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GTA 4 - Niko Vs Brucie

by Pros0ny • 1,158,231 views

A really random and stupid video I made using the GTA IV ingame video editor :) Follow me:!/_Pros0ny_ First song: Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Intrumental) Second song:...

gta 5 ötöt is jolet kivane gészitve jovgy rok !!!!
Aahhahah i died from laughing!i thought they were going to fight and they start running like a idiots xD!
:D nice one  made my day :D you got it nice in 1.29 :)
Pegasse a arma pro brucie ir embora
hahaha As he ran and tripped over with an ant Niko :D
Nyte Blayde Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
the dance on the end is well funny
i already found a trevor under some gta 4 video :-D
Good Job, Rasta. if ya wanna more jobs i give ya more jobs
roman can u stop saying lets go bowling
niko would win because he was in the military
Song is stamp on the ground plus its in subscription
What's the name of the song at the end
Just go bowling with him, he got chased, beat up, kidnapped, shot in the stomach, and kidnapped again, only for YOU to go rescue him. I know he blamed it on you, but hey, he's your cousin.
(my mind thinking they were gonna fight) when i see brucie chase niko my face was like...-.-
Da fuq did i c niko Fell shit he bust his ass
No, he's going to be going bowling with me! Right, Niko?
OMG this is hilarious in a wierd way
i want link for music when niko run
When I control you, I always say yes to Roman, lol. But if it's something important, I tell him not today.
Кто русский ставте лайк:D
440 people are so stupid disliking a awesome video
has that bull shark testerone messes up your balls yet! XD
hey niko lets go kill roman P.S. roman,I AM THE ONE WHO KILLED YOU MOTHERFUCKING MOTHER.
Brucie was my least favorite character. I always told him lets hang out just so I could shoot him in the face for fun then when he'd call me saying "hey just got out of the hospital can you pick me up" my answer everytime was "sure thing bruice"
all niko has to do is kick brucie in his vagina
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