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B1A4 - Baby Good night, 비원에이포 - 잘자요 굿나잇, Music Core 20120609

by MBCkpop • 320,016 views

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Great to see the fans making some noise. They were really enjoying the performance. It is such a joy for the idols.
i love the dance ^^
eso fue... como decirlo EStupidamente LiNDOOO.!! :3 <3
0:52 BARO CAN YOU NOT? Ugh Baro is my main bias of B1A4 and he killed me at the part. 😱💀😍👏💕🎤
which one is jinyoung?
When they do the hip thing, it's just so sexy.
Kyaaakk!!! Yeah they're so cool~^.^
다들 좋구만....그려....개성 있고....공찬이 파트가 적은게 좀 아쉽군.^^
lo que me gusta de b1a4 es que sus canciones son divertidas , y si son románticas son bien tiernas.
I like all of them especially Jinyoung,Baro and Sandeul! Btw, Cnu look better with spec hahah..
CNU was So C.U.T,E :3 >~<
따라하는 애들 좀 조용히좀하지;;
공찬... 좋아서 죽겟다
who is that guy in 00:34 ?
ohh hay hay que me llama la atencion de Gongchan!! su carita. como baile. su voz. me gusta todo de el!! me gusta esta cancion. es divertido. y Sandeul >.< es hermoso<<<< aish me encanta B1A4 
CNU was adorable, adorable, adorable, adorable!
nada, nari, jinju, and jiae from wa$$up are the backup dancers, can't believe i never noticed!
the female backup dancers are all members from the girl group wassup 
Like B1A4 say Baby Good night .. so good night #BANA .. Jalgayo ..sleep time ..
goodnight saeng... sweetdreams... ^_^
Nae my unnie .. you too ..
for some reason, i can't ever take my eyes off of CNU's hips when the "whoaaa whoa, ohh" part comes on... there's just something so hypnotizing about how he does it... omg.
Errr the fanchant kinda..........annoying????
omg when gongchan clapped his hands so cute
Ahhhh when they dance it's so captivating .... Especially cnu --
most of them try to be cutesy the you see CNU and baro being sexual and I just can't take it!
I like CNU hairstyle on bay goodnight x)
Looks like all of them have secret admires from us and plus they don't kno our real names so that is kind of a secret admires
I don't know why but every time Jinyoung makes that face/smirk at 0:18 it makes me go CRAZYY, I tell you.
that moment that you're doing the fanchant while watching this :)
0:16 LOL sandeul sticked his tongue tooooo!!!OMG i'm gonna melttttttt....
밑에님 비포보다 빅뱅이 인기가더많은거 사실인데 그렇게말하시면 바나들은 좀 기분나쁠듯;;;비포보다ㅇㅇ가머예여;;
me silently screaming while holding my head during jinyoung's part at 0:15 SADFGJHK
Got obsessed with them from Hello Baby. (:
0:38 ---> Baro hits Sandeul's butt 0:39 ---> He's happy about that ^^ BADEUL I LOVE YOU !
Perfeitooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos' demais ! amo muito eles ! ♥♥♥♥♥
완젼 귀요미들~~♥♥♥♥ㅋ
baro's hair looks SO good here <3 XDDD
It's just a way of showing their love and support to b1a4.. If I'm there, I will do the same thing.. Shout for them and go with the music..
This doesn't make sense...I don't like it but I like it..? |L
These boys are amazing, they look both cute/innocent and damn hot at the same time, I guess that's because of this hip move during the chorus I find them sexy :P
when baro says bye-bye >.> i feel like my heart just landed in a feild of puppies and rainbows ^.^
pause at 0:13 BARO!!!!!!!!!! <3 too cute :3
That was just Incredible and Outstanding :). I love you, My Mans :).
LLLLLLLLLooooooooooooooVVVVVVVVVVeeeeeeeeeeee It !
진찌 잘생겼다... 노래도 잘하구ㅠㅠ♥
비포팬들이좆초딩이라서 빡친다 좆무개념들 진짜 무개념팬들만 좆잡고 부엉이바위에서운지해라
What was the fanchant, can't really hear properly.
0:15, 0:20 I see you Sandeul. You adorable little shit.
finally perfect HD for our perfect boys XD
여자애들 육성좀봐ㅇ.....
CNU's outfit here is just ... handsome!
crjo me hago bana oknoooo xD solo me gusta el paso ououoo ououou =P
신우앓이의 결정적계기가 되었던 문제의 영상이다ㅜㅜ♥♥♥♥ 소중히 간직하자!ㅋㅋㅋ
BARO -3.-3 he's so Uff /).^ -3
빅뱅 보단 B1A4가 백배더 낳다
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