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Zelda - I CAN SWIM - Part 76

by TobyGames • 106,312 views

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How can I swim underwater?? Plz someone answer
You really can't swim until you reach the end of a spirit realm in Faron Woods, which is a bit further than after Lanayru Desert & LMF. After you've defeated Farore's Spirit Realm you receive a scale which allows you to swim underwater.
Claang watch xanauzumakis abridged series fer twilight princess
"If you try, you can never fail." Words to live by
i actually enjoy watching this.
XD whick one, ! or 2? 2 would be so much funnier, you know, with the fat purple luma.
Who else was like SONIC noise then toby said sonic!!!
Yeah... it's a bird... right....
Zelda is on the Wii. Maybe he has a facecam on Minecraft, Skyrim, and Happy Wheels because they are on the computer.
If it has gas, then that's not the bellybutton... o.O
toby's short term memory: his reaction to stabbing the "pear" indicates that he doesn't remember stabbing the pumpkin in an earlier video.
Griffin is very convincing at the end
If you hate Pewdiepie you hate Tobuscus because they're both friends.
jap, i allready got it, but i thought there is a way to record with a cam on the wii too. i only want to see him, throwing his arm arround while controlling with the wiimote^^ i think this whould be awesome and a much more fun than with only the voice^^ and sry for my bad english. im german :)
dammit! First I heard him yawn, so I was already thinking about it, and then right when he said yawn, there ya go you can figure out the rest.
Hahahaha as soon as I heard the whoop whop I just thought " this is inthelittlewood' all over again XD still love you Toby! But still miss gypsaur
I just wanted to know ow many ppl here watch Toby's videos with their mums.. He keeps talking about it..Reply to me and don't thumbs up..I am just curious and not a thumb up ho..
That's nice, but if you never try, you can never succeed either. ;)
well i can remember it, and my memory is terrible haha.
What despawned at 7:12 was a hornet larvea.
well atleast new link isnt quite the vandal he used to be
? You want the story to finish in a month? You mean skyward sword? Okay play that game and play it in a month :/ it's pretty big
0:31 Haha he said master card instead of monster claw xD
Less than a hundred views aww yeah
I can't handle Toby's awesomeness.
Anyone else think he should do a walk through of Twilight Princess?
wait. he congratulated a bat for having a blue ruppee. he failed to grab one of them earlier and claimed a bat] grabed it. he congratulated the bat who stole his ruppee!
how did you get that on the computer?
People He Cant Video Cam This (Its Wii) Not A Computer
Toby, you can run up the shield of the guys with boobie tastles and jump behind them.
Did toby NOT buy a new shield? Why is he NOT equipping it?! I thought he did?!
"Like" if you yawned after he said he yawned.
I looked up part 76 and 2 Choices came up but the other one is really part 78?
i thought more videos for us to watch was a good thing. or is watching this a chore for you?
if he dont have it i will give it to him i want him to play it soooo bad
if you never try, you can never fail TOBY'S WORDS OF WISDOM
wait....toby has been outside? WHAT?!
this is so annoying he bought a shield he forgot about so he is running around with 3 sheilds in his bag!
your cool toby, wen r u guna b in ERB?
What's my APR? Hopefully lots because I hate money and love debt.
Toby, if you played Zelda: Twilight Princess you would make me the happiest girl alive! I love your vids and the games you play, but my favorite game ever is Zelda: Twilight Princess. Please please PLEASE do a TobyGames for it!!!!!!!!
Omg I yawned at EXACTLY the same time he did! :D
you do realize he uses the facecam when hes on the computer right? zelda is on the wii so thats why he isn't using it
spi murder soo the spider was a pyro?
Region targeting would limit their "potential audience" and reduce how much they can charge for the advertisement. So...unfortunately greed takes the lead over being practical.
Toby should install the more creeps and weirdos mod
Actually he could use a video camera and edit it in later in post production.
00:58 - He should play Ocarina of Time.. XD
So yesterdays zelda video currently have a little over 44,000 views. Toby has over 1mil subscribers... People have no respect for the classic games that set the standards for gaming today. CoD more or less took over but this is better and only equal to cod4
Toby should do a facecam for this game. Imagine how hilarious he would look playing Wii
do the diamond sword song in this game!!
XD omg hey why don't you like to fall to death on cliffs?
It's Wii. Couldn't you tell by the remote on the right side of the video?
He's awesome, and so does every youtuber with youtube partnership. Every person with partnership gets money from likes and views and how the hell do you know he uses cheap recording tactics. He might spend a lot of money on his equipment.
Nippley thong monster scares me with this gold pasties
Seriously, people need to stop trash talking Toby, because he is awesome. He makes a lot of people smile :)
Inside the great tree reminds me of Ferngully!!
i think there was an amber relic at 8:52
It's cool that I click the little thumbs down though right?
OH MY GOD. Hate it when people come onto videos and just rant about how much they hate it and say that it's stupid. If you have a problem with the video, you dont need to attack people just because they disagree, and others don't need to respond to it! SHUT UP AND WATCH TOBY!
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