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Linkin Park ft Paramore - Waiting brick by boring brick for the end (Mash-up 2011)

by StronGerMixesTV2 • 63,318 views

CREDITS go to WMG, Linkin Park and Paramore. I don't own the content of this video, All rights go to theirs owners. -FOR PROMOTION USE ONLY- "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright...

suena bien amigo !!! con tal q no dañes jajaja
0 wow thats so wonderfull!!
no offense but your mom has no taste, this is really well done.
Just means that she didn't like it because it was supposedly "too long" for her. I, on the other hand, love it! :]
asdfg START POSTING DOWNLOAD LINKS. KTHXBAI. :D Seriously, the only reason I ask is any youtube/MP3 converter tends to reduce the quality of the true product because YouTube is never full 100% quality.
best mash up ive heard in a long long time BIG THUMBS UP
you're probably the best mashup artist on youtube, your songs are amazing
Awesome dude cool XD awesome mash up
I've gotta say that this one's not one of my favs from you...
I had chills. THIS IS PERFECT. Too bad they don't do a duet.
oh my god... i want this on my ipod NOW
Took this from the original song and repeated it. I forgot to mention it.
Funny how the lyrics go together like this. I envision a story like this: A boy loved a girl, and the girl, although loving him back, did not recognize it as such. "Her prince finally came to save her, and the rest she couldn't figure out." So she left him. The boy to this day still hasn't moved on. The girl, still secretly in love, is lost. The boy struggles to forget her, but he can't. At least, that's how I envision it. Perhaps I mishear some lyrics. Maybe it's because this is my situation.
@StronGerMixesTV2 dude..!! ever since i posted that.....i've been listening to it!! infact ..i'm listening to it right now!! you got me hooked with this song man's been awhile since i've seen talent like this one!! :)
OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!! 5/5
Great..!!! Fantastic ,cool coolest oath . Paramore my favorite band Linkin Park my inspiration yeach..!!
@StronGerMixesTV2 he's not the real creator of "Crush Crush Faint" !
good job dude best paramore linkin park mash up I've eever heard rock on
@TheUnforgetableSound That's very very appreciated to hear that from the creator of "Crush Crush Faint" :P
Ya lo sé, pero gracias por tu comentario preciosa :)
It's super great but I feel like with some more editing and tweaking this could've turned out much better. Right now something about Linkin Park's second entrance seems off but I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe if you could have extended BBB's breakdown by one measure it could synced better melodically.
i stopped breathing O_O two bands i LOVE wow im ready to die now :3
I'd say Waiting for the Brick ._.
at 4:07, looks like chester is saying "tomahawk" ahahah awesome, btw!
My mom loves Linkin Park and Paramore--like me--so I let her hear this. All she said was, and I quote, "when is it gonna be over?" -_____-
i mean it was ok, but the chorus of brick by boring brick is really good, and the linkin park chorus isnt that good. i still enjoyed it
paramore is only cool cause of linking park
@LOL1337z because both bands deserve to be named first in the title.
best mashup i've ever heard, that was the best, awesome video man.
i love this soo much its on my phone!!
Nice job man 5/5 keep up the good work
you know i would never listen to these songs by themselves. But dude, I LOVE IT!!!!!
Cn I have the Download linkl? :3
Wait a minute o_o, the title says Linkin Park ft. Paramore, but on the video it says Paramore ft. Linkin Park
u need to have a hundred thousands of views this is flawless as well as every single video so far
sounds like chester is having sex at 4:05
Awesome job!! Definitely loved the mix of two epic bands! Kudos my friend!!
@StronGerMixesTV2 @UnforgettableS0UND <-- this is the real , they just have the same name .
Dude don't listen to them. This is an amazing mash up and me and my friends really enjoy it and everything you do! :)
i looove this. another really good one that used to be on youtube was Shewolf/crushcrushcrush. it was really good too...
um somethings wrong there's a dislike button
The First Song how Fucking!!! Realy AWRSOME
A junção dos dois fica tão boa *-* deviam gravar algo juntos ;)
Came here from Linkin Park... Found out that Linkin Park + Paramore = Music of the gods.
@StronGerMixesTV2 oh no..he's right man..i'm not Lol..believe me...i have problems with ppl all the time because of my username...but i had no idea their was someone with the same name well...that is before they started complaining on my channel about how i copied and being a fake remixer...but that's treu i got the name from an Lp song and i think the remixer got his name their too..
if your only using the accapella for waiting for the end how come i can here th keyboard?!
Very incredible! that just took my breathe away
Wow. Not bad at all. Very clean and obviously well thought out. You should check out mine.
Ei Greath! Whats up to copyrights? :B
Great mash-up. Hands down, one of my favorites.
can I you make a paramore and evanescence mash up?? :)
@StronGerMixesTV2 jaja no problem man... i have uploaded a loot of videos and all are deleted for " copyright criminal "
como que da lo mismo el orden lo importante es la cancion
you you ah....incredible nice job paramore ROCKS4eveR
I want this song played at my funeral one day
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