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Meat Sub - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 2,762,091 views

LIKE/FAV!! For MusclesGlasses: Step 1: Step 2: Click ANY link on that website Step 3: Tell EVERYONE what you saw! EpicMealTime is tired of eating sandwiches with...

For future subcribers: Muscles Glasses has his own series called Legend of Muscles Glasses. Please stop asking where he is.
I miss this they have lost what was good about epic meal time and lost the best people as well this makes me sad
What kind of beef filet is that!? I need it!
dripping tht sauce!!
epicmealtime does not simply make dishes without adding bacon.
The top comments are friggin rage faces.....
is there anny rare video where they dont use bacon??
Half the food is in his epic beard.
dayum, harley like, Never eats :0
From what I read on Muscles facebook page, he is coming back eventually. Apparently he is getting back in shape or something.
can we see what your fridge looks like inside?
the amount of bacon you cook makes me excrete
If you do not open a restaurant I am going to perform a homicide. I an not laughing, it's not a joke. I am being dead serious. BAAADDDAAAAASSSSS
Lol your killing veggietariens
like me they probably have another fridge for the alcohol, so it all works out
Jered is turning over in his the future, also without these guy's the bacon companies would go bankrupt.
He thinks hes actually eating that food when its obviously the void of darkness within his beard that consumes all...........
yeah glasses .. still missing muscles bastards...
That would have been rape but bacon was involved so you know he liked it. Cause you know they say its not rape if you like it. :P
the balls not available anymore wtf
0:37 Someone dun' fucked up Hahaha
they should have a restaurant that has there signature foods but they shouldn't run it because they need time for videos!
I have this urge to ride Harley.
Meat ball sub? More like a manwich
1211 people don't have ordinary balls.
i fucking hate watching these vids makes me wanna eat so bad!
Chekc this out:D /watch?v=oaZdLsXv5_0
Fuck's sake who needs muscles glasses we have the rest of the SMT crew These guys are legends
That's some taste that you'll never forget .... ^^;;
The music was in the international trailer for Iron Man 3.
what happened to muscles glasses? :(
Watching these videos is making me really hungry
@encore parkour correction: they are a bunch of hungry drunks
Harley you got something in your beard bro
I had a weight watches add before this
You should invite Furious Pete to your show.
I'm a pesecetarian and i still love these videos...
Haha that last line. Harley's definately the funniest one lol.
I always wonder who can hate these video??? These guys are the best
I think this is the first time I've seen Harley eat the food.
I dont get why some call them sellouts, they're sponsored and being honest about it
someone done fucked up. my favorite thing to say ever.
Im new here, y do u like bacon so much?
01:04 I WANT one of those giant bacon stickers
sauce boss cant handle the food sorry bro leave it to the muscles glasses
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