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JG G36C Pumpkin Decimation

by godsairsofters • 174,306 views

We decimated a Pumpkin with the G36C Please comment, message or e-mail us is you have any questions or if you would like to join our team. Email:

my .44 magnum does more damage than that in 1 shot!
I think it would be about even. Upgrading the JG may even be slightly more expensive. Gearbox components get expensive.
Clearly exagerating on the 10x lol. But KWA g36s do perform substantially better than the JG G36 out of the box.
sorry to say but this video was quite boring
how many shots can you get off from a single wind session on that mag? it seems like you guys got off like 30-50 rounds after winding it a few times! or were you winding while firing? either way it seems like a quality mag :)
True. But for 35 bucks more you get a more reliable gearbox.
not so much decimation as slight malpractice .__. (I'm just joking XD)
@englishrapper What kind of BBs if their the generic walmart bbs that is a rip off. If they are like King Arms or Matrix, etc. OH FUCK YEAH oving to england if it is xD
Not really. A lot of the JG internals are fine. The few changes need are hop up. Better compression and piston. That's really it besides maybe downgrade the spring. Some people go real over board but it would only total up to around 230-240 dollars.
why do you need to whined it sorry im new to airsoft
did u have pumpkin soup after that?
u should upgrade it to make it shoot 650 fps like my jg m4a1
@MrGamerzDelight The magazine is high capacity so needs to be wound about ever 40 rounds or so from what I've heard.
@MrGamerzDelight wind the bbs up to the feeding slot
i love how he has a grip on but he doesnt even touch it
Was it a 100 dollars? cause i saw 2 of em in walmart for 100 dollars....
you know what the fuck i meant and this was almost a year ago
my .22 parker hale would do that in 2 shots btw ur cameras outa focus
Its used to prove that is fake guns
Is it too powerfull for an airsoft club fight? Dont want to buy it and then discover that I closed the club by sending someone to hospital with an overpowerfull gun.
False, crap gearboxes are pot metal, the good ones are anodized steel.
wind wind wind wind wind wind! lol xD
@spootybaby how the hell did you get 106 thumbs for writing exactly what he said in the annotations! -_-
I guess you don't need to use the knife for halloween anymore.
my h&k g36c u dont have to wind it up when it is in full auto
That pumpkin is ready for Halloween! XD
i can feel right now in my mouth
You must be good at fruit ninja..
@19DaRiO95 Ich denk mal weil Amerika kein Waffengesetz hat. Deshalb ist das Orangene Teil dran damit man entscheiden kann welche eine Airsoft und welche eine echte Waffe ist. Vermut ich mal...
@wheelin20 That's because you have either a low or mid cap magazine. He has a high cap magazine.
@TheCameltotem its airsoft it wont overheat and he has to wind up the mag every now and then due to it being a Hi-cap
I love that gun just ordered it from evike for 125$
And now the decimation of that barking dog...
srry but you vid sucks yo should focus the camera shoot the center of the pumkin andget some shooting classes!
Gearboxes are pot metal. No matter what brand. Star uses plastic. JG version 3 will last a long time.
0:24 Wank Wank Wank Wank Wank Wank
upgrade to a 9.4 volt and it wont sound like your gun it constantly wet farting
wind wind wind wind wind thts funny man and it cool if its outta focus gread vid man'
Pumpkins are cheap but bb's, they are expensive
@TheTonyTigar Well, since decimation literally means to kill ten percent, this was actually fairly close. :)
Thats how i'm carving my pumkin next haloween!
I'm ordering same gun but with forward grip 3000 round dual drum mag and green dot reflex
ha ha, be like r lee ermy and shoot mellons, hoora
@zocom009 i cant tell u cuz theyre only in shops like 3rd party ones there iz some shp called a1 poundstore therr cheap tehre
@benhahapen yea but this is airsoft where you can shoot some one and not kill them unlike with ur .44 magnum like dirty harry said it wuld take ur head clean off
What's the rounds per min on that
my 12 ga slug will destroy that thing in one shot
how can u still be happy when u r being blasted with a airsoft gun at nort point blank range
if i was u i would stick a justin beiber picture on that pumkin and shoot the fuck outa it
I live in Australia so what do u mean by windwindwindwindwind
they are not that cheap unless you get really crap ones which will break your gun.
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