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Trevista Vs Jeff Fury

by thetrevistabomb • 3,375 views

trevista vs fury at friktion in cornwall ontario may 5th 2012

Jeff Fury sucks :v 
well if your in calgary or around there and minors can come see the show i'd totally come if i can convince my dad
you got any other wrestling videos man?
Travista you maybe lost but I loved your theme song and when you push his ugly face into those ropes...
The skinny restler has a fat belly. :P
Really strange that he has the song ''his world'' as his theme tune xD, didn't know people really knew that song ^_^
sucks, i ended up watching a movie and fuckin fell asleep that night man. wanted to meet ya
i dont understand, why do you guy just sit there and let the other guy slam pick you up and slam you... is there some kind of rule? are just really tired?.. cause in real wrestling your always trying to escape/counter... and here you just take it for the most part.. and seriously why would you just stand in the middle of the ring and get kicked in the chest while a guy is climbing up on the top ropes?
Am I the only one who said "Ow" every 5 seconds of watching them wrestle?
good job man just keep up the good work man
I like how his opponent comes out of some random door. It looked like the bathroom.
are you going to be going through canada? or just in toronto for now?
whas this a fucking WWE channel now?
we have a very big range of video styles, be calm and challenges shall come
We knew Trev was a barbarian, and now we see it firsthand.
Didn't even know you guys still wrestled! I remember those old videos from 2008, with you guys trampoline wrestling. Haha too bad you removed all of them.
trevista you are the shit, please do a canadian destroyer though, best move ever my friend :3
Wrestling is scripted, the results of the match is predetermined. Wrestling is very similar to a fight scene you see in movies, the aim is to make it look real but really the wrestlers will be working together to put on a good show and have a good match :) This doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt though, the mat can be very stiff but it depends on the ring.
very entertaining guys, staged or an actual exhibition? i actually couldnt tell cause some parts did look really staged XD
why mention that now?? xD lol, but Live and Learn = best song EVAR ^^ :D eh~!
His World-Zebrahead Sonic The Hedgehog's Theme One of the most awesome songs ever <3
Holy shit you're a wrestler? Thats awesome. I've watched a lot of your videos and never saw this. Nice match bud. Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to run the ropes lol.
I would wrestle you, but I will warn you, my finishing move is the Viscagra.
can anyone say fake wrestling? watch ufc. much better
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