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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - That's Sway-cist

by Rooster Teeth • 2,154,119 views

Like the animated adventure? Check out all of the Rooster Teeth Podcast here: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #51 retells a story about Sway's experience visiting the old RT...

Love Kanye West, but he is a lil crazy.
i love sway in the morning,  Good man, good show. A voice in Hip Hop.
A good one at that. Gotta love Sway
I'm black and I find most of these comments very frustrating.  You say he's strange because why?  Because he was wearing a Rastafarian hat and had dread locks... Where I live 2/3 of the male black population fall under that description... they can't all be rapist.
Are people still talking about this?
Did barbara come up with this title?
Sway.... Away in the mornin?
yup yup,  Love Shade45 Sway In The Morning.  Sway is a good man.
Friggin' Texas, man.
Friggin Austin man, we don't play that shit in Houston. Our doors stay locked lol
This is why they have locks on doors.
A lady doing that is a fucking drama queen.
guys there seems to be a shitless people in this argument, also i think you wouldn't really be so scare that the poo come out of your ass. (i'm joking for anyone who is wonderring)
Wow... I never knew my coment would start a conversation this big...
Podcast 101 time 1 hour 8 minutes
Dude its Sway from SwayInTheMorning
well a strange man walked into her apartment i'm sure that would freak anybody out
+Ashley Harbison Right. So people don't freak out even if someone of their own skin color just happens to come walking into their home? You're a fucking idiot.
You really need to read the rest of the thread. In no way did I ever say what she did was because he was a black man. I am telling you how the people in the video interpret what happened. What the fuck is wrong with you, Ryan? 1) The video is about racist encounters a man had while in this city. 2) In every possible way, when you were first involved in this thread, you implied it was her fault someone walked into her apartment because she left the door unlocked. You may not realize it, but I am not putting words into your mouth. Saying that you shouldn't keep your door unlocked because someone could easily walk in is saying it is the fault of the person who left the door unlocked. 3) In two of your original comments, you mentioned his race before I said a thing. You realized that both instances were about race. 4) John swoops the fuck in for some reason and immediately tries to discuss shit like he's in high school psych. He failed to read the previous comments made from both of us. If he read those comments he would realize that you were the one mentioning he was black. He also didn't swoop in to rip Steven's ass apart when Steven clearly mentioned a race swap might change her reaction. 5) I've previously told you that her reacting in the way she did has nothing to do with race. You just mirrored exactly what I said two months ago and exactly what I told Steven. You should be asking Steven this question, actually. He is the one who is "not so convinced" that her reaction would be the same if a white man walked in instead of a black man. You and John are clueless hypocrites. What the fuck even is this thread? Why do I waste my time? You guys have the most hollow arguments. Holy shit. I've been resisting the urge to write you a fucking essay but here it is. Do you realize that you have no idea what you're talking about???? Goddamn any comments from you will be deleted. I can't take your fucking stupidity anymore.
Can we possibly leave this at 56 if it gets to that? Its a special number to me.
At what point does the girl give up and now pretends she is super hot for black dudes and try flirting. Or if it was a guy, give up and now pretend to be an "alien" secretly studying human and drops the words human or planet a few times. Or even that you might be from another country and can't speak English well. 
oh gosh... poor man
The twist is: it was THE SAME GIRL!
So is Texas as racist as everyone assumes?
Depends on where you go and who you talk to, same as anywhere else. Texas is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the nation, I don't think it would be that way if it were considered "racist".
Did he say his offices in Buna?
buda, it"s a town near austin.
awe, I live in buna. I was hoping they were here. Oh well, lol.
*can, *anyone, *tell, *what, and *game. learn to spell.
Maybe its just the animated him(ive never seen the actual him) but this Matt looks like Wil Wheaton...
for the wii? also, shouldn't you be the Muffin General? because Derpy.
I truly miss the days when you were beaten in a sack for having such poor language skills as that, don't you?
I know how to find out if it is actually Woolie. We'll just find Sway, and ask him if he would rather go to the midnight release of a game or have sex with two women!
Fuck you guys. Didn't you hear about those cunts being arrested?
This is not a game, what could possibly make you think that this is a game?
I have translated the language of the retard. I believe this says "Can anyone tell me what game this is?"
I didn't know you could understand 4 year olds with laptops
Holy shit Battletoads is still relevent?
But that would mean that he has learned english language at one point
why do i feel like barbara made the title of this video?
Well he did go down to Texas for a Street Fighter tourney if I remember correctly
My thought exactly xD and we all know woolie likes molesty things so it would have been a normal reaction for the woman to have if she did see him.
First he needs to re-learn the english language :L
If I understand you correctly, I believe the game is called life.
fuck the dictionary this mutha fucker needs to go back to school lol
You just went full retard, never go full retard!
*anyone *tell *what *game *is? This isn't a game, it's an animation.
I insulted him by making a name of a film which would be based on him.
let's just say i have a lot of younger siblings...
what is a gamw or do you mean GAME its not a gamw
Matt and Pat are gonna be so jealous when they find out about Woolie's second life.
It's official. Woolie is following me around the internet. It's not even him sometimes, just the IDEA of him.
cause the first thing a rapist does before he rapes someone is get coffee
0:44 I guess that's the vase they use for the Bane voice
they kinda do have some things to do with each know, they play games.
Yes and they are also humans, they have a lot in common.
Everyone is getting at this guy InYourMND hahaha! Look at the comments below!
I hope I'm not the only person who gets this reference.
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