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Blowout Sale

by The YOMYOMF Network • 217,062 views

TOYOTA presents 'INTERPRETATIONS' launches an online video contest for emerging filmmakers. Here is one of seven sample videos. For more rules go to...

This even seems like something Abed would do!!!
Michael Hodge Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Funny furniture blowout sale.
these interpretation videos would get kinda hard to make after a while when you only have three senctences your allowed to say.
Oh my gosh that was really good!
0:24 Oh. My. God. He is from Community!! I love that show.
"Aww fuck" to the very end. Great vid!
looool it feels like real gun fight
da fuck he shot home boy in the neck that was funny as hell where do you sign up
why the fuck is the community guy in this?
abed from community!! That show is so awesome and hilarious
Cool guys dont look at explosions.
i could of sworn someone would of said "cool guys dont look at explosions" so i will....................COOL GUYS DONT LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS
I get it now. They give them three lines to say and they have to use them to mean differrent things in videos. I get and this is my second video.
I feel bad for the guy who has like no sales! :( :(
What the--Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead in the beginning! Awesome.
wait so for every short film they do, they say "it's not something I would do" and etc. ? Wow.
ABED MUTHERF*******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is what i did when i was a kid.. i bet u are too... hahaha
isn't that guy from the serial "community"
waw this way back 2010, i only discovered this when ryan chester and kev became a part of yomyomf this is really good. So much good stuff in youtube that i need to dig deeper >.<
this is my favorite video so far...
was this filmed at town center in sugar land texas??
that guy looks like a fat ike barinholtz
Oh danny, always the character with imagination.
I would shoot them with my middle finger.
2:50 *Plays cool guys don't look at explosions*
WOW. the only other interpretations video i saw from this contest is wong fu's and i love how different it is! really creative!
LOVED it!! The words felt most apropriate here ^^
How the fuck do you dodge a rocket launcher
One of the best videos so far XD
Asian guy in beginning is from Walking Dead lol!
24 people don't like couches! Lol
Stellar Lense Productions probably copied them. This was from 2010
They think they're in yuyu hakasho
and then dude walks away like a boss at the end!
Probably because he wasn't famous until TWD... which first aired months AFTER this was released lol.
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