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Day 9 - Background Plates (12 Days of VFXmas)

by BrandonJLa • 254,937 views

WATCH THE ROCKET JUMP This one is a kind of shorter tutorial, but that's because it's only one of four parts describing how we did the rocket jump, and...

@Dzierzylina while i dodn't know how to do the portal video, the cloning is one of the most basic thing you can do. Just put one clip on another and mask it out. To try it make two separate clips with you in left part and right part of the screen, then import them in AE(or Apple Motion) and finally mask the upper level in the half part you dodn't need to show. Done :)
wow, didn't know I could do that i PS, I've always done it manually in AE =P
Hey freddie your tutorials are awesome and I love after effects, but could you do a few for photoshop.
@DashRulez15 you dont understand, you must create? WTF xD
@ShouldThisBeConsumed so they tell people how movies were made at the school you go to? and the acting was great it may have had a cliche plot but so do 90% of movies im pretty sure it didnt make all of that movie for good animation
@RaWk1Lla19 No, why would you say that? I know freddie uses Final Cut but Vegas is fine too.
@ThisUsernamePwnsBTW Weird! How'd you know that? Is that something Youtube came up with? Like elevator music while you wait?
Freddie! Make a tutorial on how to do the coloring and such on your vids. I feel like that is also a key factor seperating pro from ameteur
Lol. that was the first thing in the whole vfxmas that I already knew how to do
@zZADDYZz he just got some footage of him jumping in front of a green screen and looped it. Also he masked out the ceiling and floor and put in pictures of the ceiling and floor.
Nooooooo! I had an anaconda going and then the video ended. :(
@stuntidiotz He already has a tutorial on muzzle flashes, and to freeze stuff he used time-remapping, which he already covered in one of this VFXmas videos.
@Kurizu204 Yes, but that doesn't mean you can't use any other editing software in tandem with AE! AE isn't a full-fledged editing software like Vegas or FCP or Avid
i'am not understand. you must create
Can you do one for light painting?
i used a bunch of background plates in my videos lol.. this guy is a great influence... check my videooooos...
Scope tutorial from Frozen Crossing!
i'd like to see the portal gun tutorial ツ
@montagecrew nah he needs to do better directors like jackson
@2424justus it wasnt vfx, was just normal explosives
@ChaoticMatters I definately recommend you to get the 30 day trial from adobe's websiet and try stuff out. Google some tutorials on AE aswell! And don't feel limited by your camera, check out freddie's video on the stuff he uses!
hey freddie... just wondering, whats the best matierial for a blue or green screen???
these are brilliant freddie! did NOT know how to do this. also, i believe your crew also deserve som recognition. GO CREW!
@224master i was able to do those stupid steps and write this while holding my breath without stopping once omg omg im losing it AWWWW
Freddie, how can I contact you? I have some questions concerning camera techniques and visual effects. Thanks.
@TheSecretGeek Less than one minute! LOL!
how are you not some famous movie editor by now?
I rented BEAR the other night. Sorry dude, I didn't have time to watch it. I'll see it soon.
show us the first person shooter effect !!!
damn i though i was going to watch a Day 9 vid :(
@stuntidiotz The dust is from sliding your feet in the sand. Secondly, he already has a tutorial on slowmotion, with a link to a video copilot tutorial on time remapping, which shows you basically to get the smoothest slow-mo ever. You're welcome :D
They have to zoom in a little because there is some camera movement.
16 people are machine gunners
Press 5 repeatedly and you'll get... semen
@beeedthemoviemaker actually, you don't have to do everything beeedthemoviemaker says to do. All you have to do is press right (or left) so the youtube video will start loading it and just press up or down while you're pressing right. Make sure the circle thing comes up. The snake game starts from the circle thing. great easter egg!
press 2 over and over and it sounds like he says, "are we awesome."
And show us how you did real life portal gun and jammin' with my three best friends :p
press 2 repeatedly and it sounds like are we awesome
:O At 0:11, Freddie's left foot gets cut off partially!
huh?... the hell just happened O.o
@stuntidiotz Use motion tracking. slow down the video and take the frame you want the ''bad guys'' to freeze. Put the picture in photoshop and cut out the ''bad guys'' then motion track 'them' and the muzzle flashes to the next shot where you move the camera. There you go. :)
@dirtbagian I assume you mean wasn't good but I'm going to ignore that one. As far as why people would see it, simple, people don't care about plot, acting or apparently anything else if a film looks pretty. Also, learn your stuff before trying to prove a media student wrong. How do you think they get the real actors in with all that animated stuff? Greenscreen effects, that's how. They filmed their actors in an entirely green studio and then animated all the other stuff in.
@zZADDYZz He said this would encompass 4 tutorials: 9, 10, 11, and 12 are 4, no portal gun, sadly.
@armymn354 No, they only use the MW2 sounds. If you know what Garry's mod is. Just go on the website Garrysmod[dot]org and download the MW2 SWEP pack, and then BAM. You have the sounds.
@fairytailbuster he already has. Take a look at his channel.
@theMagicSquares Because it's better to use a video camera when doing videos. Less correction necessary. But you could.
@stuntidiotz Well its just time remapping all the parts and than set a still frame for all the events in action at the same time so like :5 Remap to end (:15)make a keyframe where it should go slow and drag the end keyframe further and freeze it at the time and set another keyframe before the freeze.
Day[9}[, SCII, saving my day :D to bad he didn't do the talking on this one to D:
@armymn354 VFX means Visual Effects :s
Could you not just take an 18 megapixel Still Image with a Canon 7D? That sounds a hell of a lot easier.
or you can take a still photograph @16mega and win a lot of time ;)
@Darthozzan13 dude after effects is an editing software. freddie uses it also. and if its not an editing software then what is it lol?
@stuntidiotz are you serious? just motion track the still image for the muzzle flash
You don't have a left foot when you jump
@freddiew2 I don't know if someone already asked this question. But why did you use still frames from the video to import into photoshop, instead of using a digital still camera to shoot plates? Are video stills the same rez as digital photos?
@stuntidiotz just go to video copilot he has a time remapping tut it was in a different video and i watched the tut its excatcly the same effect
To short my friend not enough detail :(
@montagecrew no, james cameron should work for freddie
@Darthozzan13 I did a while ago and it was really confusing, but maybe now that I know it's not for entirely editing videos I can use it. And I'd just rather get an HD camera before I buy something else.
will you do inception explosion effect
@TheSecretGeek That's what she said.
2011 song new mix be the first to hear it its called facebook club mix watch it!! click on my channel
0:26 omg see that behind the trees? a ghost!!
So day 9-12 are each going to be segments of the whole rocket jump tutorial? I may cry.
@Colthrone That is a REALLY odl thing now (like 6 month) it has spread mouth to mouth....but what i`ve heard is that the first one to complete snake gets to be a youtube partner!
i thought this was starcraft based when i saw day 9 :\
make a video of how you made this video
4 tutorials? BUT... THE PORTAL GUN
omg this is no tutorial. how im supposed to get this so fast?!
@stuntidiotz just freeze the frame then animate the camera arround
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