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Jimmy Fallon vs Justin Bieber (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon • 8,873,846 views

Jimmy and Justin Bieber compete in a number of events in the quest to see who is truly more awesome. Get Jimmy's new album "Blow Your Pants Off" on iTunes here:

Stop calling Justin Bieber a girl. The female gender is not an insult.
Justin bieber sucks. He has no talent whatsoever. He is just a poor kid who likes drugs and will never become a 'legend'. Basically he should have never exist. Let the hate in.
I don't think Justin is any of these things these people have been saying. I'm not the biggest fan but everybody should be treated fairly and sure he has made bad choices but everybody makes mistakes and we can for give him. You can keep hating and be treated how you act or you can stop making other people feel bad, you should feel bad for the stuff you have been saying, so please just don't be rude he is a normal person too just because he is famous doesn't mean he is deferent so stop, just stop!
Jimmy, this is not even a competition, you already won
I say death to Justin bieber i hope he burn's in hell
Lol the fact that people booed when Justin started "dancing"
This is the Jimmy Fallon Show, of course they would want Jimmy to win, you idiot.
is it me or was justin booed when he was dancing?
Hahaha I heard that too!!!! I think they booed though cause this was suppose to be funny and he gets all serious so it kinda killed the whole mood
+Joe Haddad Actually, he's pretty damn bad. He has to rely on choreography laid out to him, and he was taught a few basic things, but it's not natural at all. Even a monkey can learn choreography. You will never see him freely dance. His "vocals" are always overprocessed and his range is very narrow.  The only reason he has done as good as he has, is because teeny bopper girls think he's pretty. For all we know, Justin is milli vanilli version 2.0...and Pat Sajak is the voice behind all of Justin's supposed music. 
Stop calling justin bieber a girl bitch's
Hey justin guess what me and my sister have a room of you we have posters your perfumes everything we love you😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻😻👼👼👼👼👼👍👍👍👄👄👄👄👄💏💑💑💑💑💄💛💙💜💚❤️💗💓💓👛👙💕💖💞💘💌💋💍💎
Woman you need help
When JB said "Suck it", do you think he'll allow me to take him up on that offer? I'd love to suck it! :P
+Sublime Chaos That's fine luv! I can live with the fact that I have the mindset of an 8 - 12 year old. That said, I meant everything in my comment above. --> 3------ <-- Penis. :D
Can Canada trade Justin for Jimmy ?
haha the booing... Jimmy's demographic and not Bieber's for sure. I thought Jimmy's dance was AWESOME <3
of course Jimmy is more awesome. By the way, I just regconize that he looks like future Ted Mosby :))
Justin Bieber suck, I listen to his song everyday.
Justin's a good singer. Just not an artist. He doesn't write his song, there are no real soul in it... But well, he knows how to sing. I don't like him, but I have to recognise him being a good singer. Props to the gliding though, that was clean.
+Josefa Tejeda Well my bad on that one then.
what happen to this beiber?. i was a huge fan of this beiber
That was Justin Timberlake and now he is known as a legend it will probably happen with Justin Timberlake
im loving the fact that people are now hatin on justin...........:).................justy some karma biting him in the but! JUSTICE!!! FINALLY!!!!!:O
cause its well deserved karma for him that iv waited for so long!
What kind of a person runs over a panda...then reverses, gets his assistant to hop out with a camera to record, then positions the wheels to run over the panda again for maximum damage, and continues to run over the panda repeatedly? Yet you fans are going to blame the panda for being in the middle of the road or something. Panda was minding his own damn business...  The next time you see him wearing that black and white fur hat (with the red splotches which is actually blood in case you couldn't tell), just remember how he got that hat. Through the pain and suffering of a panda. A baby damn panda. That's why he was arrested in China a couple months ago.  Your idol is a monster
Biebers voice is extraordinarily high in this video! omgXD
I hate this, how much hate a person is getting just because he had money, like wtf! People look for anything to judge another person to make themselves feel better and it's getting old. He had made mistakes but who hasn't! That gives no one any rights to judge based on what they've seen on the media, he's human too.
It isn't because he has money, it's because he's a D-bag!
Why did you guys talk so poorly about jb? (this was before the DUI)
By DUI, do you mean Drunk Urinary Incident?
The champ is here and quire bieber
Jimmy Fallon is better!! JB GOT ARRESTED FOR DUI
yea I know it's Justin Bieber in the video deal with it like seriously lose your sensitive dicks and grow some tits.
this was funny XD XD XD XD XD :P
Jimmy should've won. All Justin B. did was footwork, gliding to be exact. That's it and Jimmy put his all in it. My vote goes for Jimmy.
I really think that people should watch what they say, just because you don't like someone's music, doesn't mean that you can go around condemning them to hell, or saying that they should die. If people are talented, they should be recognised for it, not just for the bad things. Badness only doesn't make a person. By critisising and humiliating, you only make yourself as bad as you are condemning others to be. How would you like it if someone said to you that you should burn in hell?
How low has Beever gone? He has to hit the streets to promote his cd's, like an amatuer? lol that's funny
I think Jimmy Fallon is better!
65,000 likes are the Justin Bieber fans, the 2500 dislikes are the parents of the screaming fans who can't get any sleep.
Anyone from 2015 watching this and thinking how much OUR Justin grew up and how many things he have been in to?
i loved how anybody was clapping and cheering when jimmy danced but when justin danced i heard nothing, subtle boos, and i think i heard a awwww in there lol
Jimmy is better because, he doesn't vandalize, never sags, and is actually respectful
This video is still one of my favorites ever since I first saw it!! Justin and Jimmy are always hilarious together!!
Bieber sucks clearly Jimmy is way better. Jimmy has SWAG & Banta.
More proof it's impossible to make the little twerp interesting.
Jimmy Fallon defenietly MORE awesome JB is a dik
Learn how to spell sick you moron
jimmy fallon you are awesomer and always will be
Jimmy Fallon is more awesome
people can be mean, justin shake the hateds off
+B Sheppard I believe a lot of them would've stopped.
+CoCoCat right, until they found another reason...
lol I personally dont like justin bieber but this scene was really funny.
Aww they booed justin bieber 😥😥😥 i love him so i cheered 😄😄😄😄😄😄
Jimmy Fallon's office looks awesome
NO F question. Jimmy wins. 
i think justin is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Americans are so easily entertained
You know, this makes me hate both of them more.
Justin was just grabbing his balls and spinning around 
I WANT YOU TO WIN!!! ( justin )
Jimmys better no hard feelings thourgh just my opinion
jimmy one big time you suck Justin
gay as fuck... why jimmy fallon? why did you do it?
Jimmy Fallon is more awesome!!
0:51 pulls out phone WORLDSTARRRRR
I really have bieber fever
Jimmy Fallon!!!
Bieber sucks balls!!!
Oaké je synaptics nás
Ha 2 times funny times now I did it lol
Oh God that was Gay just to look at...
Kamilla Jonathansen Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Jimmy Fallon vs Justin Bieber (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon): cool
And as a female, I'm stealing the hand hug
Jimmy because jimmy is good and justin bieber takes drugs,weed,and Ochoa
Drugs, and weed are the same things, hes off that now.
Justin is soo bad actor
Everything was scripted, and he was acting bad intentionally, he wasn't serious. Jesus some of you people out there need to learn a thing or two
Destiny Erabor Shared on Google+ · 6 hours ago
Jimmy Fallon vs Justin Bieber (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon):
I hate justin biebers high voice
QUIT MAKING FUN OF justin bieber
In Sweden we call Justin Bieber Jörgen Bäver. That means Jorgen Beiver or something... And Jimmy is more awesome than Justin. Justin is just a hippie...
lol!!! not a fan of justin but this is kinda funny!!!!
Only because Jimmy made it funny
Who's the girl in this video?
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