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Skyrim - NAKED STATUE - Part 221

by TobyGames • 122,624 views

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2:25 Lol!!!! Tobuscus you're such a scaredy cat!!!! Hopefully it's not offensive. It's part of what keeps me watching your videos end to end. :)
Hurry up and marry Lydia! If not as a part of the series, at least as an extra!
Second on Amber's comment
turn off all ur quests it is annoying to see
Good God, Toby is hot!
Does it matter if he's good or bad at gaming? I watch his videos because they're entertaining.
So I'm in Hawaii (hot guys everywhere) and I pull a Toby and the guy goes "oh u watch tobygame" and I freeze then lmfao
Guard: "Staying safe I hope?" Tobuscus: "SHUT UP!"
Just shut the fuck up.Toby is not a bad gamer.End of story.
an adventurer* and took, not got Dude if you are going to waste your sad pathetic life trolling the internet at least spell check! -_-
if u guys don't like him then why are u watching his vids
hes also wrong... its tgm, short for toggle god mode.
4:35... What the guard said... CURVED.SWORDS.
when he was taking like swartsangaer he scared me
So Toby plays a game for 10 min then waits for the next day to play more? No wonder it takes him forever to play games.
The first time i got to know who Toby was was through those videos!! :)
Duude I love the way he says " wussup girl" yo he funny as helll
Toby: hehehe ur cute girl: get away from me lol
the source of power quests are dragon priest quests
that one guard said "i used to be an adventurer like you...then i took an arrow to the knee..."
Go to ze throat of ze world and get the notched pickaxe
please take some of the quests off toby
You are a douchebag if you think Toby can't play games.If you say hes bad at Skyrim,and your on part 221 telling me that hes bad,your the ignorant one.Just shut the fuck up.Im tired of talking to you.Last fucking comment to you.You are an ignorant piece of trash who knows nothing about gaming.Goodbye you worthless piece of shit.
1:45 oh my god it's his 221st episode and he has only done an actual save 25 times. good GAWD Toby!
4:28 landing in hay bales? toby. THIS ISNT ASSASSINS CREED LOL
but ehm... yeah he does, often, always even, he has said it himself
Toby has sure been doing these playthroughs for quite some time.
rofl, oops, no bale of hay for the leap of faith
Huh?? Even if a Mac computer has all of those things in it, you can't play Skyrim on it.
I like facecam! It allows laughness and hotness in one
I used to have a Macbook for a yr, it got stolen. Then I bought an HP laptop that's twice as fast and it costed half the price. I've never missed my Macbook since then; I can play a ton of games even though my laptop is low-end.
@Mathew Fenger,fuck you ~from your h8er
I cant see anything that makes me a grammar nazi. if you do then please tell me.
I think Toby as a dawnguard would be EPIC.
do you have to use some kind of editing software to record your self playing the game, and put it the lets play.
Toby i will not break your fall
He already knows how to do that... He does it almost every other episode... *facepalm*
you shouldn't have that many active quests because they are hard to keep track of :P. Still love your videos though :)
aaaaaaagh theres still no shivering isles :( and i wanna see how toby reacts to it.
No shit. A guard took an arrow to the knee on my game, big deal.
LOL! Look at Toby's face from 4:41 till 4:49 XD
the guy in weylins room comes to beat you up once you get far enough in the quest with eltrys and the forsworn
If only I could count the number of times I wish you had a hook shot.
Turn off all your quests. Never go the wrong way again
Toby... how creepy of a comment would i have to leave to get restrained? Because theres stuff I'd like to say but im sure i cant
Toby, you can go back to the priestesses' inner sanctum and the pissy priestess will give you the other part of the quest, you'll get a cool power of dibella that does 10% more melee damage against women.
you can fall from any distance with etheral form toby :o
toby not dumb ahh you lame he bing silly to be funnny
K guys seriously if it annoys you how he plays then dont watch them nothing is making you
oh and Tobuscus here's a PC cheat that toggles God mode (Invincibility, and infinite carry weight. Well it says press the Tilde button and type in tgm
anyone know what the fuck that internet explorer ad is about...?
You gotta admit, that was pretty slick, reloading and running like that
Toby do the quest With Friends Like These... it's such a fun questline the dark brotherhood
Toby u can deactivate ur quests without cancelling ur quests
You clearly don't understand Buscuslogic, welcome to the audience!:)
but his shirt is different isn't it? Does he change shirts just for new videos or am I being an idiot?
he needs to finish the quests with quest items so he can get rid of that shit
I got stopped by an 18 minute ad that I can't skip... FML
Lydia is often in a random state of constant "Yyyyaaaaaarrggghhhh!" isn't she....
You know it would be very boring to watch Toby be invincible, right?
You need a webcam for your face, a recording program like Fraps for the game and then I think you put both recordings into the same video using a editing program.
the problem is he WANTS to do every quest, he enables all the quests on purpose
love the face he makes at 4:46 when he says "WHO ARE YOU?"
Dude if you like Lydia so much why don't you just wear your Amulet of Mara and ask her to marry you already?!
You are the worst map reader on the planet!!! Still love you though(no homo)
Toby should play Left 4 Dead 2! Who agrees?
ha! the guard made an arrow to the knee joke!
oh man, i miss having all those new quests to do
You haven't saw me play games and Im not making a big deal.I just said he wasn't a bad gamer and then you go and make these 20 sentence fucking paragraphs about it.Saying Im mental? If you don't like toby,your mental.
toby is so cute with his arnold voice lol
4:51 evil butter demon antique!!!!!!!
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