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Zac, Taylor and Ellen talk Valentine's Day

by TheEllenShow • 1,089,499 views

While they were here, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift opened up to Ellen about how they spent the romantic holiday. Taylor also told Ellen about her painfully adorable cats! Watch it all, and the...

OMG Taylors cat is gorgeous i hadnt seen it before now i know what all the fuss is about.
why do I feel like they really hooked up?
1:53 - "Oh wow." haha. Oh, and at the end Zac might've hinted they hooked up. Although I think it's obvious they most likely did. 
Zac, Taylor and Ellen talk Valentine's Day.
Taylor is great😂😂❤️
Taylor's cat is so cute!!! 
Ellen always makes my day 
Taylor swift is a beauty
Meredith is soooooo cute!!!!!!! :O :)
OMG!! that cat was so cute
Taylor is a good girl :)
I love Taylor, don't get me wrong but saying buying your cat in your top 5 kinda made her sound like a future crazy cat lady XD
Hahaha, Taylor's reaction to Zac hoping it "won't shrink too much."
Woo playing at Gillette ! I was there ! It was awesome
Taylor's laugh at 0:47 is so cute <3 hahah
Thumbs up if all of the links from the video of Taylor and Zac led you here. ☺☻
2:49 literally made my life. i died laughing.
Ellen saying "Why aren't you that cute?" xD
ellen!! invite Demi and Selena together!!
what makes you think it's about that? I actually wanna know
cuter than my cat from hawaii -_-
Zac is not only extremely good-looking. He's also down-to-earth, honest and humble. That's the reason I love him so much. There are a million men worth looking at out there. But very few are worth listening to. Zac is one of them.
"....buying my cat." lmfao!! Her cats so cute!
ahahah tay's squicky laugh <3<3<3
Taylor sounds like Phoebe in Friends :3 WE LOVE YOU ELLEN!
Ellen: "Who did you have dinner with?" Zac: "A friend..." Ellen: "What's her name?" Zac: "Ellen" Ellen: "That's right! We're together. Finally, the truth has came out!" HILARIOUS!!!!
did anyone notice at 0:24 the girl to the right of taylor is francia (adrian from secret life of the american teenager) and the girl 2nd from the right is jojo?
i love how he said "the friend" lol. maybe it wasn't a girl! lol
I would love if Taylor had a TV show It would basically be watching her fall over an over again. I love how awkward she is She's just Amazballs!!!
Taylor's reaction to "we only hooked up once" priceless!
The Look At Taylor's Face When She Saw The "We Only Hooked Up Once" Shirt...
Taylor's laughing because for once Ellen is asking someone else about who they are dating :D haha lol
Taylor should have said, "#1, Kanye West Coming up and taking the mic away from me!" and i would have been like "I KNEW IT!!!"
I freakin love Taylor's little sarcastic laugh @ 3:10 XD
I like how Zac puts his arm around her and takes it off a second later...
again.. she ALWAYS chooses the right gifts for the right ppl !
n i remember y i was in love with zac since HSM i memeber the good ole days thumbs up if yuh miss those movies n the innocence from bak then memories
I LOVELOVELOVE Taylor´s laugh<333
Omg zack I have a crush on you dammn he is sexyy
nah.. me and taylor would be a perfect couple ^-^
I love those shirts!!! This video is do funny!!
It would be sooooooooooooo awesome to meet Taylor Swift, I would cry
Zac Efron Is The Hottest Man ALIVE <3
I love the shirts. It would be cool if they used them.
2:50 - 2:54 That's What She Said!
best part +0:47 Taylor's laugh :] Hahahaha
zac used to be ok... but then he...
yeah seriously, wouldn't be so pathetic after all right? haha
She wrote about the pathetic single girls party but not meeting zac c:
They are sooooooo cute together
Watch the Lorax they are kind of a couple
Ellen NO what happened to you and Justin Bieber. I felt a conecction between you two, I thought
I LOVE commercials about stuff I cant buy cause I live in a different HEMISPHERE.
i dont wanna replace my land line
"We broke up" on the T-Shirt Taylor: "Ohh Yeah..." LOL :D
They would make such pretty babies together
Taylors' laugh at 00:47 is super LOL!
I just kept smiling while watching the whole thing :)
Pathetic Single Girls Party = 22 . :D
yeah taylor and zac would make a good couple
oh too bad I'll get in trouble for saying that to my mom...
i love how zac puts his hand behind taylor and then puts it away 1:00 - 1:02
what does that mean lol? i keep seeing that everywhere
I go home and look at my cat "why arent you as cute"
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