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Cry Plays: Amnesia Custom Story: Black Death [P1]

by Cryaotic • 28,932 views I do enjoy a good polished custom story. Sure there are a few little bits where it could use some buffering and new paint, but that doesn't mean it's not a good custom story....

"I'll just imagine it was my ghost friend, John Wayne."  BTW Cartman in Amnesia needs to a thing. Someone make it a thing please? XD
7:43 that noise made me choke on my pickle juice x.x
oh man that's the worst because it kinda burns while you're coughing on it.
I love you~ XD This was pretty funny, I laughed a lot. Apparently your voice sounds a lot more interesting through headphones, which is kinda weird. :3 Gotta say, can people not proofread their notes? Jesus, if you can't write English well, get someone else that can do it for you! :/ "There watching you" my ass....
Edward Castman doesnt sound like a european name...
why in every horror movie (game) characters asked .. "is anyone here?", as if they expecting the killer will answer them .. "Yes dear, I'm here in the kitchen, do you want a sandwich?" .. xD Btw. Cry... i love you XD ♥
cry, are you gonna play the custom story the machine? it just came out a little while ago and i just played it, and all i'll say is it's probably in my top 3 non full conversion custom story. seriously, IT IS AWESOME.
Cry! on a scale of 1-10, how big of a DBZ nerd are you!?
This all makes me want to create a map myself.. I would totally do one of a fanfiction I wrote. It'd be epic. After watching so many LP's, I'd love to do one that's unique and truly scary. Of course, I would make sure not to use incorrect grammar in notes.... But I think it might be too difficult and time-consuming for me...
Cry, you forgot to censor the penis again ;)
this game would be so awesome (even more then it already is) if it supported directx11 :D
If you're eleven, you shouldn't be watching Cry's videos due to language, and you DEFINITELY don't need to be cussing.
"Ginyu Force"? I guess you watched Dragon Ball Z.
aaallright i might sleep cuz of the knights moving on their own behind you 12:00
That guy was "hanging out" already.
"Fucking John Wayn, Get off My Balls." Best . . . . Line. . . . EVER!!!! XDDD My Mother came in right as he said that and she gave me this 'I can't believe my Daughter is watching this kind of crap' Look. HAHAHAHHA
@SenHai I am a man filled with very ignorant ideas - my apologies.
hey someone should make a custom story for cry
"... There is a story here." Yay! Story time!
Cry.......he seems to love throwing things XD
@DevilMalice Not everyone has mics, and some people just suck at voice acting i guess. i mean, have you HEARD the voice acting in some of these custom stories? ecch. Personally, i would prefer to read in most of them.
Came across this randomly, just want to let you know, you should do voice acting. Your voice would be perfect for it.
@BloodRunnersproduct but isn't that basically the same thing? The Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Medieval Times, aren't they all just different names for the period before the Rennasaince? (spell check doesnt have that word so idk if i spelled it right XD) (sorry if i'm wrong, but i'm just wondering if my doof of a history teacher has been teaching us wrong)
black death is the name of a game from the penumbra series... or maybe its black plague :|
Cry,I want to properly apologize for not having time to watch all of the videos that you upload. I'M SORRY ;( I always like them though... There you go,I said it !
@Janiturpeinen Rammstein's not too bad, though I prefer more alternative currently. My music tastes vary all the time. :]
Probably my favorite part of watching people play Amnesia is the moving knights...
Does this story have a for you to guess?
@BloodRunnersproduct it's close enough! i mean, the medieval times took place right after the dark ages. it's not THAT big of a deal, but if you really want to be the precise man go ahead. also, i think it's funny how this is called black death and the other game is white night. :D very similar names.
But all the girlies say he's pretty fly, for a white guy.
Cry, you didn't answer my question while back. Do you like Rammstein? :D
Cry, back in the middle ages and renaissance doctors and scientists were typically trained and hired by the church. The separation between the church, doctors and scientists happened after. Yea, I'm a nerd :P
I have an important question for you! Why are you so awesome?
btw cry i know this comment probably will never be read by anyone but id like to hear your reaction to a little video called BME pain olympics however i do not want to be considered a dick by my favorite LP'er so if you've never heard of it just ask for the details just asking :]
Cry, will you upload the mega Amnesia custom story from the livestream? :D tends to lag a lot for me when I watch it. :[
So many jumps scares Also >There LOL
cry can you please expose your face when you get one million subs and 1k videos?
Kung Pow reference!! (radioshack :) )... you are now even cooler in my book. I just wish i found out about your channel before 2013, i have a lot of videos to watch to catch up.
@BloodRunnersproduct does it really matter? All we need to know about the black plague is that if it comes back, we need to take baths to cure it. Or is that bubonic plague? Or are they the same? @_@
If you turn on captions;; Cry;;This castle still holds the evil contained from it's past. If you venture into there, there is no going back. Captions;; This castle still holds evil it wants to take expressed. If you mentioned today, there's coco. xD
@BloodRunnersproduct Hey, I slept through history class too so I'm not going to blame the guy. :]
"That man stood here.... sitting down... standing in a chair....?" Wait, what? XD
Could it be?! Cry's first legitimate jumpscare from an Amnesia CS! I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD COME!!!!! IT'S TIME TO PARTY! *dances like the Six Flags guy*
@switchblade102 just because he is rude does not mean that he is gay.....
Cry, I'm sorry but I can't watch any Amnesia. I don't want to ruin it for myself.
@BloodRunnersproduct The Dark Ages is recognized as the Middle Ages, because the Dark Ages were not exactly dark. The Middle Ages are called the Medieval times from the Latin words for 'middle' and 'ages'.
@ChaoticMonki have you seen SSJ3 Trunks yet. He's pretteh coo. :l
Dear Cry, I was wondering do you think you'll ever throw in a little facecam action? I hear your voice and I try to picture what you look like! :)
its weird there is Always like only one thing each drawer lol when i look in my dads work room in his drawers there all super full of work nonsense stuff
@TheAwesomekman Just downloaded - looks good! Look forward to trying it out. :]
@BoatSniper49 Many were murdered that fateful livestream night.
@ChaoticMonki I think the first two were Cannibalism and Snowed in, or something like that, with the cellars. It was funny, just saying. I still enjoyed Funny Noises, it was hilarious :)
my favorite part in this video is when you say fuck at the end XD
@xXLiechtensteinXx Someone would make a Doctor Who Custom Story... :D
Cry, i have a question.Are you going to play the magicka anymore? Because there is the more to come and stuff but the 11 part haven't come yet. So are you going to play it anymore or what?
So sweet Voice you have ^^.. fuck it, im writing in Swed: Så jäkla nice o kolla på dina videos,
cry can you make a tutorial on how to make a custom story?
"The real question is, who lit you?" That made me laugh and cringe at the same time.
@BloodRunnersproduct No in fact the black death happened in the medieval era with smaller outbreaks in later times. The dark ages are usually pre-1000AD, anglo-saxons and Viking raiders ect. And there was no outbreaks then.
@CaPsLoCkWuT 8. I don't dress up or anything weird, I just like the show. ]:
Oh my gosh. You are fearless Cry, the ending scared the hell out of me.
the voice in the game sounded like jack from Call Of Cthulhu i was like .....Jack?! ...oh fuuuuu-!
Favorite Youtuber right here. Oh, yeeaaaah.
@ChaoticMonki than you know what the inside of a penis looks like...mkay
Me and my friend find your voice very attractive. She believes you are Hispanic. Since addressing your race, we're curious. What race are you?
...There's a story here. There was once a man. He was old, gray, and...smelled kinda funny. Keep the stories comin! xD
I don't wanna make fun of you, but you're really short, I mean look at that guy. lulz lulz lulz lulz.
I am the 10,000 viewer :D, or maybe we all are o.o
....Work on your spelling and don't cuss. It's a bad habit.
@max101william Go to russmoney86's channel. he has some of cry!
@halogod62 I'm a clinical chemical analyst.
hey cry may you maybe play minecraft if you could because minecraft+you=awesome please try cry.lolololol
@curryhouseparty lol i just watched LPs of one guy playing those games, it was hillarious :D
He's said numerous times that he doesn't wish to show his fans what he looks like. He likes the 'mysteriousness' of it.
Dear Cry. What software do you use to edit together the parts of the video?
Where can you find all these fucking mods!!??
0:03 "45 minute bullshit story" - I guess you like that one :3
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