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Signature Kardashian-Esque Hair

by Nicole Guerriero • 249,089 views

Ways to CONTACT me & MORE! -Power IQ Curling Iron (1 1/4 inch),default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH -Not Your Mother's (FULL REVIEW COMING SOON) *Beat the...

What happen to this video and why can't I watch it
Why is this blocked :(
Gorgeous hair!! and great tutorial you just earned a new subbie!!
Layla Chapa Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I do the same thing with my wand like everyday and people always tell me I look like a Kardashian when I do that hair style .. Great minds think a like:)
would this work with 1 1/2 inch curler ?
Hey im dying to know, what liquid eyeliner do you use? :)
saw this vid. saw the side vids from you and just knew i had to subb! lo l
i love your finger nail polish.. where did you find it and what is it called?
what kind of haircut do you have? like for your bangs and the rest? if you cut it yourself... put a tutorial please (:
@Nesserz85 LMAAAAAOO. im seriously dying of laughter. ive never actually laughed reading a comment
Argg!!!! you clever, clever girl!!!! So Thats how you get the volume @ the side. (when you flipped over & teased) have been trying to find out for ages!! you are a miracle babe XX thank you so much :)
thanks im gonna try tomorrow morning
Oh my gosh! You look just like the Kardashians. You're so freaking gorgeous! (:
I love this look, lately i've been recreating this look alot.
You are beautiful, real, funny and have nice hair! I love all your videos girlie keep it up x
hello i have a question what color shade is your hair pleasee MAKE A VIDEO or reply !!! thank you
@TiffanyEileen88 100% Agree, but she looks PRETTIER than khloe.. no offense khloe, but you look gorge!!! (:
I want to know if you spray ur hair with hairspray so the curls hold up or they hold up themselves, and if they hold up the whole day..?? Please i need to know couse 2morrow i wanna rock that look 2 school =) Thanks 4 the tutorial !!
Check out my Kardashian inspired hair tutorial! Please subscribe to my channel! :)
Your absolutely beautiful so FREAKIN' FLAWLESS!
how do u get ur fringe like that (before you start curling)? straighten them in an outward motion?
ive been looking for this exact hairstyle forever! and your the only one that has what im looking for!
Like your taste in You're beautiful, and thanks for the tutorial.
You look just like Khloe! You're so friggin gorg. (And don't worry, Khloe is my absolute favorite!)
@ 1:30 Alicia keys playing in the background!
Your GHETTO MUSIC choice really SUCKS!!!!
Haha ! That song I BELIEVE fits you perfectly :) BTW You're gorgeous !
ILohve Yuhr Scence Of Humor ( : & Yuhr Tips Lol <3 Prawpr
Its like Khoe making a video on hers Everyday hair routine...!
I can never get that volume you have, lmao.
I can't watch this on the ipad nicole!!!!!
i love ur hair its so kay kay lol i can't wait to get my damn tracks now ;]
It's like watching a young khloe kardashian do a hair tutorial LOL
@thesadiemlady Oh! And what are you wearing on your lips? It's so cute!
I am so glad I found your videos! So funny and so REAL! Keep doing what you do! I'm gonna check out the rest of your videos :)
@WannaxMinaj ahh i know! i went to this video and instanly i thought KHLOE!?
You kind of resemble Khloe Kardashian! And that is a compliment!! =)
Oh my goodnesss! thank god I found this videooo! Thanks girl! This really helped me out, I tried doing this look before with the same type of curler and my curls fell out like within an hour :( love your videos!<3
You seriously look like a Kardashian. Only way hotter. Lol :p
Almost 1 million views! You're the best <33
you are so gorgeous!! i love watching your videos! i love the color of your hair!! what color is it?
not even kidding, you look exactly like khloe kardashian when i cover your eyes. it's so crazy!! and i think khloe's gorgeous, and so are you :) sooo jealous
Do you dye your hair? I love the color of you hair! & great tutorial!
question, what if we dont hold the curl but just quickly clip it up ? will it last EXTRA longer ? lol
where do you get its not your mothers products ??
Its funny.. Im watching ur video and this is exactly how i do my hair! So cute!
hey missy, do you dye your hair? if yes, whats the hair colour called?! great vedio btw. :)
where do u get ur hair cut?? and do u do some make for people??
how do u get all these companies to send u their stuff for free? that is amazing!!
Do you have clip in extensions or ..?
Oh you fancy, huh? Love the video girl.. you make it easy to watch, you're so enjoyable (and adorable) Fantastic tips! Thanks!
Would you still recommend this curling iron?? I really want to get a bigger size but don't know which brand I should get
I think she looks better than khloe lol khloe isnt rly very nice looking.
Are you wearing extensions in this? x
I am in LOVE with your hair! Where did you get your extensions from? I've been wanting to buy some, but I don't know where to start and yours are amazing!
Your so cute, you've grown so much. Just finished watching your last video and randomly clicked on this one again. Loved you from first video!! (= Keep at it <3!!
thanks! you are super gorgeous and i have been trying to do this hair forever!!! now i know what i do wrong and every video i look at has either too tight curls or too loose. loooved this vid!!!
This is so amazing i have been looking for this look for ages
i have 2 questions(: -Where do you get your "not your mothers" products ?1 I've been hearing alot of girls saying that it works really well and i want to get them ! -Where did you get your extensions ? I want to get some until my hair grows more o;
Hey I just wanted to say you look like Kloe Kardashian but in yhur Perfect Imperfection tag yhu look like Kim Kardashian nd love the look but do yhu think tht it will look good if yhu have like 3 in shorter hair than yhu
you're the missing kardashian ((((:
AH! I love you girl! IDK how I came across your video but Im subscribing :)
what is you're hair colour? obviously a brown but do you know the exact name for thhe colour? and is that real hair or extentions? reply asap thanks!!
i fucking love this video~~~~~~~~!!!!!!<3 i watched it over 100 times !
omggg u lok like khloe alots u r rlly prtty thou
I'm obsessed!! I did my hair like this today and I can't stop looking at it! you're amazzingg(: annd your soo much prettier than khloe kardashian.
music in the background is really distracting..
oh my goodness ! you help SO much love ! what hair color do you have on ? it is absolutly gorgeous !
You look like a Kardashian.. bahah.
what color is ur hair i love it :)
Obviously this channel is not meant to inform anyone of research or politics or anything of the sort. It is purely for entertainment and an instructional video. Get over yourself. Just because someone post a video teaching others doesn't mean they are an uninformed, uneducated, or unintelligent person.
do u have color contacts on ? ur eyes look grey !
omg , im watching the kardarshians then looked down at the laptop and was confused:/ your gorgeous...<3
Haha i liked the "oh you fancy huh?" part, that actually made me laugh.
i think you kind of resemble niki reed when she had her hair brown :) sooo pretty!!!!!
do u have your extensions in while curling it?
I knew u looked like someone then i was like Khloe!!(:
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