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Away We Happened - Trailer

by Wong Fu Productions • 638,666 views

"Away We Happened" is a new and unique web series where you help decide what happens! Wong Fu Productions (Wes, Ted, and Phil) has teamed up with AT&T and their friends Victor Kim and Jen...

This is beautiful and wonderful. Enough said.
please do another web series where we choose what happens
This series is so SWEET! I love it! 
She love her husband..??!! OMG she's married.....T_T
I haven't been watching wongfu in a long time and Ted ur hair!
ted how old are you cause your hair is white
That's a girl. She uses bras and pads/tampons. That's a boy. He doesn't
whats that song on the back ground? :)
I like the way he said "You stole it!" it made him look stupid
You STOHLE it, i think its hilarious the amount of emphasis he puts on it.
they have sex change and wear the clothes from their bags
This is a Way - David Choi, is what I think you're looking for. Great song.
Wow new youtube layout again...
wongfuproductions[DOT]com/2012/03/teds-hair-is-grey-yes/ My cousin, who is like about 13 has strands of grey and white hair. It's mostly from genetics, maybe some from stress, but mostly genetics. It's okay Ted, you're not the only one! :D
i'm not being sarcastic or anything.... bt Ted i really like your hair just the way it is...!! i love ya and i love your videos.... too... loved away we happened series ^_^
Came across this accidentally but I'm glad I did. I love this story! It's awesome! Jen is sooooooo beautiful and I love her spunk and personality!! Ahhh! Jen would be my dream woman! :)
They get giant messenger pigeons to fly each others bags :D
lol for a really quick moment, I thought Victor was Yunho. And I got really excited.
hi is in the music video im sexy and i know it
came from a toy party. Victor does not want to say any thing so he changes the subject. He askes her where to meet her. Victor lets her no that he there. They hang up with eachother. Jen still wondering what was vibrating in her bag then she remembers.
This is a way by David Choi I have it on my I-pod!~ <3
Yup. He got tired of repeatedly dyeing it again and again.
I saw an advertisment of this and i got REALLY excited :)
i like teds hair style that way. he acts more mature with that style
victor and jen are the perfect role!!!
you guys and jen were in NYC?!!! :O I wish I could've seen you guysss.
1.09 Victor cutest smile ever :)
They don't have time to meet over the next few days. They also happen to both be visiting or staying at a place that isn't where they live. They both agree to not open each others bag, but they end up doing it because they really need some stuff, and hope to find it in each others bag. This turns into some hilarious and akward situations.
and then what? he just decided to embrace the grey?
I think the team will be organizing the ideas that views come up with anyhow. So you can't say they are lazy or sth. This is another fun way in entertainment. Good job!
It's genetic, he got tired of dyeing his hair black repeatedly, so he stopped...and it's been grey for a while now... :3
omg i love victor kim and jen!!!
that and youtube would only allow me to type 500 characters or else I would've complete my trail of thought of how they would interperate each other throughts just based off of the journal, and a sketchbook.
Is there an ep1?! I can't find it!
Victor Kim is Korean and Amy Okuda is Japanese.
Im just glad their speaking english
Srsly y is teds hair changing color?????!??!?
eewwww. why does teddy have so muh gray hair. he looks fine but really looks old. hhe shuold dye his hair.
zalinshoes. com--best shoes for men
What is the music called at the beginning of the trailer? :P I need it sounds so good
And the story continue>>> by Daniel calling back because he forgot to ask for the thing he needed; then they spent a good time talking about their aspirations and the job Jen did not get. When the phone call ends Daniel fall to sleep and has a dream about he and Jen together, but when he wake up he find the latter. Then he got all depress by walking through central park and end until the next.... If thanks to Balmont from the blog NGsurvivalguide[.com]
they become good friends, then the guy sees the girl with a new guy friend and thinks they're dating. After that he decides to start dating a girl to try and make her jealous and things get very chaotic. message me if you want more of my ideas ;o)
Please tell me whats the song !! Someone !!
I believe Ted is thirty, people start having white hair in their twenties to thirties. Earlier if they have some thyroid deficiency.
I loved the drama it was so cute^.-3
poor Teddy! If you're try to make a fashion statement, point taken. Now go to your nearest drugstore and get just for men in black. & Some sleep! You're over working yourself!
whats the title of the song?XD OST? hehehe
Jean is probably going through some hard times with her boyfriend so she decided to write him a letter to break up with him, but is not quite sure if she should give it to him. Since Daniel is going to L.A., she'll give the letter to her boyfriend and go meet up with Daniel. They both like each other!
jeeeeeeeen! :-) shes so pretty :D
i like how you guys make trailers :) thanks guys ::))
Those are his natural grey hairs, right? I only ask because some people dye their hair silver as a 'fad'.
you guys are so late, if youre a real wongfu fan...yu would of known bout teds awesome hair a long time ago :p
Idk but I feel bad for him :( his hair's getting grey :(
its grey cuz that is his natural hair color. he just stopped dying it black.
time to state the obvious: YOUR HAIR IS GRAY!
Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why their hair is white.
Wow! You'll probably be knackered by the time you finish, poor guys! But it's great to see you produce something like this so keep it up guys......waiting for ep 4 :)
so awesome this videos in 3d!!! i feel like i m seeing the real wong fu in person lol!
sometimes I get confused wit Steve Terada and Victor Kim
OH MY WORD, I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT THOUGHT THAT. It's probably because of his hairstyle and fluid eyebrows LOL
....ted...did your hair turn grey all of a sudden? or did you dye it D:
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