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OMG right now I think she's better than frickin' One Direction!!
If she's this good as a girl, imagine how good she'll be as an adult!!!
Actually shes not better her voice isnt as good as her voice in this video
Wow. She's a million times better than a lot of our singers today. 
no offense but she needs help.....WITH ABSOU;LUTELY NOTHING!!!!! I know im a pretty good singer but her....compared to me im like a little dust bunny
+DeathWarrior Vang read it That is not what she said!!
still watching in 2015 huhuh :))
im jealous because it seems like everyone can sing except me i sound like a deeper version of spongbob! 
lol i follow music class so we have to sing. I know this pain like no other, everyone in that freaking class seems to have voices that range from good to awesome, then theres me... We don't talk about me..
Sandra A Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
+Polle Lambrechts yes my friend she put my hear in that song that lil girl hit
Whats the name of the song?
This Girl Was So Pretty & She's Very Pretty Now Omg & She's Such A Amazing Singer
She has below my mind and I and freaking out man it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name of the song please!!!
Omg how old is she to sing that beautiful???
Ummmmm......... Um... That was very um...... Not like normal um... girls um... #### the worst um.., SINGER EVER!!¡!!!!!!!!
I bet she can sing better than u tho
i can sing better than  her!! i dont think theres anything great about this because she did not really hit a really high note! I'm sorry I'm not supporting this girl much!
All u people who say that u r prettier than her she's probably prettier than u haters.
I probably look cooler than all of you fuckers evevn you Britney
Like if you're watching in 2015!!!!!!
Holy piece of shit!! This is amazing 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Her name is Caroline Costa(:
Im a better singer than her
but you are ugly
Hannah your so mean.She is the best singer.You probly dont sing good ethier
this is song is amazing
she has so much talent and she is cute
Subscribe to me!!! in not in faze btw
Wow! she was doing it live! good shit baby. Amazing! that's what she does.
its amazing when a girl that age out does famous singers older than her
Omg she us well good at singing wish I was that good
That Voice... And that song... Omg I'm crying
I hacked this comments so you can't like it, HA!
Was this just to get people to like it...?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂now I feel stupid...😂😂😂
whats the name of the song she is singing?
Hurt- by Christina Aguilera
Hanahh Scott stop being a brat!😈😢😰😯😛😱😡💘
What name has this song? Say please....
Chust 1 words i can say: amazing
Look at that little shit sing
whats her name ??????
Her name is Caroline Costa :)
I have better singing then her I make up my own songs great singing throw she's little and I'm in fith grade
A little kid so cute
what do you mean, I personally think she is so talented and no one should say she is bad unless you are a better singer then her.
what's her name everybody ?
She is the best singer ever and whoever hates her singing can shut their fat ugly mouths!!!!
I have a bertiful mouth thank you very much!
Her voice literally gave me goosebumps
Really guys she obviously got singing lessons. She is good but I don't think that's just natural
she probably has had singing lessons but theres only so much that they can do, you cant change the sound of your voice through lessons and she sounds
all I said is that she had singing lessons
She has potential but her voice is still very child like........not fully developed. 
She is a child what do you expect?!?!
Dude for real she's like 11 of course she still sounds like a child
I am 5and I saw this and sang this song at the x factor and went to Hollywood
what's your name, ms troller? ;D
Who's watching this in 2015?
What's the name of this girl?
Sharon Mentz Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Take a look at this video on YouTube:
Along the lines of Jackie Evamchio or whatever that operatic wunderkind is named.
By leaps and bounds yes, I agree
+sean rothstein There's just no comparison between the two girls!!!! Besides this coming from a Jackie fan LOL 
:-( I want to sing like that I been singing for years but I don't sing like that
A lot of kids could sing like this but she's the best
That's what the world needs, another brat with an ok voice. Fail!
Does anyone know what this song is called???
Darude-Sandstorm lol jk
hurt by christina aguilera
She WILL grow up to be a pop-star. I will remember her name then say 'I told you so' in about 5 years when she gets a record out.
She is. Look her up she's famous 😍 but she kinda lost her voice a little
I'm not sure what the crusty ugly guy in the glasses is laughing at in the beginning. ASSHOLE! 
I think he was in such amazement that he was in disbelief.
Wow hi Guys hef you sie dat OMG det was so great dis was de best singing gril ever :o
Hun, she ain't a grill.
shes very good what song is she singing  
Hurt - Christina Aguilera
i thought she was good... i dont' know why that rude asshole laughs at her@0:33
she laughs because he was surprised and happy because he dident think she was going to sing so well,but she showed him wrong :) +n 
+alex crotty still think it was rudeof him to laugh during her performance
What's her name? I would like to be friendship with her.
Caroline DUHHHH its in the beginning
how much old is she now?
Thanks everybody :D ;)
Sad, inhuman, and repulsive. This girl may sing like a little Whitney Houston now but will be miserable (and probably on coke) when she's older. Hope she stops while she's ahead.
You should shut the fuck up because you don't know how amazing she could be when she's older. What are you a fucking psychic? You don't know shit
+JasonLove Are you stupid or something, she is nothing like Lindsay Lohan, this girl can sing and is doing very well, I do care about young girls like this and why not? As it is she is a lovely and talented singer who is doing very well, she is 18 now. So just leasrn a bit before making stupid comments. Too bad you have nothing worthwhile in your sad little life.  
My little sister can sing better then her
Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon xoxo.
what song is she singing?:
Hi can sing waaaaaayyyyyyyy better than her. ^^
Thanks to this bitch, my beloved grandma got a stroke and his now in the hospital!!! Her lip synched voice was horrible!
Are you really stupid or what, Caroline did not steal anything, she sings very well and you most likely drove your grandmother to having a stroke by being a pathetic objectionable child.
Right... You keep thinking while around 50 million think she was wonderful. Hipster
what is this song called
No offence kid but I've heard better
For a kids that's amazing
No offence, but if you don't sing better you shouldn't be posting this. I agree, her voice isn't developed yet, but for a kid she's pretty amazing, and sings this song (which is pretty hard) really nicely.
What song is she singing?
Hurt by Christina Aguilera
Hahahahahaha SHES OLDER NOW and she ain't like 10 or 9 she's 16 now xD
She needs some work.
I think she's lipsicking
Think that's Lip syncing, listen to Jackie Evancho and see what you think...
She has very nice hair and she can sing, what can you do?
That girl can sing. How old are you.
I think about 8 years
Emily Smith Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago (edited)
She has a good voice!
Seen this..she's ok but I didn't like the way she sung the song. I love that song , but she could have done it MUCH BETTER. Not impressed
She does not have the best voice ever, but she still has a pretty voice, she is also pretty!
Boooooooooooooo 😴😨
Gary Gooley Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
she can sing....
this WHORE is hot as fuck
what is this song cuz i want to know
Hurt by Christina aguilera
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