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Haifa Wehbe Arab Makeup هيفاء وهبي المكياج العربي (Drugstore products)

by Julia Graf • 316,431 views

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سنااء اكرم Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Haifa Wehbe Arab Makeup هيفاء وهبي المكياج العربي…:
ررررؤؤؤؤؤؤعععععههههه هيفاء وهبي
I love your eyes here but I can never seem to pull it off myself, the eyeshadow always ends up looking too much/bordering comedic "drag" style where I do it so dramatic, wondering if my face shape just can't handle such fabulousness 
Love your makeup and hairstyle! Beautifull !!
Whats the song called in the beginning
This look suits you really well.
Its beautiful on Haifa , but look scary on you lol
Haifa Wehbe Arab Makeup هيفاء وهبي المكياج العربي…:
You are a fabulous make up artist. Please come train me. I want to be this good.
beautiful and very inspirational, you are talened
This look looks so beautiful on u ♥♥♥
what is the song in this video someone help me please
Wow just wow I loved it Fabulous julia Love u ♥♥
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No offense, but you should do your eyebrows like this, bringing them a bit closer to the nose. They look amazing and frame your face. :)
u just took so drop dead gorgeous! im so happy u look so healthy and happy :)
Hey I really loved the way you do ur eye make up any tips on eye liners can't do them
LOVE this look!!! can I ask, what brush did you use with the Ben Nye concealer??
i love Haifa! your insanely gorgeous! umm what song did you play in he beginning?
totally love your tips so easy, thanks
This is a great look! I think I'll use it tonight when belly dancing!
i am a makeup artist but i never did blending like yours... now i learn something thanks so much julia :) keep it up
I really really really like it. :)
حبيت الوانه بس مره اوفر لو بسويه بخليه اخف من كذا حبييييت
I enjoy ur videos u make it look so simple. The bold n bright colors u blend so well i cant seem to find a good blending color when i find a color i like when I'm trying to figure out my color scheme .The tape u use is that just Scotch tape or some sort of special tape. I like the feature of u adding the name of the product ur using ( like the liners & who by).
Danke für das Tutorial mit einer Sleek Palette! Ich liebe diese Paletten, nur manchmal weiss ich nicht was ich mit all den Farben anstellen soll, ausserdem will und kann sich nicht jeder Mäc leisten :-/ Mach weiter so, liebe Julia!
Where are those that I wrote? Were they erased???
Can you please do a tutorial using bright blues please?
te ves hermosa... ese maquillaje esta genial , felicitaciones !!
loved it ! you go girl :) i couldn't get that rite even if i tried hahah :)
i really love how you did that make up tutorial and you should make more than 1000 makeup tutorial videos and really beautiful
Are there different ways to draw eyeliner on your lids to make your eyes look like its a different shape?
For someone darker skin, what color would you put under the brow
I completely agree with you! Watching Julia's videos I have learned so many techniques and have actually gotten really nice compliments on my makeup. All inspired by Julia :) She's the best!
I must say that i agree with you as well. What I like about her work is that it is neat.
u look so pretty in this video..ur face is so slim..good for u julia
Love what u do, dis look is so hot
I loooved this tutorial!!! I'm a bellydancer so it's comes very handy! Also, watched you on DW. You rock girl!!! Greetings from Argentina!
You look so gorgeous in this video. Keep it up.
What foundation did u use? What color? Thank you! Loved the look!
Are there different ways to dray
Seriously amazing! You make it look so easy!
I live in Arab country and I really like your tutorials and I learned a lot from them, thanks love you
Does it look good if you wear red lips with this look?
i love this look!!! its beautifully amazing!!
This look is beautiful:) I recently got Tahiti by cargo and some of the colors in the palette I think can be used to recreate this look:) I'm going to try anyways thanks for sharing this look:)))
You're so beautiful ,and you pronounced the name correctly ♥
More Arab Makeup tutorials please!!
WeHbee. It's an amplified 'H' sound in the name :)
Das Make up, passt gut zu deinen augen. lg
My pleasure, it's all true and I hope young girls appreciate the time you take to help them pull their look together. BTW, I also enjoy your French and German episodes as well. All-around excellence. Continued good luck to you. No thanks required :)
gorgeous julia...... I just have a quick question - do u think its ok to use damp applicators (either brushes or tiny sponge ones) for eye shadows? I have been doing so for some time now and now im sort of worried that im actually destroying my eye shadows thanks
Amazing!!!! stunning and beautiful make up!!!
Really pretty! My phone won't let me thumbs up this but it's definitely a thumbs up. :)
حتى هيفا وهبي وصلت للغرب :)
I love your videos they have helped me alot. I am actually looking into going into a makeup school. It looks like something i wouldnt mind doing as a career. i get bored and play with my makeup all the time. Thank you
Really love it. Now am going to spend the next 3 hours practicing. Darn you and your creative inspirations! :)
there was a long time since I saw your videos and you look much prettier now!!!!!! :DDDD
bellissimo un saluto da l'Italia!!!!
I love that color on your nails!! Such a pretty purple
Do you know how to write arabic?
how is your nailpolish called, it's gorgeous! great video :) xxx
هيفاء وهبي العربيه الوحيدة العالميههههههه
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