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Annoying Orange - Ask Orange #2 Toast Busters! Sped Up

by dasuhnami • 1,456,108 views

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Hey hey orange hey orange hey can you fight crona aka the demon sword
Hey Orange IM A FIRON MA LAZOR this is for ask orange 13
Hi orange you play roblox??
do you eat food or rainbows?
can u ever be quiet (shut up)(orange)
Marshmallows laugh is soooooooooooo ADORABLE
Orange r u repoptarted he he he food jokes
I dare pear to do 20 push ups in 20 seconds:)
Can u grind up cheese in one video?
i like this annoying stuff keep on doing them
why dont you spoof im sexy and i know it?
Why did you go to slender fortest
If there were a girl orange like you would you date her
what is your favrote video that you made?
Give me thumbs because they say wazzuuuuup
give me thumbs because im an orange
make a video called the little passion fruit
Make a annoying orange when passion fruit dies but then comes back to life
pear and squash gets scared by J.B and is funny
Give Me Thumbs Because Im Annoying!!!
i want u to ask if knife is your real freind he or she keep cutting up your real fruit friends
Wassssssssup! Why does marshmallow like unicorns then kills when hes angry?
The end music sounds real funny sped up!
ok please ask orange if he like pastion fruit
hey is miget apple a boy or a girl??
Why hasent the knife choped you yet XD ?
why do you make a show of anoying in super smash bros brawl
why is your name annoying orange
Hey u should make an eposode were he meets yhe house owner
annoying Orange, Why are you so ANNOYING like i used to be? YER AWESOME
make fun oh mliley cirus name miley pierus
To fast and u aren't the maker of this
Is marshmallow a boy or a girl?
How does Orange ride a motorcycle?
Is marshmallow really seriously a Male or a Female? :)
I will thumbs up wait I dont have thumbs
hey orange! how old is granpa lemen?
Give me thumbs so I can thumbs up this video!
What is your favorite thing to say? Wassaa or BlaBlabla
how much oranges do you need to reach the cluds
Amg my head will explod if it dosent slow down
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