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Things to do in: Minecraft - Gardening Grief

by Rooster Teeth • 1,540,550 views

Gav and Geoff put on their gardening gloves and cause some serious irritation.

Or, "How to Annoy Your Friends While Still Not Being a Complete Asshole"
am i the only one who thinks that's kinda cool?
"Oh, what happened here? How long was I gone??"
I like the plants on the ground, I bonemeal the ground anyways
i just watched how to make a tnt cannon the pressureplate landmine and this video all back to back i think im armed with enough to keep me busy in my friends worlds for a few more weeks till minecraft for x1 comes out
+MLGTroy1 Dude youre so much better than me at everything thanks to your machinima partnership. #Envy  
+AltShiftSpam lol i was better than everyone before machinima i was born better im perfect in everything i do
I actually did the "grass on dirt inside house" thing to a guy. He cleared it out, though, so I went in, replaces a few blocks with sand and planted cacti on them. Greatest reaction ever!
They leave for a few minutes, come back and its like the end of spirited away. perfect.
Muh. Cholid Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
vidio kesukaan anda Game
am i the only one that thought Gavins' "doofs" were funny
I love these old minecraft things to do where it's just Gavin's pranks. Definitely gives me some ideas!
Small And Sweat Just Like My Dick
the last one though actually was pretty cool
1:00 Evil chicken watching him in the grass.
My sister on minecraft pant saplings by her house and when she came back her house was demolished
Water clears out all grass and flowers. When I saw this last ear I thought this was the biggest pain in the ass and one of the funniest things you could do but now I clear entire biomes with fire and water so its like meh now lol
Hi everyone, check out my mini ebook on amazon, "make your own potting medium" by Kirkland Rowe. Thanks a lot everybody.
Hahaha i once did this to my little cousin, and then explained to him that trees grow everywhere if you abandon the area for too long. After a couple of times of him going into his house to find a tree, he decided to never again leave his area xD
How to get quietly asked to leave/banned from a server in so many simple and effective ways... I'm running out of servers which let me do these things.
Put a bucket of water on the ground to quickly clear grass
I love the "DFF" sounds in the vid.
put a tower way up in sky w lava above someones house they walk in over a trip wile it slowly falls and covers there house
Michael Koppenol Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Playing #minecraft  , just trolling around.
Sometimes. When i get bored with other games.
Can you do a Let's Build of this?
I would both love and hate to play Minecraft with Gavin.
One flaw in gavs tree plan You could blaze that shit up
any one else see the stalker chicken on 1:01
1:01 SPY CHI!!!! oh wait wrong youtuber :p
WTF bonemeal+grass block= moar grass n flowers???? OMG @_@
You know what Gavin should have done? Rebuilt the roof in dirt and planted trees on it.
Coolest Eco friendly house ever
do you want him to put a secret trophy room inside?
I love gardening in minecraft and in real life :3
you guys are stright funny i want to play minecraft iwth u guys in a video
that house is where tarzan lives
Even more fun if you flood the area around and in their house and put lily pads and vines and give their home a nice swampy feel to it.
1:01 That chicken-duck or whatever is that reminded me of slender teleporting in front of me.
did anyone else see the stalker chicken in the grass?
I approve this message. People should pay for the games they really enjoy playing, especially when they are made by independent companies who work hard to constantly improve their products.
pretty sure theres gonna be a lava trap somewhere if you let him
i really wanna see "The Purge" now :D even if it does seem very weird and horrid
Oops, that's what I meant. I thought skeleton but wrote zombie. I have that issue. I think right, but go left.
lol why would he put a tree in a small house
Doesnt look too bad, honestly. :3
Was that Ray's house?! Wait I forgot, he may have a Dirt floor but he has a Dirt house too!
Support Mojang! Support 4J! Support all those awesome guys by ignoring the below post!
1:01 shout out to the chicken hiding in the grass.
really? did the price go up? Man I bought it for 10 quid a long time back.
lol that actually makes the house look cooler
This is even more fun with jungle trees, since they can grow ridiculously tall if you plant 4 of them in a square.
Oh look i got a top comment 10 months ago and just realized it now
This video never fails to make me laugh.
Double that and add a few Trojans please. THIS IS SO CONVENIENT :'D
Ooh! I'd like my download with a side of virus and a smidgen of spyware please! :3
I would like that house if the wood in the house was gone so the roof was made out of leaves.
Lol Hey as long as I have my "weeds" with me then I'll die blissfully!
I wonder if thats the chicken thats trapped in Ryans house...#FreeEdgar2013
SPY CHICKEN 0:58!!! look to the left
I wish we heard a few more seconds of Audio, ending with Michael walking in like "Gavin! What the FU-"
Great idea! Let's pirate games! YAY!
Nope, I didn't even read the top comments. I go cakeless like that.
With landmines at the front door, lava in the ceiling, a giant statue of you with a boner, a tree & some weeds in your house, the entire thing being encased in obsidian and flooded.
Haha Gavin got trolled by Jack in the same way in a Let's play video that was recently released it was called "Creeper Fishing" And Gavin just got pissed so really Karma was just waiting..
Shout out to the one obsidian block in the roof
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