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A message from Wong Fu Productions

by Wong Fu Productions • 136,216 views

Wes, Ted, and Phil from Wong Fu say a few words about what we're up to right now, and the future of wong fu. Just a little peek inside our "real" daily lives. =) check out

the coolest goofballs ever haha
@5:53- 6:01: I almost choked. LMAO!!!! Epic!
This is probably my favorite video of them soooo cute and funny
this proves that better grammer leads to more thumbs up :)
2:44 Phil points to a watch he doesn;t even have! (:
Srry, I'm Chinese but i keep forgetting that there are dialects. I always assume that Chinese is mandarin
I grew up in LA I didn't know it was smog Thought it was just cloudy all the time up around the mountains. Mind. Blown. Because I JUST found out. After living in LA for a good like 12 years of my life.
How the quality has changed in 5 years.
@Belieber40 What does it mean?
0:39 This is tu mi nong mo sai ka *Cute*
and we'd be like nuh uh and they'd be like yeah you do ad we'd be like whatever x3 favorite part lmao
ey ,, what cities u going to ????? :))
thumbs if you're watchin in 2012 [:
Thumbs up if you're watching in 2012! ;D
@asiannmunster123455 lol it's okay I guess ? But A is the excellent.
ah you sd kids are spoiled I know, cuz I am one, and LA is like torture to me
wow it took them that long to get there names down, you guys crack me up :D
I don't think so. I'm a native canto speaker from Hong Kong. Phil was not saying Wes' chinese name. I have no idea what phil was saying after listening to it several times.... I believe there is an inside joke or it's Wes' nickname or something.
i feel like a dork not noticing this a long time ago
OH YEAH The first time I went to San Diego (where I live now) I thought it was so cold because I was so used to LA's heat.
This is actually one of my fave wong fu vids. I love it when all three of them are together. And it's such simple awkward humor too. "and we'd be like, nuh uh." oh how i love them.
thumbs up if you are watching it in 2012
Why do you guys call yourselves "Wongfu Production" ??? <3 `
HEY, its not as hot as Hawai'i ! freaking 101degrees in winter -.- and fog is so wet we cant do anything.
That awkward moment when the two top comments aren't even about the video.
Ted: "And we'll be like "Nuh uh." AWKWARDLY NICE! :)
The way Ted says video: "Veedeeoo". Too cute!
Gotta get a head start on these guys.... Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2012 :3
its so amazing how far they have come... lol and yet they still act exactly the same
i'd love it if my friend did what phil does. I'd sing along like "WOOOOOOYEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!"
Lol Their names are alphabetical order Philip, Ted, and Wes And their last names Chan, Fu, and Wang...
it takes 57 seconds for them to introduce themselves.. haha
LOL they took like a minute just to introduce themselves
Lol Phil looks funny in his boxers cooking hot pockets... :>
you guys spent a whole minute introducing yourself only with wong fu :D & I'm a mac... a pc
what were the songs that were used here?
I can't stop smiling while watching this video! They were so different back then but the humor and their character was there from the start! :>
And this is where it all began...
-__- hes not korean, he's actually chinese. ted phil and wes are all chinese
Like if your watching this 5 years later
Woah o.o Do you guys live in Alhambra?
Oh my god look at Ted's hair! He still looks cute<3 c:
Are they brothers? Or just close friends?
56 seconds for one intro i am so proud
I can't believe they owned colors at some point. Did all that smog make them too deppressed to make an effort to wear something not black white or grey?
where were u uploading before utube
Omg Wesley looks so cute wen he rolls his eyes
Ted: take care of yourselves and be nice to people me: ok!! ^0^
He said the first part in Mandarin, though. The second part I couldn't understand-- And I think it has too many syllables for it to be a name I don't know...I'm fluent in Cantonese and I can't understand it.
@GeminiNinja530 the irony that you didn't use a period or capitalization.
Wait wes chinese name is nflkdngfngb XD
Wesley was so young and playful and immature in a cute way last time. :))
Hahaha the beginning makes me laugh so much. :)
ted: what are you cooking phil: hot pocket me: xD
Hmm.... You don't cook a hot pocket on the stove?
Ted needs his own channel, and soon. WE LOVE TED (: <3 <3 <3 <3 Spread the word please and happy new year!
um i dont want to re watch it..but its like that part before wesley hit him? XD
thumbs up if you're watching this in 2012! Wong Fu 4 Lyfe!
@asiannmunster123455 It's the rating of the store.(the freshness/quality of the food, cleanliness of the store)
What's wes's chinese name? Did not get to hear it properly....
this is probably one of my most favorite wong fu videos (:
aside from Ted going gray, you guys haven't aged a day from here!!! You guys age like Diamonds!
he said wesley's chinese name LOL thats y wesley say shut up XD
hi im a mac and I'm a pc !!!! then start talking in cantonesE :P
oh oops! some1 already said that... But i guess it just reinforces the curiousity we Wong Fu fans posess :)
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