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SPAGHETTI (aka Party With Your Pu$$y Out) by Andy Milonakis & Chippy Nonstop

by AMilonakis • 1,360,306 views

Buy on ITUNES [song] Produced by Party Animal & Grizz Lee Written and performed by Andy Milonakis and Chippy Nonstop...

This is just like all the "famous" artists the media and news shows. It's the same shit repeating over and over with the same buildup you've heard right before the main part. Lyrics are also pulled out of their asses
This is a fucking classic
+billy bob The only song that I think is a classic is this song. No other song i've ever listened to in my life is as good as this. Just the amount of tale and skill it takes to create a song of this caliber is amazing. I don't think you know much of musicianship or else you'd be agreeing with me.
Lol I fuckin love this, I think something is wrong with me.
For everyone ripping on him. It's a fucking joke. Do you not see when you are trolled?
¿Rubius, qué cojones me has hecho escuchar?
Masonic little ucker he is, we all know he got gaped in one o those rituals. Andy don't talk about pussy when your all about dick
It's falling out your pussy already, moms spaghetti
Dude that's fuckin great
Dam I miss this guy shows
Hey Andy, it looks like this is not your friends. Watch that girl I've found for you She is from Russia. And if you like her then I offer to exchange her address for those another 5 guys from your video. Don't you know their names?
What is her name? The one with the Adidas top. 
This is how I eat Spaghetti.
He is 38 years old!
This is comical, this boy is a GENIUS..have you not seen 'reputable' (I use that term lightly) artists appearing in Music videos that relevantly have the same concept as Andy's video, most videos nowadays have just a bunch of girls dancing like skanks behind  the artist, who is doing what I can only describe as nothing but dumb shit.. This video is just like the KIM AND KANYE shows you just how low the music industry has become with morals and how the music video's no longer have a concept or creativity, yet people like and want to see more of these irrelevant videos !! And as for the lyrics in the song..I hear this shit in a million other songs, and people BUY IT ???JHEZUS..what has this world come too ?
hey old are you and you already have 2 tattoos? THE F*CK?! if you are bigger than I think,it's fine, but what the f*ck..
I wish I was joking too, but it's true. He has a congenital growth disorder that gives him the appearance of a teenage boy. Check him out on wikipedia and you will be surprised
HOLLY  MOTHER OF GOD! were absolutely right!..he is like ma small brother (6 years old) LOL..Amazing how one person can be like.. or whatever (bad English) xD
he looks like 12 but he is currently 39 years old, he suffers from a "congenital growth disorder" which prevents him from aging ;u;
I just found out he is 39... Wtf
Pizza boi is way better than this.
Nothing against pussys but this sucks.
Ganas de tener un hijo bajando... BAJANDO DEMASIADO.
Love the breaks in this song
I've always wondered what ever happen to Dora the Explorer
He will be 50 in 12 years but still looking 12 years old. 
You should be on those bikes, not the girls
Like si viniste Por ElrubiusOMG
I'm 27 and I got lots of grey hair already and already am starting to get wrinkles lol damn
can everyone stop saying why the fuck does andy age so slow. you all know he has a hormonal disorder. no 38 year old man look 14
ayyy its chippy nonstop  
I find this song extremely easy to masturbate to.
Chaval deja de arrimar tu gusiluz que lo que te hacen falta son menos foskitos!!
This shit be jamming bruh.
How come andy ages so well? He doesn't look 38 by any means...
He as an error in his DNA structure, he does not age physical.
 me encanta tu papada, gordo :D
at least get some hot girls.....they are fucking nasty!!!!!
girl you wearing granny panties gtfo!! hahaha, i wish i was this guy
the fuk is this shit.
ебать ты жирный как поезд пассажирный
my mom sent this to me
this little nigga is crazy what is he like 12
00:25 pon 0.5 de velocidad y te fumaste un bueeeeeeeeeen porrooooo
I just lost 15 iq points.
Can someone explain what the fuck is going on?
Obviously we ain't partying with your pussy.
WTF did I just see? Probably the only reason it got 1million views is the word Pu$$y and the chicks.
you ready, party with your pussy out :D
Este gordo se iso famoso por lo de retarded beatbox :/// are lo mismo para hacerme famoso tambien :D okno
A hacer caso al anime que controla jajajaj
+Netera Pratt Why is it ridiculous? I find it epic.
Its funny as hell. Only word I could think of to describe it for me was ridiculous.
Patojo cabrón, eso no es música, y aparte de ser morbosidad, aún así se luce como si fuera la mejor cosa del mundo.
These girls are nasty
Guys it's a joke calm your tits
Well, I don't know about the rest of ya, but I feel smarter after watching this.
competidor directo de eminem
I like spaghetti. Thank you thank you thank you.
What the hell lol what the fuck is this Andy lol! :D
Fuck this song sucks
I wonder what this kids parents are like...
Kid...? Yeah, by your comment, you're clearly the kid here... he's 38, he used to have a show on Mtv while you were still breast feeding.
lasted 1min,all my strength and power couldnt get me any furthur
anyone know where to get that shirt 
Probably rolled up in ur bitches pussy after Andy finished with it
vi este video x rubius, PERO ESTO K ES????
for some reason i cant stop seeing this. it deserves all its likes.
All I wanna know is who is that hot Asian?!?!?! I want her so damn bad
Pinc#@e gordo de mier...
this guys a fuckin perve all he talks about is his dick
what da fuck did i just watch
sell me that blonde, or asian one pm me price
Its fucking hilarious that this fat little fuck is 38 looks about 15 and has voice still has not broken Hahahaha
This is the worst song i have ever heard from Andy Milonakis!! All his other stuff he does i love but this song its the same lyrics through the whole song. Andy you know you can do better. I love and miss your show that used to be on MTV.
andy gimme that shirt!!!
Is this a joke literally
Thats da best song eva
okei primero el retrasado big box y despues esto no me jodan
Did anyone buy this garbo
girl you whering granny pannies. fuck you btich!!
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