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Chris Brown Exclusive interview @ Larry King Live PART 1 *** NEW Improved video quality !!!

by MrPartymaniak • 412,155 views Watch full episodes - Click Link Above September 2, 2009 - Chris Brown Exclusive interview R&B singer Chris Brown breaks his silence on assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna!...

He's still inlove with her.
he was so sincere in his apology.
rihanna is a dumb bitch. I would punch her face on a daily basis.
Chris Brown can punch me in the face as much as he wants to, just as long as he kisses it.
Too bad slut. He is taken
His a dog women basher and he doesn't feel bad for what his done he thinks it's funny they should've put him in jail
8:28 Larry'': when did you first see the picture of rhianna after the incedent chris: uhmm about a week after.. In reality Chris brown: niggaa, i left her in an alley way for a reason, im the one who did it. LMFAOO.
What does that have to do with u being black
Chris Brown has gone through no pain whatsoever, if anything he should be ashamed of himself.. you cant call yourself a man if you are a woman beater!!!
4 years later does anyone really still care about the situation lmao.
The look on his face in the beginning....he'll never do this again. You can just tell he's embarrassed and ashamed. Everybody makes mistakes. Move on.
so i guess throwing a chair out a window and possible hurting the people outside the window, all the gay slurs, and temper tantrums dont count as mistakes. that COMPLETELY explains why kids nowadays like these celebrities.....
what you see in people is the reflection of you!! by the way am a lady no need to be a man.
Learn grammar, nobody knows what the fuck you are trying to say.
he´s one of the persons you hate to love
I don't like him in general anymore but i still love his music.
when he beat Rihanna, i lost all respect for him
i bet your juss a girl who wants me to flirt with you..smh
i believe that chris brown was an idiot but he should have just got anger managment or somthin
I would put my foot in his ass for beating on a female.
larry king smart as hell.....he already know what made chris get violent......that nigga had that liquid courage....thats y he "blacked" out lol
He reallly LOVED her Thing is he made a mistake they're both in the wrong
yes he is a piece of shit... no second chance 4 him coz next time he mite kill her
what pisses me off is if i beat my girl like that they'd lock me up, celebs get away with bullshit makes me sick, hope he learned and i do believe everyone can learn from there mistakes but still, should locked his ass up
huh? i'm lost. it wasn't suppose 2 be an insult , it was suppose 2 be a joke.
i love chris but he never really owns up to it or really accepts the fact that he beat up a woman and he should be alot more sorry and discusted in himself than he is
at 3 minute mother complaining how hard and him fair ,kick the fuck out of a women. better served by what any skills ? none . what kind of fucked planet do you live on ,to defend yourself ,you need mother and ,lawyer. i woul like her to respond. brown can suck a dick .
3 years later "Girl I wanna fuck you right now! It's been a long time I've been missing yo body!" "Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake"
your joking right? do you know how many domestic disbutes there are everyday and how rarely a man hitting a women even gets charged let alone would have to serve time?..
He clearly busted out his "Square White Boy" attire to impress Larry.
Rihana is illuminati so i dont care what he did shes a satanist woman who speaks higher of the devil than of god thumbs up if you agree
@kayboo775 Why use hash tags on YouTube. It doesn't do anything....not everyone believes in God, so you can't use it as an argument.
I hate Chris he is so bold he didn't feel bad or shame at all..!!!
I'm not dissing Rihanna Chris shouldn't have done that to her but I honestly and truly belive that he is sorry for what he has done and he really isn't a bad person at heart
5:47 "When the incident happened, how did it HIT you?" ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
In all fairness to Chris Brown he is trying....trying really hard to look like peewee herman, wtf is up with that bow tie mofo? YAYA!
mannn they really loved eachther... sometimes i wish this never happened so they coulda gotten married!
The bow tie almost makes you forget you're listening to a felon.
I heard she gave him herpes, shit I'd half kill her too lol I wonder if Bobby Browns his dad?
he cant talk! he sounds like a dumbass
hahah I hope you get beaten by your boyfriend by some stupid reason like Rihanna was...and I wonder would you say "Oh well I deserved it"
there are a lot of stupid people in this world... that is why....... unfortunatly to be born you dont have to take an exam..... this piece of shit should be in jail forever... next to rihanna for being so stupid to go back with him
Alright I know it is bad what chris did but cmon people get over it you know he's sorry so just forgive him please....
unfortunately even noncelebrity men AND women don't go to jail for domestic abuse. It's the one crime MOST men get away with.
i was kinda mad about it but im not perfect so who am i to judge
He's a mad dog and no-one is fooled by the nice-boy acting.
Chris Brown is a lil bitty ass lil boy...
lol you've missed a lot cause he's been making even better music after then
I know for dam sure my mom would of beat my arse to shite if she knew i'd beat up a woman lol
He seems stupid and can't even pretend that he feels bad about it...
Larry King: "Is it fair?" Chris Brown: "Uhh, to me, possibly, sahfoaithoereapoidjfohtoejhafohaoit" Larry King: " feel it's fair?"
Now how would you prove that. Even if she did, violence isn't the answer? you just make the person who's cheating, single.
Since when did youtube become a place for life lessons?
yeahh my nigga chris brown will fucka bitch up..pimp shit..he needa quit singn nd do boxing
Are you like the P.R. rep for the female masochist commitee? What a disgrace. It has everything to do with us. They're both huge music celebs who live within/for the media to keep their careers alive! What do you think pop music's about? Artistry? No. It's main emphasis is on the videos, image, and mass marketing. They wanted the attention...Brown definitely got his with this stunt. And for her to give in to him shows only that she is a weak, and sad role model for women the world over.
damn. srry son of i wish my dad would try to beat me man i WISH. shouldnt stood up for yourself spineless pussy
wtf are you talking about? he still out there making millions of dollars.
Bitch you beat her down badly, how can you see her right away.... He's out of his mind
"...nothin' for the media to blow out of proportion..." WHAT?! YOU STRUCK A WOMAN. Sorry Chris, you are stupid and I'm not supporting you anymore...EVER.
wow if you're a girl you should be fucking ashamed of yourself none deserves to get beat like that evan someone as ignorant and stupid as you. Get some confidence, work on self love and maybe you won't so bitter.
What a waste of time this interview was.
I still think it's rihannas fault, I mean she's a black woman and you know they like to run their mouths and think you can't do anything to them because they are woman. I have NO sympathy for Rihanna!
MUSICALLY, im a fan of chris brown because he's a GREAT performer, but PERSONALLY i dont like him. he has a horrible attitude and the more time passes, the more he looks like a bum with those million tattoes on his body
WHY DO YOOU ALL HAVE TO HATE HIM SOO MUCH WE ARE ALL HUMANS WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES I AM HIS FUKIN #1 FAN <3AND I KNOW WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG BUT I WOULD STILL BE HIS FAN.SO IF YOU HATE HIM SO MUCH JUST STFU AND DON'T SAY ANYTHING. Because that innccident that happend all you haters are posting so many mean things he already feels guiltiy.And know u are going to make him feel more guiltiy to he have done..HE TRIES SO MANY THINGS TO SAY HE IS SRRY AND HE IS TRULY SORRY FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE.
Hey, I dont love him. But I do not hate him. What happend only they know. But as a mother of a son,I would advice him to go and get help. This conduct can not be repeated. I am a latina and in our culture men beat women as I write. It is very unfair for both genders. Do not forget people but there are a lot of women out there that beat the crap out of men too.
I feel he was wrong but he should still be given a second chance besides their relationship is none of our business
As I see it, nothing can justify any wrong doing. but to expect a person to be down and live there life by a mistake is just crazy! No one person has all the facts to the why keep trying to figure it out. It no longer matters. What was just that done. And the consequences have been set. Now we have a chance to move on and should encourage others too. Its funny how everyone is given a second chance everyday, but can't seem to give others one regardless of there status.
Ok I ain't justifying what chris did because what he did was really wrong and he shouldnt have done it but nobody actually knows what happen in that car but I ain't accusing rhianna and she didn't deserve it but people seem to forget that Charlie sheen beat BOTH his wives and he doesn't get half the stick chris gets so if chris gets hated maybe people should hate Charlie sheen because even tho he did the same he did it alot worse but like I said I ain't sticking up for chris brown!!!!!
your ugly and hateful too... does that mean you should get battered?
you would be crying like a little bitch if chris brown beat u up like that ur a dumb ass bitch lmao!
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