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Mike Maldonado - Toy Machine Welcome To Hell

by skaidernation • 53,193 views

Mike Maldonado part from the Toy Machine video Welcome To Hell.

old school. i remember watching this video everyday when i skated.
Thanks for putting this up. I've been waiting for this part to hit youtube for years
The Van-Pelt Rail - does anyone know as to whether anyone else has hit it?
I'm so glad I can't hear the audio
@gestfromslapmagazine Forreal bro! Skating's lost all its glorious 90's/ early 00's charms.
Good ole days of skateboarding. I grew up on this stuff. Thumbs up!
@TheJackassFan2002 I thought u meant danzig the gay ass group from the 80's and watch who you calling a retard you fucking bitch
Awesome old school footage, its nice to see how much skating has evolved in a considerably short time
baggy cargos >>> Skinny jeans.
dammit i miss this back in the day...waking up watching this video and skating the whole day away just to wake up and do it again and bad skating has changed over the its all about the fashion then the actual talent...yea sure there are some good skaters but only a few...
@arkk1 smoking weed drinking beer licking pussy and doing some sick ass switch wallies
DUDE! all the shit you do i couldnt even do on tony hawk:p lol your sick as HELL!!(:
the guy at 2:16 face is priceless
very few people could ollie that wall even nowadays, thing is insane and scary as fuck looking, he deserves alot more recognition for the stuff he has done
Doing tricks that are still amazing over a decade later
"mike maldonado, east coast powerhouse"
i know this guy he rides for axion now
I did that too ahh man that film brings back so many good memorys
danzig - london dugeon.. song rips!
wonder what mike is doing today
make sure your face is clean now
that aint danzig thats the misfits
@birdman4birdlegs i don't even believe in that ollie anymore
don't know how many times i've seen this part
this genre of skate videos are what Im going to buy my kids. it was all about having fun on your skateboard.nowdays its just fo fucking competitive and serious
@BiZeRk67 Yea technically but Danzig is the lead singer.
him and the axion team were at my local skate park I had no idea who they were. To be honest they didn't even seem good haha but Obviously this guy is.
That Boardslide-Footplant baffles me.
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiick maldonado yeeeeeaaaaaaa
good old days ... that boardslide to fucking rail slap shit was crazy back in my day....
he'll make a comeback soon, he's geting his shit together to have some good legit sponsors (he's on the shake junt crew)
@tiben36 yea. he used to be jamie was sending him zero and mystery decks..basically blackbox product in general...i don't know if he is anymore. mike was my homie. i haven't seen him in awhile though. i could see him ending up on something like traffic skateboards..maybe expedition one.
@tiben36 he's already kind of made one already...with his recent mag minute..and now he's sponsored by axion. i hope to see him on a legit board company...the funny thing though is he hasn't had a legit shoe sponsor in years...i think the last shoe company he was on was ipath back in 2004...than he was getting flow from adidas...but yea this is his first shoe sponsor in a minute. you heard any legit rumors of a board company he might be getting on? i heard deathwish idk how true that was though
@hollywoodjokerpicalo all the corpses here are clean, boy
an open message to whoever disliked this part: fuck you
so many summer mornings at like 7 am watching this, satvas, and jt's parts and then going out skating. shit puts a smile on my face
buddy ate shit at 1:50 before he landed that FS lipslide!
so many explainable tricks in this vhs still makes me excited, those were the dayz .....already got me pumped to skate!!!
this is when skateboarding was real. it was dirty, mean, and never backed down from a fight. Now its a pretty, loving, glossy plastic sport. I want the Mike M's back not the Ryan Shecklers. jusayn'
I love those guys faces after he 50 50s that big ass rail.
@arkk1 watch his ask the phelper. dudes still killin it
@gestfromslapmagazine dude i agree this part would get me pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:05 that spot's at penn campus a couple blocks from my house
1:59... I had class at that building in college and everyday just sat there and was like whaaaat the fuuuuuck how did he?? whaaaa?? gotta be there to truely know how gnar it is. the ground blows, the wall is like waist high. so sick
To this day I still have no idea how he ollied over that wall at 1:39.
@birdman4birdlegs Yeah like what the fuck is that shit straight out of hell haha
ny, philly, boston skaters ollie fuckin high, but jeremy wray can fly.
so underrated. fucking great part.
yesterday i saw him at the west goshen skatepark
1:45 that was so gnar that he pissed himself
so many unexplainable tricks in this vhs still makes me excited, those were the dayz .....already got me pumped to skate!!!
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