actualize themselves. If we take Maslow's pyramid of human needs (google that shit, imbecile) for granted, i can't really view the middle and low classes being able to actualize more needs than the ones on the first 2, maybe 3, floors. A drug like slo-mo not only allows them to fill their time with something that's visually beautiful, but also let them to escape this neverending concrete graveyard in the hallucinations of a world that moves on a 1% of its normal speed. 8. The human element of the characters surrounding him. Urban's Dredd conveys every emotion towards a strict, down-sloping straight line: Apathy and Fury. The characters around him, even the other judges, are completely human however, filled with a plethora of emotions, from lust and empathy to rage and sorrow, and eventually evolving throughout the film. Rookie Anderson, being side-protagonist, has the most emotionally complicated persona, although it does remain a simple one after all. She perplexes over serving the law in the cold blooded manner of her mentor, or being more sympathetic towards the people who don't really deserve to be straightly shot like feral dogs. That's all i can think of, AT THE MOMENT. Probably i can figure out more, given i'm a bit drunk while writing this. 
That LaRoux intro :O "Ready rookie?" Round house kicks two guys in their fucking face, yeahhhh. 
so badass movie, its a shame that it was not successfull, i think its way better than any other marvel, dc movies, WE WANT MORE OF MEGACITY
Awful trailer, amazing movie.
the action in this film is quite realistic as compared to other movies.
the effects of the drug slo-mo are amazing
There are too many ass-hats on youtube that shit on every movie ever made. Go read a book you pretentious fucks.
most underrated movie ever!!!
best movie of 2012, hands down also, did anyone else find MaMa strangely attractive 
+haroo86 Dredd was a British film and was in production when The Raid was made. 
I agree...this movie is the best along with The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Pirates band of Misfits, Skyfall, Looper and The Hobbit including The Raid
Why is in every american movie a ugly african male playing?
I don't give a shit about comic books and stuff. How anyone cannot think this film is awesome is beyond me. 
Kind of a simple movie for theatres.  If they make a sequel, it should be a loose sequel, like The Incredible Hulk to Hulk.
One of the most underrated movies of the past few years. You have to watch this!
Lena Headey was the only thing worth remembering from this generic shite.
What today's pig cops have become, judge jury and executioners
Fantastic, dark, gritty, brutal and intense movie with awesome acting. It's a compact and way underrated action gem. When I look at the crap that is released right now, e.g. the new transfomers movie, with a budget prolly 100 times as high as Dredd, then it is really depressing what kind of entertainment the paying masses prefer. Same goes for the Riddick trilogy. Vin Diesel had to partially finance the latest Riddick himself, because ppl dont know anymore what is good fucking shit and what is utter bullcrap. Dredd was awesome and perfectly played by Urban as well as the supporting actors and especially the villain mama hehe. Those above examples are the ppl that should get the mega budgets to create truly epic and brilliant movies (and sequels) and instead we get trash. Most ppl seem to enjoy trash haha. I'd give the movie an 8,5 out of 10. or even a 9. Watched it several time. Is entertaining each time.
😍😍 saw it on Netflix
Anybody know what song this trailer uses?
"In for the Kill" by british duo "La Roux"
what a fucking rip off.. 'the raid'
+kara badger And who is a dumb ass now, dumb ass?
+Kretek you for writing such a bitch ass comment.. dumb ass.. lol
0:55 Judgment? Isnt that supposed to be Judgement?
it's kind of an american thing
this may have been one of the greatest movies i have seen  ! anyone who thinks otherwise is a SIMPLE JACK !
Great action movie. Deserves a sequel.
Much better than the original. This was a needed reboot. Why robocop was rebooted was stupid
so ein ultra geiler film !! must see !! 
Jonas Rawlings Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
I love Judge dredd here is the 1995 trailer lots of action!
Such an awesome movie. Watched it again last night. One of the few live-action movies that benefited immensely when viewed in 3D.
Dredd in helmet loks like Magneto XD
i just watched this movie and is very godd..i liked...
the helmeat he was wering was realy lame if u ask me
Its classic helmet nuff said.
This movie was so awesome!
This is the real Dredd from the old times. Much better than the sly movie and love the fact HIS HELMET STAYS ON!!!
Great watch, and that girl was Hot!!!
I went in thinking this movie would be horrible. . So my expectations were low. I came out of it thoroughly impressed. It was entertaining and action scenes weren't over the top.
If youre a fan of the comics, you'll enjoy Dredd...maybe not love it but enjoy it, unlike the punchline Stallone starred in.
i just watched this movie and is very godd..i liked...
I saw this recently... I love its design/look/mood but the story/script really lacks depth in my opinion. It would have been a lot more memorable had it had more to it than just the straightforward story it tells now.
Frank Coles Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Dredd in the head!
Just got through watching this, personally thought it was a BRILLIANT movie. The Stallone one was total shite compared to this. It captures the same magic the comics had and I hope they're thinking of doing a sequel. Karl Urban was great. Surprised this movie isn't more well-known, but I have a feeling it'll be a late bloomer.
This movie is shit and has copied nearly everything from one of the greatest action /crime movies if all time the raid: redemption Lol what a fail, and a girl gang leader isn't intimidating although it's awesome I'm not sexist it my thoughts
the raid sucked dick. 
Dredd remake > Robocop remake.  Sayin it now folks. 
+KillerSalmon Not really a no-brainer considering Hollywood still has a boner for remakes that can be good or bad at a flip of a coin.  Look at Spike Lee's Oldboy compared to David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Movies can just be a flip of a coin in the remake universe.
+KillerSalmon But Dredd wasn't a remake. It was an adaptation. 
Mike Ford Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
old dredd movie = 8 new one = 10 my opinion
Song Name: Darude - Sandstorm
what remix of In for the Kill is the song at the start?
This movie was pure EPIC! I looked through some of the comments wondering if i should bother watching it  and im GLAD i did because ppl were saying it was more than great! Also, watch THE RAID. It's rather similar but different at the same time! ENJOY!
Good example of a Comic book movie that doesn't spend half an hour on the origins on the character
I just saw this movie and it fucking rocked! On a side note, am I the only one who was disappointed when the opening theme to this movie didn't turn out to be "Holy Diver" by the late Ronnie James Dio?
I think more people were upset that it wasn't 'I am the Law' by Anthrax.
Den minder for meget om Robocop 
Dredd 3D is one of the best action movies of all time, and i only watched it on a whim.
Joao Jesus Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
A ver o filme...
Who sings this song what is the song called
the raid is better and real.
hott fyckin trailer!!!
Just watched this fuck me it was a good film
Just got done watching it, and it's ok... The story line was great, and the way they made Ma-Ma seem like she didn't care about anything was very good too. My only problem lies in the special effects...they did a great job, but in my opinion I think they went a little over-board with the gore. Didn't seem anywhere near realistic, but hey, it was still a very good movie.
Crappy. just wasn't my type of film could have said more about the wasteland. 
+eldospinks Do you make it your job to defend this movie? that's a little bit strange also it's quite strange that you went to the trouble of looking at who i like on Youtube and writing a comment that makes no sense at all. 
+Thomas Quinn No, I just hate it when people hate on it for no reason. It appears to be some kind of hipster thing. 
A new substance now known as crystal meth with chilli
No safety helmets for rookies?
The Rookie is a Judge in training. She can earn her helmet when she completely becomes a Judge.
+MrAwesomesauce101 Nope. Rookies get helmets, too. Anderson's a psychic and deliberately forgoes it because it interferes with her talent.
Better at being shit, maybe.
Is there a reason judgement is spelled wrong? 
Just a different way of spelling it. 
The song at the beginning is In For The Kill by Skrillex
Umm it's by La Roux. You're thinking of the Skrillex remix, but it isn't that.
Exelent movie, cant wait for figure from Art toys
great little film 3d was good to
This movie was awesome. There better be a sequel or I will hulk rage dammit.
This was complete shit. The bike looked like a shopping centre ride for kids. Now the fans have done their deluded dump on IMDB, it is rightfully sinking in rating... lets pull it down to a more realistic 5/10... and that would be generous!
It has been 7/10 for months. Now take that info, and your username, and shove them up your arse.
I love the bolters, they remind me of Warhammer 40k
Heavily influenced by Judge Dredd. Some of Dredd's artists actually worked on WH 40K.
Is it just me, or does Dredd look a lot like Captain Falcon?
Other way around. Dredd came first.
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