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Bring da Ruckus-Wu-Tang Clan

by onlyrealhiphop12 • 185,514 views

track 1 from the album "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" 1993

my favorite hip hop album played so many times the disc is worn, real shit.
best hip hop around hands down
emjay now youse a ofic gangsta lol
i roll with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits! hahah
It ain't the Russian, it's the WU Tang crushing roulette Slip up you get fucked like Suzette!!
@SuperSonicSuicide That would be incredible. Watch it go straight to number one. I still have my old copy right here in my bedroom. But I would absolutely buy it again. It would state a major fuckin point! We're all still here - the lovers of real hip hop - and we all still have mad love and respect. I never, NEVER lost it! I cherish that music. And this album? What could I possibly say about it that hasn't already been said better? It was monumental. Huge. The most pure source.
I wanna know what movies they sample these from... I have a fond love for kungfu movies even more box of wu tang
@emjayFRESH30 haha really i was blasting this loud at my room and my dad came in and said ''put up the volume son"
the best way to download this mp3 from youtube is to google mp3iffy.
the piano sample that comes in after rae says "illiterate type asshole" is still the most ominous sound in a beat EVER
So I was blasting this shit right, and your mom came in and asked "what's that noise?" So I said "Shut up bitch and make me a fuckin' sandwich!"
Ahhh Music to my ears, Real Hip Hop, the kind of Hip Hop that white kids parents use to disapprove of :)
Hey you guys wanna hear a joke?....Lil Wayne
I Rip It Hardcore Like Porno Flick Bittches 1:51 LOL
one of the illest rap songs of all time. you have to listen to the wu with a second ear ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Possibly the greatest rap album of all time???
naw this gots to be the 2nd best album in my eyes. number 1 album id have to say is "dare iz a darkside" by ReDman
I was bumpin this and my dad walked in and said "Turn that shit off"
"Gun to his neck.. now react whut?!"
everyone in wu-tang is a mutha fuckin beast fo real god these guys can spit.
I know Meth's flow is crazy but Raekwon has got great flow too you can hear it especially in this one and Protect ya neck I love how INS comes in.. "I rip it, hardcore like porno flick bitches, I role with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits. Check it, my method on the microphone's banging, Wu-Tang slang I leave your headpiece hangin'!" JUST LOVE IT, btw check out INS's "that's that nigga", "the movement", "my style" and "thundercat" <- deadly.
i scream on your ass like your dad BRING IT AALLL!
To quote the RZA, "How can Hip Hop be Dead if Wu Tang is forever" truer words about the genre have yet to be said
This is what u call a tune !
Best Wu-Tang joint ever, the instrumental is the rawest shit RZA came up with.
This and Illmatic best albums ever.
1 Person doesn't know how to Bring Da Ruckus.
these suckers who dislike wu-tang can go suicide thereself
Check it, my method on the microphone's bangin' Wu-Tang slang I'll leave ya headpiece hangin' Inspektah Deck is raw!! Throwin' up the Wu!
Nope,i would vote for "All eyez on me(by Pac)" for the first place!
I give 110% when it comes to helping my community, although I occasionally associate with some less than reputable characters.
Wu Tang Forever is a good one too! But this one, it's better than them all!
@russskates26 going to have to agree with you. its the only album that i can play every day from track 1 to the end and it never gets old. so raw!
Mobb Deeps The Infamous and Wu Tang Clans 36 chambers, TWO OF THE BEST RAP ALBUMS OF ALL TIME!
ok so i was bumpin this at the crib and my the police came to my door and said "there is a noise complaint can u turn it down" i said "i bring the fucking ruckus" i spend that day in a holding cell...
People don't realize, how abstract a lot of the production on this album is, especially for that time. This is straight up urban avant-garde; the rza is a master.
lilwayne just got back to his childhood after this
The Wu-Tang Clan are fucking Legends.
Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse My glock bursts, leave in a hearse, I did worse I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk Aw shit, Wu-Tang Clan spark the wicks an' However, I master the trick just like Nixon Causin terror, quick damage ya whole era Hardrocks is locked the fuck up, or found shot P.L.O. style, hazardous, cause I wreck this dangerous I blow sparks like Waco, Texas ;)
I rip it hardcore like porno flick bitches. I roll with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits. Legendary
No one can touch this album. Wu-tang rips it apart.
I was in college in NY in 93' when Wu Tang came out. This album blew the doors off and changed the rap game forever.
wu tang over bone thugs all day
I rip it hardcore, like porno-flick bitches I roll with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits
The rhymes just got better and better. Love the instrumental too.
oh shit, this beats fuckin tight!! espesally the beginning!
inspektah KILLS IT! i RIP IT, hardcore like porno flick bitches, i roll wit groups of ghetto bastards wit biscuits. check it, my method on the microphones bangin, wu-tang slang i leave ya headpiece hanging" plus the shit sounds so hard when hes like "the roughness... YES THE RUDENESS- RUCKUS!"
I blow up his prism Make it a vicious act of terrorism RAW.
lol your dad is badass even tho his grammar is shitty,his taste for music is good
this is the dirtiest sounding song in hip hop but i love it raw hip hop right in youre face not water down like the new generation with all these lil nut hoger wearing faggots
i still prefer bonethugs & harmony over wu tang but they aiight no h8 :P
I can play this album all time...And i love wu tang forever..I put wu tang tattoo
2 people think their Wu-Tang sword can defeat me.
@xxcjfshoxx was it the episode when stewie and brian destroyed peter's record?
Is it okay to listen to the same song 8 times in A row XD
Inspectah Deck is my favorite wu-tang mc but there all amazing at something that`s the thing about wu-tang every member has there own talent..
I rip it...hardcore like porno flick bitches
@Peaser1860 Nah, I'm going to have to say that this is a more even production from start to finish than Life After Death, although that's a great album too. Like the man said, can throw this on any time any day and listen from start to finish. Its amazing.
NO rapper or artist in todays world can match Wu-Tangs flow.......on every song.
"I rip it hardcore like porno flick bitches, I roll wit groups of ghetto bastards wit biscuits" INS kills it
I love the wu favret rap group right over favret song by da wu is the mystory of im white 13 and rap old school.these guys influince me so much to rap the way i do.i could care less if i never get famous or not.wuuuuu all da way.
@planb760 EN GARDE, ill let you try my wu-tang style!!
The sample, the piano and the clicking, so different from anything around now
"I rip it hardcore like porno flick bitches" fuckin' sick Inspectah Deck straight killed it.
@onlyrealhiphop12 For sure this and me against the world are my top 2 ha
@russskates26 everyone learns about Wu before Mobb Deep's Infamous album. true today and in the time both albums were released new. But im really getting in the infamous's about niggas in the struggle, and not just calling niggas out for a rumble. infamous album is like the transition from highschool bullshit and into the work force.
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