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T.I. - Love This Life [Audio]

by TIvsTIP • 2,741,939 views

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It says of the French Riviera with Athena
Bad ass T.I. song with a catchy hook.
Diamond edition has a ring to it
This song wakes me up
MrCocoJIM Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
whats the video in the background??
+Patrick Clark thanks bro! And why did T.I. put this video lol??
To be honest, I'm not sure. I guess because the scenes in that video is exactly what T.I. is doing now-a-days and he loves every minute of it.
umm get YOUR facts right cause what i typed was the truth, if you cant handle it then dont reply :)
Check out my msuic on my channel. Thank you in advance
i'm not saying that is the best, im saying he has flow when he raps, learn to notice the difference.
I love this song! It reminds me of my ex gf and I
Thumbs up If you are going to school/college or going to work today.
ARE you dumb Flo-Rida for reallllll ´can you blow my whislte baby baby blow my whistle´ that shit aint even rap
pac was a slave to the illuminati jus like biggie.. You don't know shit little kid stop talkin bullshit when you dont even know SHIT
I love this song :D T.I is back :D creating the best songs right now like he did before :) missed your great music!
2 chainz 4 life gucci rag on the dome
Rick is fake as fuck but his music is pretty good
177 people don't love their life
lmao everything you jus said is wrong. lil wayne will never be the goat.T.I is by far better then wiz and the goats either nas,eminem,tech n9ne, or pac
The best Rapper we all know is 1.Kanye 2.Wayne 3.Drake 4.T.I 5.Jay Z
It's funny how when a rapper has a tough life, they start to rap good and have amazing tracks. But when a rapper is living his life to the max with no problems like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, etc. they rap shitty ass fucking songs.
umm tip is actually one of the most logical and cerebral rappers out there his lyrics make completer and perfect sense the reason you don't hear any of that one "ball" was because thats a party track what you expect the songs bout gettin fucked up not trying to display any type of message he's really the best rapper in the game maybe GOAT its debatable
i strongly disagree. Lil wayne's music was never good neither was Ross's. If your career started with good music, it should end with good music. T.I is no longer living with problem's. Sure he has the occasional "slip" but thats all because fortunately for him he has all the money he needs to make a 10 year sentence in jail into a 10 month sentence in Jail, and his music has never been BETTER.
Hey cool name thats hella original without the c in reckless. And a z and k in muzik instead of Music. You need a cigarette kid look at yourself this is a t.i. video n you're talkin bout tupac and rap music haha.
wow, this song has been in my head for the past 2 weeks! couldnt find the name of the song finally found it, its amazing!!!!!!!
T.I. is truly one of the greatest emcees out there.
You You know You Love Dis Life Don't Nobody Do you Like Me -- Yoouuuuu Knnooooowwwww
I do listen to 2 pac FYI My favourite song is Dear mama so fuck yourself iv been a fan of 2 pac for a long time. Oh and im 16 so SMD!
u knowww u u know u u know i saw my bro at the store being gay i know uu knoww u u know i dont really care gay or straight in there u know
LOL You can't even legally smoke a cigarette yet little kid stay listening to t.i. and tupac lil buddy you're going to make a fine slave when you get older.
It does, but the video probably won't be released till his album comes out.
Lmfao you say his mainstream CD is his best? You're retarded as fuck I knew you would say some retarded shit like that when I said that. He USED to be a good rapper then got anal fucked by his record label and started making music for money and money only he doesn't give a fuck about his fans just like lil wayne. Learn to fucking spell too you're so fucking illiterate on that comment. N how did i change the subject? My god you are retarded as fuck lmfao just stop its embarrassing.
t.i. knows the ppl...and thats what seperates him from other rappers
T.I., Ice Cube, Dr Dre, The Game, Wiz Khalifa, N.W.A., Only the best Fuck eminem and lil wayne
Bitch you know you love this life
You thick shit 2 pac was a slave then he got tired of being in control so he tried to get out of it then the illuminati killed him.
thick shit?? lolol Kid you were misinformed pac was one of the Illuminati's best and most talented rappers. He tricked everyone to make them think he was on their side but he was really secretly friends with his enemies.. You think biggie and p diddy are legends as well? Fuckin little pussy lmfao get out of here you dont know shit
T.I.P your the man, haha you got an aussie rapper on your crew too good on ya!!
LIFE this LOVE Love this LIKE JUST ask and you shall receive Marry me?
So I told the judge If he decides to throw the book at me make sure it is the bible start calling myself the King for lack of a better title Glorify God almighty We do not worldly things nor idols For there is always hope for a better tomorrow. Jesus saves I rock Full throttle i am real pimping i am promoting his Title.
this is is best song in the last few years. this should have been a huge #1. i dont know why the industry not giving him his props.
how you gonna say hes the ONLY rapper with a real flow... you sound dumb i mean i know mainstream rappers got a trash flow but Nipsey, Nas, Ludacris... your tellin me they aint got REAL flow....
go too:- ARASH feat helena pure small islands off australia.........,,,,,also i posted comments on rudimental-feel the love feat john newman 8 million views a few days ago....peace..
havent you noticed if you click on whats considered a "real" hip hop artists video there will be people leaving there opinions on whats good and whats garbage.. like,
ahhh, i like some of the new guys to, some i can tell aint goin nowhere but others ....they got some good talent coming out
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