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Cheryl Cole on how to get her MASSIVE hair

by Sugarscape • 62,406 views for more

It's big because it's full of secrets....
I'd kill for her hair!! She's so gorgeous <3
so peaceful if louis tomlinson was there that will be a disco of 5 boys gone wild!
I have never seen her do anything except for judging 1D and Cher Lloyd on x-factor, so I never really got a chance to see how beautiful and sweet she is!! :) xx
she has such a soothing voice! and she's always so sweet in interviews. love her. plus those were some good tips.
This video is from over a year ago, and this isn't interview isn't about solving the world's problems. It may not be her role. If you want to become famous only to use it for solving issues that you deem important, than that is your personal MO.
I wonder if Harry has ever tried Cheryl's techniques...
I like how she says puffy ... Puufih
Probably a poser babe. Lotsa of them out there xx
Cheryl told me that technique when she dm'd me on twitter, and ive done it ever since!! love it!!!!! :D xxxxxx Thankyou Cheryl xxxxxxxxxxxx
I just thought she had thick hair...
I actually always have hair like hers. I think it's sooo annoying especially in summer, but I always get compliments about it so it isn't that bad :)
My hair is like hers all the time poofy haha I have naturally curly hair :) I wish it was straight but I'm learning to love my poofy curly hair :-)
I just wanted to tell u to interview zayn and tell him to stop what he is doing bcuz on this app I have called oovoo it might be him and it might not be him but it said **** you all fanzzz!!!and I went crazy so hopefully u can talk to him bout that
I'm American and can easily understand what she's saying...
the prices we pay for beauty...LOL JK I look like a troll
I'm not of him and it's my opinion don't judge me!!!
There is war in the middle east, children being killed and 1000s made homeless and Cheryl Chav Cole talks about massive hair. Thanks Cole for your contribution to helping solve the worlds problems.
Can we all stop talking about 1D or Cher Lloyd? I love both of them so much, but this is a video about Cheryl Cole. So please stop talking about 1D or Cher. If you want to talk about them, go to one of their videos.
She is just adorable, she's such a sweet person! I loove her! :)
i'd love my hair to have volume like hers but it's just not happening!
Cheryl will never have an ugly day!
She is so perfect! i love her! ♥
She's amazing! Love her! I have a hard time to understand what she's saying because of her accent. It's kind of normal because I'm not british. :D
she has a cutest smile. imagine her layin next to me every mornin..... hmm...
this is the second video i've watched that has nothing to do with 1D and all the comments are about one direction im a directioner but guys can we please not talk about them on other peoples videos?
i love how they say me instead of my!
I honestly LOVE her accent :) she's so cute!
Her accent reminds me of Jamie Ryan Dee <3
i wanna be a geordie and have a gorgeous accent!
Are you serious? You know he wouldn't do that to us and if you can't realise that for yourself you obviously aren't a true fan.
I must get my glasses fixed, I thought the title was 'Cheryl Cole is a massive twat'. Ho-hum.
I hope you directioners realise that this is why people don't like them..
whats a top knot? i love her hair would love to try it haha
Easy way Cheryl. Stick your fingers in an electrical socket. Dont try that at home kids. Its just one for Cole.
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