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by MICHAEL LIVENGOOD • 11,026 views

Like here if you got here from random pivot animations -.-. Anyway not bad.
so, what exactly does this have with the minecraft enderdragon?
like if you got here from yogscast!
Is that your sad attempt in getting a thumbs up, ONCE again? And it is not me who is getting it on with daddy, It's your pathetic thumbs up whore ass.
hahah this is so awesome, how u do this man?
Like if you got here by typing Slicing disc!
I got here from smosh... Maybe he's taking over YouTube?
fuck i forgot the program that was used to make this
I will be honest i was mad at first but it was actually good keep it up
That is sick Figure fighting keep up the Great work
Finally, someone who uses famous tags for a GOOD video! Not one of those reply bullshit vids.
A comment under new smosh vid sent me SO BRING ME YOUR CHILD
u should make them different colors nice vid
Great video keep up the good work
That was actually pretty cool. Nice animation skills! Make more!
hehe spike in the knee, thats new
@TheLazerBeyond sorry man but this is not the video to post that on
I will subscribe if you do moar AWESOME stick figure fights! ;D
this like button is hacked so it wont work just try it
its like dbz+avatar+naruto=awesomeness!
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