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Left 4 Dead 2: Minecraft Style - The Finale (Deathcraft II Campaign Part 4)

by CaptainSparklez • 1,828,234 views

Mark - Map: Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ●...

syndicate in the bed on the top floor of the house XD wrekt
Not with the D-eagle, you can't dual wield it.
Jordn why didnt you get the chaingun?
Do you have steam. friend BOMB!!!!!
Chimney swift was the only dead person that made me sad lol XD
they need to make 3 more of those campaigns  am i right
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There was three maps only first city then caves/stronghold,nether/recuse
There was three maps only first city then caves/stronghold,nether/recuse
They should have had Salted and Peppered from Crafted Movie in this map!
when you were in the lighthouse you should get the  tank i mean the propantank and put it  at the stairs then shoot it
Just watched all these.... Great Videos!!!
During 3:40 to 3:47 theres a pigman floating in the air XD
they didnt see SynHD at the end 
You were supposed to use the bomb you shot in the lighthouse and throw the bomb at the barricaded 2nd floor!
I saw syndicate on a bed
Newest uptade the guns are pixle
This is the greatest thing of all
weren't there a herobrine???
Snippet riffle is a joke from this claymation series by Robert bender
the walrus is trottumus
there's a M60 in the table
the ending shoulda been them facing herobrine
This is the greatest thing of all
you should of kept the sword
Where is deathcraft 1?
3:44 zombie goes like ballerina
I think the walrus is gizza14gazza
12:48 theres syndicate on the bed dead
Good for you for knowing the yogscast :):):):):):):):):):)
Yet he doesn't know the Gamechaps...
is the walrus ASFjerome except he has walrus teeth?
No it is Trottimus form HatFilms.
i love left for dead2
Good job it was in the little wood aka yogscast Martyn
From Hat Films It is Trottimus aka Walrus
i like 4 parts this is VERY COOL
ur at the last level of left 4 dead 2 
at 2:19 it might have been caveman films.
i like how it was minecraft
why didnt u download the minecraft gun mod?
Drugs? Really dude?
King Bree Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
5:50 I believe that is Trotimus from HattFilms
jrome was near the the last house cuz i seen betty
Can someone explain to me what S.S. Chode means?
Thumbs up is u r watching ths in 2013
He isn't really that famous when you consider the guys that are in here and Sky.
12:51 poor Steve, left behind while rescue comes... :(
Why would you pass up a machine gun
The zombie with a suit was sydicdate project
I was waiting for Skydoesminecraft
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