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Gitaroo Man Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 309,638 views

This is the greatest music making of All Time

You are officially tho most amazing person ever can't believe you mentiond buckethead
The Speed of the song is all fucked up :(
Cr1tikal mentioned Buckethead, fuck yeah :D
Oh fuck, if you start it at 1.25 speed and then go back to normal, everything feels like slow motion.
"The world is being invaded by Nigel Thornberry UFO's it seems." Dead.
I used to love this game as a child!!! Hard as shit.. but still loved it! 
He knows buckethead... So much respect
This game is like if guitar hero actually required some skill and had some decent music.
+VulpixVixen I know. I also don't give a shit. Life's too short my friend, indulge your childish side.
This game is WAY harder than Guitar Hero.
Pinch harmonic in the middle of a series of power chords? What kind of floppy titties was Cr1tikal slapping to get that information?
that fucking bitch
I think that from this we can infer that critikal plays electric guitar, it'd be sooo cool if he uploaded some guitar-related content :D
lol the ufos must have been designed by george clinton 
Tommy Lee Jones and The Local Postmen
haha he wasnt good enough so he slowed down the game to 0.5 speed! watch another playhrough if you don't believe me!
hey dickbag how about you go get a life and if ur really lucky you could get your dick chopped off with your fat ass gf licking at your "man tits" if your gonna give out your opinion tell it to that guy that molested you when you were 2 and tell him how it felt and coming here and saying shit like that gives critikal a view and a comment and a suggestion the two ribes you tore off to suck your own cock arent replaceable since your fat ass gf bit your dick off have fun liking your tits and pussy
i was a raywilliamjohnson fan, until i started watching critical. this guy is hilarious. u should watch some more of his videos.
He plays games that are ether funny, retarded, has no plot or makes no sense ths is so he can make it entertaining and never runs out of jokes
I recognize the song in the background because I like this game and its going like one third its intended tempo, what is wrong with your emulator, Cr1TiKaL?
You don't seem to understand the english language, you see "fucking retarded" and "just takes other peoples content" isn't spelled funny. I'm confident you can't be stupid enough to actually think RayWilliamJohnson is funny because to be that stupid would require you to be unable to make an opinion. its a paradox.
Ah, alright. Thanks, by the way, LOVE the youtube name.
If Bethotheen played a guitar, CR1TIKAL would be his master.
well you my good sir have touched these tits the wrong way. so lubricate those ear drums and get your ass cheeks out of this prestigious commentary.
RWJ is a faggot. Analysis is equal to the fact Gangnam Style just pimpslapped you, which beats it's pimpslapping record into a bitchslap record over Justin Bieber. The end.
Well, CR1TIKAL must be pretty damn funny considering HE WAS FEATURED ON ONE OF RAYS VIDEOS.
Did the spirit of Cr1tikal possess you for that very meaningful reply?
I am shitting out my intestine at this very moment.
bitch i tried tried to watch one of those damn boring ray shit videos and i honestly didnt even grin once, cr1tikal i laugh the whole time :'D, fuck yourself kid
RWJ has about 10 writers to make a script for him. Cr1tikal commentates on the fly.. Just saying.
honestly, i love RMJ and i'm a huge fan of his but defending another channel by insulting him doesn't really solve anything ._.
If some retard is going to come to a CR1TIKAL video and start spewing ignorant crap like "OMG RWJ IS THE MOST SUBSCRIBED PERSON ON ALL OF YOUTUBE U AINT SHIT COMPARED 2 HIM U NO FUNNY" I'm going to be ignorant right back. But really, RWJ is a sellout. If you manage to find his videos from 2008, which I believe he deleted, they're so drastically different it's sad. He simplified his stuff rather than having a niche of viewers, then cashed in on it.
''You're next on my hitlist!'' So genius.
lost it at Nigel Thornberry UFO's
You can't compare a vblogger with a game commentator. RWJ used to be funny, but now he is all about penis jokes, to a immature point that isn't funny anymore. Raywilliamjhonson has got to be one of the most immature channels on youtube, and he will very soon lose his place as the most subsribed.
Originality at it's best. Give it up for the kid who thinks he's got the brains!
I love Cr1tikal as much as the next guy but can I just say this is total bullshit. how can he have 300 billion confirmed kills when there's only 7 billion people on this planet? I also saw a similar comment on zero punctuation which basically was the EXACT same thing
Whoa icecreamnightmere i came to watch a video not read harry potter
I just wanna reply to you cuz everyone else is. Your mom. Buttsex and other shit or something.
Oh wow. I just looked up RWJ, and she's got one of those high-pitched, nasally voices that totally kill boners. And she mugs for the camera like an obnoxious fan-girl. Hell even AngryJoe trumps that punk, professionally. And AJ's a camera mugger too. Like OMG.
I was unaware of the fact that a 10 year old has the immense vocabulary of an eighty year old medical professional with 6 doctorates.
A video is not a video if it does not contain nipple anywhere in it.
You fucking titty fist,you don't know anything about cr1tikal,get out of youtube,and take that son of a white horny ass bitch
True. But he does use gay as an insult in every one of his videos, which gets insulting over time. Cr1tikal doesn't insult anyone. Shame on you.
maybe the reason why RayWilliamJohnson is shitty is BECAUSE he doesnt say "nipples" in every video
Maybe people actually have their own opinions; shocking, isn't it? I like Cr1TiKal personally, but some people just don't find his titties of justice very.. funny.
You can't even compare RWJ with CR1TIKAL. And Ray definitely isn't the most subscribed person on youtube. Just get out before you make a more fool of yourself.
a crappy youtuber who has millions of subs for just talking about other videos & not really making original content
His voice is very relaxing, even when he says titties
...Why does every single commenter just get the fuck out of the video if they don't like it rather than make some shitty comment saying how much they suck?
Youre a child. "CODpro"? Anyone that takes call of duty seriously enough to have it represent them has no sense of how anything works, or you would have basically ANYTHING else. Raywilliamjohnson is average, nothing special, has on style of his own, unlike cr1tikal. Once you get older, you'll wake up and see how immature and stupid your "popular" attitude towards everything was.
power chord power chord power chord pinch harmonic pinch harmonic power chord He just summed up Zakk Wylde's playing style.
Not to hate on another channel, but I will defend Cr1tikal. RWJ isn't even in the top 5, maybe even 10 top channels (most subscribed to/view wise) anymore, sorry to burst your bubble. He was around 3-4 years ago maybe, but no more.
Though we all love you for your defense of him...I just want to say Gorilla is an animal Guerrilla is the combat tactic you were offense I just thought it would help future arguments if you knew the difference. Also WIN FOR Cr1TiKaL Cx
i like his videos all u others can suck some big cock
Go crawl back into your mother's uterus and unbirth yourself.
I loved this guy's videos. Then I find out he knows about Buckethead, my favorite musician. This is awesome.
Power cord, Power cord, Power cord, Harmonics, Power cord, Damn it!
Actually this game is pretty good. Critikal is the one who screws up the video
Something tells me this is japanese
I watch RWJ too, and I find it funny that he actually reviewed a Cr1tikal video on his show, and was talking about how much he loved Cr1tikal. Lost respect for your idol yet?
Just because more people like something doesn't nessessarily make it better.
I haven't seen a 10 year old say "Non-Euclidean", friend.
Lmfao Nigel Thornberry. fucking classic
"Let's do this sh*t", what Cr1tikal always says xD
I agree with what you say you just left out 1 minor detail. All those confirmed kills were shot shot with the breast milk of justice that only cr1tikal possess.
You say THIS guy has 10 year old humor? RWJ makes stupid penis jokes in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS VIDEOS. If that's not 10, nothing is.
He's a Youtuber who does a Tosh.0 thing. Personally I do not think he sucks at all. I like him. All Youtubers are different and have their own way of doing something.
1. He only has the most subscribers because of all the dumbasses in this world 2.This person has the best comedic value I have ever seen 3. I prefer Cr1tiKal saying "Nipple" in his videos rather than hearing RWJ's terrible penis jokes in every single video.
Son this is what we, people over the age of 10 call humor. We who know grammar well enough to know that that sentence is a run-on. He is great beyond your most crazy wet RayWilliamJohnson dream. The shit has hit the nipple and is now dripping back up.
Dude, how many of his videos have you seen? Maby two? Your lack of good grammar suggests you have a low intelligence whilst you insult him for his. If you truly cant deal with the fact that his sense of humor is different than yours, then you dont have to watch his videos. You sir need to get a life, end of story.
How would he be doing himself a favor if he stopped making videos, you dumb shit? Also, I'm sure you don't know this, but Cr1tikal is a Youtube partner who donates all of his revenue to charity. So, by telling him to stop making videos, you're actively against charity work. You're a shitty excuse for a human being.
power chord power chord power chord power chord power chord pinch harmonics power chord power chord power chord power chord power chord
well i am in favor of Call of Titties but that gentleman has no respect for absolute spine tingling action digraph-ed by this very intimate video
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